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Never lose your things again! Manifest helps you keep track of where you put that cable you knew you might need some day, or the packing tape you're sure you had a couple of months ago.

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Version History

Launched Aug 22, 2020 (3 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 days, on average.

Sep 29
Version 0.1.5+127

Adding metrics to help debug a rare issue with failing photo captures. You can disable metrics collection in Settings. The recorded metrics only report whether the capture failed or succeeded, no other data are reported.

Sep 25
Version 0.1.5+124

Reducing frequency of reminder notification to once every two weeks. You can turn it off completely in Settings.

Sep 24
Version 0.1.5+117

Fixed a bug that caused newly inserted items to not show up until restarting the app

Sep 24
Version 0.1.5+120

Take photos of items that you're storing. You could take a photo of everything in your junk drawer, for example.
Removed icons from the application.

Sep 01
Version 0.1.5+115

An occasional notification will appear to remind you to update your stuff.
This notification can be disabled in the preferences.

Aug 29
Version 0.1.5+114

Minor improvement to layout of stored items
Prompting for feedback on home screen

Aug 21
Version 0.1.5+110

Minor improvements to release process required code changes, no change to application

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