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AllergyMe is the first medical identification app that is specifically designed & developed for allergy sufferers, by an allergy sufferer.

This app has featured on BBC News, BBC Radio and in the Anaphylaxis Campaign!

AllergyMe has a customisable emergency alarm which alerts nearby people to your location and displays an emergency message along with all of your personal details and what people can do to help you in the event of an allergic reaction.

With this information, you can choose to create a lock screen wallpaper. This can be accessed even if your phone is locked, meaning if you were to have an allergic reaction, those who need to see it can possibly save your life.

When paramedics arrive at the scene, they will easily be able to find out necessary details about you and who to contact for you.

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Version History

Launched Jan 15, 2018 (over 1 year ago).
Nov 24
Version 2.0.2

Thank you for using AllergyMe! In this release:

- Support for older devices

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Jan 15
Version 2.0

AllergyMe 2.0 Android Release


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