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Completely customizable. Designed to track unlimited income streams and expenses. Monitor income derived from rent, shares, wages etc. & expenses which may be work or non work related. Robust, reliable & accurate financial manager. Includes tax calculation functions.


-Record unlimited income items & expenses.
-Automatic tax calculation based on income and expenses.
-Instant trial tax calculations.
-Record tax payments and calculate amount owing.
-Determine levies and expected contributions.
-Forecast future income & expenses.
-Actual income, expense, net income & forecast graphs.
-Pie charts for income & expenses.
-Bar graphs & data table for individual income & expense items.
-Bar graphs for total monthly income & expenses.
-Calculate GST payable & reclaimable.
-Calculate net income after taxes.
-Group identical items and sum totals.
-Customize tax brackets and rates.
-Customize contributions and rates.
-Customize levies and rates.
-Set GST (goods & services tax) rate.
-Set financial period.
-Email tax calculation/statement or full records.
-View tax by year, quarter, month, fortnight or week.
-Inbuilt checks to ensure dates within financial periods.
-Item selection 'memory' for ease of use.
-Sort items by alphabetical order, date or amount.
-Backup & restore records.
-Import & export data in csv format (Excel compatible).

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Version History

Launched Oct 14, 2011 (over 9 years ago).
Oct 13
Version 1.1.001

Added backup & restore functions.
Added import & export functions. Data in csv format (Excel compatible).

Clear button on tax page.

*Safe to Update. Will not affect inputted data.

Support: acoresoftware@gmail.com
Correspond directly if any problems.