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Play classic DOS games on your iPhone and iPad!

iDOS turns your device right into a powerful DOS gaming PC, with modern game control to make your old favorites as playable as possible.

You can also use iDOS for non-gaming purposes, such as word processing, casual programming. Apps in the DOS days are often simpler and surprisingly productive.


iDOS provides a PC compatible on-screen keyboard with carefully designed layouts for different devices and orientations. The keyboard has a sliding control in landscape mode so that you can keep it from covering critical part of the screen.

Bluetooth keyboard is partially supported. We support ESC, function keys, and ordinary CTRL and ALT key bindings. Unfortunately the arrow keys can't be used for game control. You should use a bluetooth game controller instead.


iDOS provides a virtual gamepad with key bindings that are fairly common in DOS games. You can customize the bindings. The DPAD works in 8-axis way. It can also be toggled into a joystick.

External bluetooth game controllers are supported. Make sure your game controller is connected (System Settings->Bluetooth). To customize button bindings, go to iDOS in landscape mode, tap on bluetooth icon on the auto-hiding top bar.


The screen area serves as a trackpad for moving mouse pointer.
Tap on the screen for left click.
Hold one finger on the screen, and tap with another finger for right click.

On-screen mouse buttons are also provided for your convenience.

Bluetooth mouse are partially supported.


- Visit https://litchie.com/dospad for more information
- Send email to idos@litchie.com
- Follow the developer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/litchiedev
- iDOS is open source, report issue on https://github.com/litchie/dospad

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Version History

Launched Oct 10, 2014 (about 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Nov 24
Version 2.4.1

- fix external gamepad mapper not showing on iPhone
- add pixelated scaling option
- add auto reopen last package option
- other fixes

Nov 20
Version 2.4

- Add Settings option to control screen scale
- Add Settings option to disable tap as click
- Add mt32emu (You need to hear it to believe it)

Nov 17
Version 2.3

- UI redesign for iPad with full portrait keyboard
- Sliding landscape keyboard/gamepad
- auto increase drive letter when mounting
- bug fixes

Nov 05
Version 2.2

This is a major UI update for iPhone.
- New UI
- New gamepad, you can customize the button binding right within the app.
You can bind buttons to keys or text commands, including the dpad.
This makes it really handy for playing text adventure games.
- Better keyboard layout.
- 8 axis dpad
- hide homebar indicator on iPad

Oct 20
Version 2.1

- Support Mfi game controllers
- Support external bluetooth keyboard (Text input only).
You can use Command-1, Command-2 .. for function keys.

Oct 09
Version 2.0.1

- fixed landscape mode on iPhone XS

Oct 06
Version 2.0

- Fixed gamepad buttons missing in landscape mode
- Fixed mouse buttons on iphone landscape mode
- Adjust aspect ratio on wide screen
- Updated to dosbox 0.74-3

Sep 19
Version 1.4.1

- Fix a crash bug in game play
- Fix layout issues in different screen sizes
- Add bluetooth mouse support

Oct 27
Version 1.4

IMPORTANT: before you update, upload everything you may need.

- fix ios 9 compatibility (crash)
- fix keyboard ctrl key problem
- disable landscape mode on iPhone (temporary)

Jun 01
Version 1.3

- bug fixes

Dec 04
Version 1.2

- fix bugs

Nov 14
Version 1.1

- optimized for arm64

Oct 11
Version 1.0

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