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Glogster lets you create multimedia posters on iOS and WEB. Whether you’re sharing memories from your trip, creating a presentation or sending an invitation to a party, Glogster makes it easy to capture, combine and share photos, text, videos and more on one interactive page. Glogster instantly syncs between your phone, tablet and computer, so you can access your posters from anywhere.

"2015 Best App For Teaching & Learning" - AASL


Create multimedia posters
• With an inbuilt editor, you can virtually mix all kinds of media on one page to create glog - a content rich multimedia poster
• It lets you add pictures, videos, texts and documents to create presentations, reports, class projects and many more
• With our predesigned templates for various occasions, you can start quickly and produce impressive glogs in no time

Content library
• Our app has a free inbuilt library of more than 40,000 inspiring resources for learning
• With categories covering 9 disciplines and 80 topics from classrooms around the world, you have all the knowledge at your fingertips
• Find topics you're interested in, browse beautiful posters with relevant content and share them directly wherever you want to

The app comes loaded with:
• The mighty Quick post tool - a three step revolution in creating your posters
• 10,000 unique educational graphics, categorized by subject
• Aviary effects to edit your photos
• Simple gestures to delete, close and preview your posters
• Favorites list for saving posters you like
• Gooogle Sign in option
• Instant sync with your online account

Glogster requires a free account registration. Glogster Personal upgrades your experience and gives you unlimited posters and templates, graphics library and cloud sync to help you get even more for $2.99 a month or $29.99 perpetual payment.

Your Glogster subscription fee will be charged $2.99/month through your iTunes account as a recurring transaction, and will automatically renew unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes account.

Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: http://edu.glogster.com/terms-of-use

Learn more about Glogster at: www.glogster.com

Follow us:
Twitter: @glogster
Instagram: @glogsterofficial
Facebook: www.facebook.com/glogster
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/glogster

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Version History

Launched Sep 19, 2014 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Apr 16
Version 1.5.2

- Updated our app to support large screens (iPad Pro, iPhone X and others)
- Fixed links on decorator items
- Fixed video playback of uploaded videos
- Fixed YouTube full screen

Mar 02
Version 1.5.1

- Saved password in your Keychain for edu.gloster.com? No more hassle with your Glogster password anymore. We have added Autofill feature.
- Fix for several issues in iOS9/10.
- Now you can find your teacher code in your Account info.
- Need to copy URL of currently viewed web picker page? No problem, button added.
- Fix for issue of some avatars not displaying.

Jan 04
Version 1.5.0

- Improved text rendering to be more precise
- Added decorator settings for any text (plain or decorated)

Jun 27
Version 1.4.8

- Unlocked editor for free users - set to a limit of 6 elements per Glog®
- Preset Flickr galleries
- App performance improvements

Feb 16
Version 1.4.7

- Added PRIVO login
- Bug fixes

Oct 05
Version 1.4.6

- support for iOS 11

Jul 01
Version 1.4.5

- Updated google login - now much faster!
- Bug fixes...

Apr 29
Version 1.4.4

This update was supposed to bring only some performance and stability improvements but we managed to squeeze in a good number of fantastic new templates as well! Check them out by installing this update and let us know how what you think;).

Apr 14
Version 1.4.3

This update brings something really special - a completely new and open feature for creating posters! It's lightning fast, highly enjoyable and fun. So please behold the magnificent, the one and only QuickPoster. A three-step revolution in creating your glogs.

Feb 24
Version 1.4.2

This fix brings about a number of big improvements. Here’s a reminder of what’s new in Glogster 1.4.2:
⋅ Portuguese language
⋅ New sharing options:
⋅ Facebook Messenger
⋅ Pinterest
⋅ Standard iOS options
⋅ New design and user experience improvements in the saving process, sharing and adding Favorites

Jan 13
Version 1.4.1

- revamped menu graphics
- 3D Touch shortcuts
- stability improvements and bug fixes

Dec 11
Version 1.4.0

Thank you for using Glogster! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the App Store every month. This update comes with:
• Revamped app design
• Simplified sign up process with Single-sign on options for Facebook and Google accounts
• Enabled editing feature for Free accounts
• Lots of stability improvements and minor bug fixes

Oct 08
Version 1.3.2

Welcome to iOS 9:
- iOS 9 compatibility
- Spotlight search: you can find your posters via Spotlight
- stability improvements
- bug fixes

Sep 28
Version 1.3.1

New features:
⋅ 200 Templates: We've added a batch of beautiful hand-designed templates allowing anyone to create eye-catching posters more easily than ever before
⋅ Auto-arrange: Want to quickly share an impressive poster? The auto-arrange feature will set newly added elements into a predefined grid with one touch of a finger
⋅ Zoom in editing: You can now zoom in to a particular section of your poster and edit elements within the area
⋅ Synchronization over cellular data: We've updated the system so you can now sync your content using cellular data as well
⋅ Sharing via text message: You can now send your posters to anyone via Text
⋅ Not synced indication: Offline posters are now labeled so you can clearly see which ones are not in the Cloud
⋅ German language support

⋅ We've fixed some bugs in the synchronization process. If you've been having trouble having your glogs synced across all your devices, please install this upgrade.
⋅ Performance and stability improvements

Jun 30
Version 1.3.0

- Now with iPhone 4,5,6 support!
- A newly optimized sync with web - faster and more stable when syncing large files
- Search bar in Glogpedia
- Lots of minor fixes and improvements

May 21
Version 1.2.1

This fix brings about a number of huge improvements. Here’s a reminder of what’s new in Glogster 1.2.1:

Synchronization updates
⋅ Audio playback has been fixed to work after sync with web
⋅ Photo and video sizes have been fixed to remain correct after sync with web
⋅ Problems with duplication of elements have been solved
⋅ Repositioning of elements after save has been fixed
⋅ Stability of synchronization has been improved

Other updates
⋅ Added Russian language support
⋅ Free users can now close pop-ups and access their content
⋅ Web picker language settings are now relevant to your location
⋅ Glogs opened in browser can be viewed in the app
⋅ New tool tips for Templates
⋅ Youtube thumbnails have been fixed
⋅ Formatting of text and paragraphs has been fixed and improved
⋅ Improved stability when browsing and creating glogs

Mar 29
Version 1.2.0

New in version 1.2.0:
⋅ New Personal license for individuals - ideal for university, business & self expression
⋅ Tool tips for Glogpedia - get the most from our resource library
⋅ Improved text rendering - seamless sync between app & web platform
⋅ Bug fixes and improvements

Jan 23
Version 1.1.1

Version 1.1.1 with all-new features:
⋅ Google Sign in - use your Google account to sign in or sign up
⋅ Favorites - save glogs you like to your Favorites list
⋅ Make a copy - create editable copies of your glogs
⋅ Additional performance improvements
⋅ Bug fixes

Nov 15
Version 1.1

New in version 1.1:
⋅ Optimized for iOS 8
⋅ Fixed an issue with glog syncing
⋅ Added drag & drop for deleting elements
⋅ Performance improvements
⋅ Bug fixes and much more

Sep 19
Version 1.0

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