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This is the complete Electricians LU National Directory Listings (including United States and Canada).

Allows easy searching by Local, City, State and browsing the list. Use your GPS enabled phone to navigate to any LU Office in the country!

* Navigate to selected listing
* Initiate a Phone Call (Nightline)
* Email
* View Local's website
* Includes officers (Pres, Financial Secretary, Business Manager, and Recording Secretary)
* Display ALL locals on map, select a local to display details

So if you forget the hard copy directory, you can do just that (forget it)!

We have been working with local unions for over 20 years, doing innovative projects to make union members lives better, and to save them money.

We've always had the philosophy "Use your imagination, we won't hold it against you!" We're very fortunate to be trusted by so many Local's and to have made a difference! Thanks to the IBEW, UAPP, Teamsters, bricklayers, IUEC, NECA, and others we've helped over the years.

Support a small American company, by using this App. If you have any ideas, about upgrades / features, we want to hear them.

-Thank You!

 $4.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Jul 15, 2014 (almost 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Nov 01
Version 1.59

Updated data

Apr 24
Version 1.57

Data Update

Sep 15
Version 1.56

Updated data, and some changes because of new IOS versions.

Sep 13
Version 1.55

Updated data used for mapping.

Jul 08
Version 1.53

Updated geo-coding / Detail screens

Jun 03
Version 1.51

Update directory data and maps

Aug 14
Version 1.50

View details from map annotation, directory update

Jul 16
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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