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At Autodesk, we believe creativity starts with an idea. From quick conceptual sketches to fully finished artwork, sketching is at the heart of the creative process. You never know when a great idea will strike, so access to fast and powerful creative sketching tools is an invaluable part of any creative process.

For this reason, we are excited to announce that the fully featured version of SketchBook is now FREE for everyone!

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Version History

Launched Oct 09, 2014 (about 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Apr 30
Version 4.3.0

We are excited to announce that the fully featured version of SketchBook is now FREE for everyone!

Feb 07
Version 4.2.3

For iPhone X users, the Gallery now works as expected and iCloud saving has been restored.

Oct 31
Version 4.2.2

Got a new iPhone X? Lucky you. We carved out a notch ;-) in our UI just for you. And squashed a few bugs for everyone else while we were at it.

Sep 28
Version 4.2.1

•You can now drag and drop sketches from the SketchBook Gallery into other apps.
•Dragging an image into the canvas places the image onto a new layer.

Jul 24
Version 4.1.1

**We're giving you 30% off Pro Subscription.
Pro version includes:
Multi-device usage on all platforms
100+ customizable brushes
Line-smoothing technology
And many more powerful drawing tools.
Discount only applies to annual subscription.
Offer expires 7/31/17 12AM **

We have addressed the following issues in this release:
For iPad users, when creating an account, there is no longer an issue with the app hanging after entering a new password.
For users trying to log in using Google+, we’ve added a fix to correct the login failure "Error: disallowed_useragent".

Jun 12
Version 4.1

• We've listened to your comments and thank you for all the feedback! For 4.1, we have updated to support iOS 10 and above. This means people using certain devices, such as an iPad 4, iPhone 5, or iPhone 5C, can now download and use the app.
• With 4.1, unlock the power of SketchBook on the new iPad Pro with our enhanced refresh rate of 120Hz, which will offer an ultra-smooth and more natural stroke experience.
• Apple Pencil users will love the improved responsiveness! Strokes feel even more natural and precise.

May 29
Version 4.0.4

As part of our last update, we introduced a pixel preview. The intent was to increase rendering speed while zooming in an out of the canvas, by reducing the number of pixels presented. This was confusing, and in some cases, the reduced number of pixels stayed reduced, even after zooming, resulting in your images looking pixelated. We made two changes to address this: we fixed a bug to restore the correct pixel density after zooming, and we also added a preference to disable this reduced pixel density when zooming in. This new feature is called Pixel Preview, and can be toggled on or off from your in-app preferences. This update introduces the preference Pixel Preview (https://help.sketchbook.com/mobile/preferences/#general) to address the pixelation issues in version 4.0.
We also addressed a number of bugs.

May 16
Version 4.0.3

Welcome to the future of SketchBook! We’ve added new features, significantly improved performance, and made the most robust update to SketchBook on iOS in our history. Here are a few highlights:

• SketchBook has a new drawing and rendering engine, which enables canvas sizes up to 100 mpx, a huge undo stack, unlimited* layers, and a faster and more responsive drawing experience on all 64-bit iOS devices (especially iPad Pro and Apple Pencil).

• Previously existing brushes have been optimized for the new drawing engine and we added several new brush sets. SketchBook now has over 170 customizable brushes, including texture brushes, to meet the demands of all types of artists and designers.

• For 64-bit iPad and iPad Pro users, use Rapid UI mode, as a convenient way to access full menus in full-screen mode, without toggling the interface on and off. When in Rapid UI mode, access the layer, brush, and color editors, by placing your thumb on the edge of the screen and swiping up or down to change menus. While holding down your non-dominant thumb, make a selection in the editor with your drawing hand. Lift your non-dominant thumb to make the entire interface disappear (a quick tutorial will appear the first time you open the app after this update).

• To access common menu items, like the Color Picker, Eraser, Flip Canvas, Last Brush, and the Double Puck, tap the translucent circle at the bottom of the canvas and make a selection. As you gain muscle-memory for these tools, simply tap-and-flick in the direction of the tool you want and to automatically select it.

• Create perfectly symmetrical drawings with X, Y, X-Y, and radial symmetry tools. Reposition the line of symmetry, anywhere on the canvas, for precise control. Use up to 16 sectors of radial symmetry for precise radial sketches.

• Use the popular Predictive Stroke feature from the desktop version of SketchBook in iOS. When enabled, if you draw a line, Predictive Stroke makes your line straight. If you draw a basic shape, Predictive Stroke will correct your shape into precise circles, rectangles, and triangles. If you are drawing freehand and want to apply smoothing, Predictive Stroke will add the right amount of smoothing to curved lines.

• Try the new ruler and ellipse tools to place precise lines or elliptical shapes, such as circles in perspective, by adjusting the position, size, rotation, and aspect ratio of the drawing guides.

As always, thank you for drawing in SketchBook! Let us know what you think of the new SketchBook on Instagram (@AutodeskSketchBook), Twitter (@sketchbookapp), and Facebook (/AutodeskSketchBook). Need help? Visit SketchBook.com for product information, tutorials, and support (https://help.sketchbook.com/knowledgebase/).

Jan 20
Version 3.7.4

For iPhone users, many of you missed using your Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus with SketchBook, so we brought this back.

Nov 07
Version 3.7.3

•Compatibility update for Wacom® stylus

Oct 14
Version 3.7.2

Bug fixes.

Aug 25
Version 3.7.0

We designed the interface of SketchBook to keep you in the zone, free of distractions, so you can focus on drawing. We know that sometimes the screen you're drawing on is small, so we added a feature to hide interface elements that are a little too close to your finger when drawing.

Now, purchase a SketchBook Subscription using your iTunes account, right here on your mobile device. A SketchBook Subscription unlocks the SketchBook Pro features across all your Mac and IOS (iPad, iPhone and iPodTouch) devices with a single purchase.

May 11
Version 3.6.1

This is a small update to improve the performance of the app for artists using Apple Pencil and other types of Bluetooth-connected styluses.

Apr 02
Version 3.6

◆Bringing your paper sketches into the digital world just got a lot easier. We help you to scan a drawing with perspective correction and background clean-up to make it into digital art. Import drawings from your sketchbook into SketchBook for a seamless transition from physical art to digital. Scan Sketch has three modes:
• Black & White: Show/hide the image's background.
• Color: Show/hide the image's background.
• Original: Import your original image, including the background
We’re excited to see all the sketches you’ve undoubtedly drawn in the margins of notebooks, on napkins, and on every loose piece of paper you could get your hands on. Scan those drawings and keep working on them on your mobile device.

◆The efficiency of file saving has greatly improved. Large canvases are two times faster!
◆Apple Pencil support for new iPad Pro
◆Property values were corrected for reset Smudge and Synthetic paint brushes
◆The iCloud storage experience has greatly improved
◆The layer thumbnail update issue was resolved

Any questions or comments can be sent directly to support@sketchbook.com

Mar 24
Version 3.5.2

• Fix offset issue when quickly drawing multiple lines
• Improve the accessibility of color picker with long-pressed

Dec 09
Version 3.5.1

- Inking brush – the most wanted SketchBook desktop brush is now yours on mobile
- For iOS 9 users, we support split-screen multi-tasking, so SketchBook works with Slide Over and Split View functionality
- Fixed the stroke lag when using a stylus
- Fixed a number of bugs

Nov 13
Version 3.5.0

Your favorite drawing app is now ready for the all new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil! Here is what we added to make the best drawing experience with these new devices:
- On iPad Pro, we’ve increased the canvas size to 4K with up to 12 layers
- Apple Pencil includes both pressure and tilt sensitivity. Try it out with the pencil tool and the chisel-tip markers.
Why let iPad Pro have all the fun? We’ve also added, for all devices:
- Support for pressure-sensitive brush strokes for 3D Touch devices. Your fingers have been enabled for pressure sensitivity.
- Unlimited undo and redo.
Thanks, as always, for drawing in SketchBook. If you like SketchBook, please give us a rating or a review in the App Store

Oct 27
Version 3.4.0

Our big announcement: Introducing Sketch This; Find inspiration when you need it with new daily drawing challenges from the DeviantArt community right inside of SketchBook.
Our other not-as-big (yet still very cool) announcements:
• Do you like the Brush Palette AND the Double Puck? So do we. Opening the Double Puck no longer closes the Brush Palette. You don’t have to choose between them, anymore.
• Auto-save is now more reliable and provides better data protection. Your work deserves it.
• All your time-lapse videos play much more smoothly. We didn’t like the choppy playback, either.
• If you are using an Adonit Bluetooth stylus, we’ve improved palm rejection support for your stylus. No more unwanted marks.
• Some iOS9 bugs have been squashed. You can focus more on drawing and less on distractions.

Sep 19
Version 3.3.0

-Address stylus issue on iOS 9

Jul 07
Version 3.2.0

Here’s the updates you’ll find in this version of SketchBook:
Import from camera - take a picture with your camera and bring it into SketchBook as a background, inspirational image, or just as something to draw over.
Various bug fixes - Wacom 2.0.14 and Adonit 2.7 (corrects the wavy issues and crashes)

Mar 16
Version 3.1.2

Bug fixes.

Feb 24
Version 3.1.1

Bug fixes.

Feb 09
Version 3.1

-        Provide “save as” option before entering the gallery view.
-        New tool tips system to help onboarding the application.
-        Provide the lefties options to 3rd party stylus
-        Bug fixes and significant stability improvements

Dec 04
Version 3.0.5

- Bug fixes.

Nov 17
Version 3.0.4

***Special limited-time price on Pro tools – Ends Thursday!***

- iPhone6/6 Plus support
- Improved 3-finger gesture
- Bug fixes

Oct 21
Version 3.0.3

• Fixed an issue with the selection tool when used with some 3rd party pens.

Oct 15
Version 3.0.2

Here’s the updates you’ll find in this version of SketchBook:
- Palm rejection is available when in Pen Mode for users with Adonit Jot Touch, Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus, or Pencil by FiftyThree.
- Eraser support is available for Pencil by FiftyThree.
- The crash that occurred when switching from large thumbnail view to grid view has been resolved.
- Autodesk SketchBook Mobile is now called Autodesk SketchBook.

Oct 07
Version 3.0.1

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