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Join the millions of players who have played and love Hidden Express!

Hidden Express is a hidden object game like you've never played before! Explore gorgeous photographic scenes in search of lost objects. Can you find them all before the clue train gets away? With hundreds of levels to explore and a fast and fun gameplay, this is one ride you won't want to miss!

● Pure hidden object hunting at its best! Just one beautiful scene after another.
● Over 1800 levels to play with many more new scenes added every month.
● Weekly themed events and tournaments - compete with your friends to win great rewards!
● One-of-a-kind hand-crafted scenes - the scenes look real because they ARE real.

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Version History

Launched Feb 25, 2014 (almost 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Apr 16
Version 5.3

This Hidden Express update brings a whole NEW feature: "The Reveal Room".

Help Juliet reveal Grandpa's pictures from youth. Reveal them all to earn sweet, sweet rewards and compete for leading the boards!
This event will be active every week starting Tuesdays, so stay tuned every week for new pics to reveal. Play mobile or on Facebook indistinctly and keep your progress.

This update also brings a NEW main menu, nicer and more intuitive as well as miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Enjoy the ride with this Hidden Express Update!

Oct 03
Version 5.2

We update Hidden Express frequently to provide a better game experience.

This time we have improved stability, fixed a few issues and updated the communication with stores.

Get your update and enjoy the express ride!

Aug 21
Version 5.1

Good news!

Hidden Express update brings users more fun and challenging gameplay with the introduction of 3 new boxcars:

* Scrambled Words: clue words appear scrambled
* Sliding Doors: clue words appear behind sliding doors
* Mystery Clues: unfold upcoming clue words one by one

This version also includes numerous bug fixes.

Ready for the challenge? Get your Hidden express update!

Dec 12
Version 5.0

Play Christmas Levels from scratch and earn rewards!

Nov 20
Version 4.9

This update includes Energy Refill notification and fixes Energy ad rewarded videos.

Thanks for playing!

Nov 05
Version 4.8

Optional update including:

- New Levels and Content
- Improvements on new users experience

Sep 20
Version 4.7

- New ticket packs available for purchase: Best Value pack!
- New levels available through city 185: all available levels can now be played on tablets!
- Misc bug fixes

Aug 15
Version 4.5

Get the latest update for Hidden Express including 60 new cities with 600 new levels to have fun!

Jul 10
Version 4.4

This version offers the popular "Mile Climb Event" feature expansion: Expert Mode.

Users playing the exciting weekly event can now face a major challenge playing the Expert Mode, with juicier rewards for completing it. Don't miss out the opportunity to win fantastic rewards and rank among our top players in the weekly leaderboards.

Ready for the challenge?
Install now this app upgrade and start playing!

Apr 22
Version 4.3

- Ad system support for Amazon devices
- Ad system improvements
- Improved performance over bad connectivity
- Misc bug fixing and general performance improvements
- More content

Apr 19
Version 4.2

- Ad system support for Amazon devices
- Ad system improvements
- Improved performance over bad connectivity
- Misc bug fixing

Mar 12
Version 4.1

- Improved user experience around ads
- Energy, Golden Miles and Tickets rewards can now be earned too
- Mile Climb Events now support changing object scenes in normal mode
- More content: 30 more levels available!

Feb 08
Version 4.0

- Train and main menu are back to normal, after enjoying a cute Christmas holiday theme
- More content: 985 levels are now available to play on iPad!
- Ads system improvements

Jan 12
Version 3.99

- New users: Game early experience has been improved
- More content: new levels are now available!
- General improvements: bug fixing

Dec 19
Version 3.98

Check out the new train and main menu for the Season and do not miss the special seasonal sale!

Dec 05
Version 3.97

NEW feature: Spinning wheel with FREE spins for logging in daily!

This cross-platform feature presents fun play to all users, allowing to win awesome rewards and help you progress in the game and climb leaderboards!
This upgrade also includes miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Sep 01
Version 3.96

NEW feature: Mile Climb Events!

This fully cross-platform feature presents real challenge and fun to all users; compete for awesome rewards and try to reach high position in the leaderboard.
Stay tuned as events are available on a weekly time window!

This upgrade also includes miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

May 03
Version 3.95

* In-game Ad Policy added for the first time
* Through our new notifications system, we can now communicate our users what's new on HX!
* Every version, there are a bunch of miscelaneous improvements and fixes
* More content: 5 new cities, 50 more levels added!

Mar 30
Version 3.94

This is a great update fro Hidden Express, including:

- NEW and updated Store
- NEW Content: 50 more levels
- Sale bundles system
- World map update and optimization
- City gates bypass support
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

Jan 30
Version 3.93

- 50 New Levels!
- Optimized cross-platform gaming experience
- bug fixing

Dec 16
Version 3.91

Bug fixes mostly including several related to in-app purchases where the button wouldn't do anything or the app would hang after cancelling an in-app purchase.
Also improved the responsiveness to make the reward "scratchers" after playing levels more fun and quick to scratch off.

Dec 05
Version 3.90

Two new cities full of hidden object levels (city 44, city 45).
Many bug fixes and performance optimizations to improve gameplay.
Revamped login system for greater stability especially with cross-platform play.

Jan 06
Version 3.72

Bug Fixes.
Performance Improvements

Oct 02
Version 3.62

Performance improvements related to using power-ups.

Sep 24
Version 3.58

Celebrate the Slower train from our latest update with the new content we have available - you have now 30 more levels to play!

Run out of Energy and want to keep playing? No need to wait now, you can just watch a 30-sec video to keep playing levels!

More levels = more fun

…And in case you missed the last version, NEW trains available to play your levels.

Join the Fun!

Jul 01
Version 3.42

- More patient train power up!!!
- Stability and performance improvements.

May 23
Version 3.27

- Journeys available!
- New cities!
- Stability and performance improvements

Jan 17
Version 3.3

- New Journeys!
- Stability and performance improvements

Dec 06
Version 3.0

NEW feature: Juliet Journeys.

Journey with Juliet and help her solve the mystery of her grandfather's past. With each Journey you complete, receive a Shooting Star Locket filled with amazing rewards, including a powerful "Shooting Star" that allows you to add 1 Star to any City level!

More destinations coming soon!

Sep 28
Version 2.50

- NEW content available!
- NEW menu for easier navigation
- Facebook app Shooting Star power-up are now available on iPad
- Get rewards on each play with the NEW scratchers!
- Stockpile Golden Miles for upcoming Juliet's Journeys
- Improved experience for Facebook users
- Improved zoom experience
- Misc bug fixes

Aug 31
Version 2.45

- New content available
- Facebook login improvements
- Improved zoom experience
- Misc bugs fixed

Jul 21
Version 2.35

- NEW content available!
- NEW menu for easier navigation
- Facebook app Shooting Star power-up are now available on iPad
- Get rewards on each play with the NEW scratchers!
- Stockpile Golden Miles for upcoming Juliet's Journeys
- Improved experience for Facebook users
- Misc bug fixes

Are you ready for the Express ride? Don't delay!

Apr 29
Version 2.20

Welcome to Facebook players who download this iPad version!

Apr 18
Version 2.16

- Landing page Offer
- Improve automatic energy refill
- Sync using facebook account
- Post to facebook
- Stars requirement to unlock cities
- Tickets added after using TrialPay

Mar 21
Version 2.7

- Playing on Facebook and iPad allows you to progress further in the game as energy tanks are separated. You can play longer!

- Bundle package Offer available

- New content for cities 34-38

Feb 22
Version 2.0

- +10 New cities available!
- Cross-platform play
- Bug fixes
- Graphic Improvements

Dec 18
Version 1.0

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