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Join thousands of Minno families and instantly stream Christian tv shows for children. Minno Kids has thousands of hand-picked episodes reflecting your faith and values, including 30 episodes of classic VeggieTales plus What's in the Bible, Owlegories, and more. These Bible videos and cartoons will get kids excited to learn about God, Jesus, and faith. Minno Kids is ad-free and always safe. Start watching now with your 7-Day Free Trial!

Subscribe to Minno Kids today so you can rest easy and feel great about screen time.

Unlimited Streaming
- 127 shows and counting
- 2300+ carefully curated episodes to teach kids about faith, God, Jesus, and The Bible
- 30 episodes of VeggieTales
- Minno 5 Minute Family Devotionals to guide discussions around the Bible
- Enjoy on your phone, tablet, TV, or computer
- Download your favorite shows on the mobile apps for offline viewing
- Stream on multiple devices at once

We believe you should have a choice for your family that reflects your faith and values. Other streaming kids video apps have commercials or questionable shows. Feel confident in letting your kids choose any streaming TV show they want to watch on Minno Kids.

Here's how it works:
- Download the Minno Kids app
- Begin your 7-day free trial
- Start streaming anytime, anywhere

What are people saying?
“Thanks for the great content! We streamed, pretty much constantly, all the way from Tampa to Washington DC over three days. What a lifesaver for the driver to have the kiddos engaged and learning Biblical truths the whole way!” - Philip

“So happy I discovered this Christian app. The kids are loving it and I am enjoying all the great conversations it’s bringing up.” - Shannon

“30 minutes in and my daughter loves it! eKidz Worship and Owlegories are both very cool!” - Seth

“We love Minno because our children can pick and choose what they want to watch without us wondering if the show or movie is appropriate to view. We know no matter what they view it all points to Christ, and that is what matters the most to us.” - Bernadette

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Version History

Launched Oct 15, 2013 (almost 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Aug 13
Version 4.7.9

New content sections on home screen

Jul 21
Version 4.7.8

Hides download link on content that can not be downloaded and fixes some misspellings

Jun 23
Version 4.7.3

Cleaning up some bugs in the backend

May 30
Version 4.7.2

Bug fixes

May 14
Version 4.7.1

Makes offline content really available offline
Let's you know when a new version is available
Other bug fixes

Apr 28
Version 4.7.0

Bug fixes

Apr 02
Version 4.6.9

Found some bugs and squished them
Removes some unneeded 3rd party dependencies

Jan 23
Version 4.6.4

Adds the ability to restore a subscription
Bug fixes

Nov 12
Version 4.6.1

JellyTelly is now Minno Kids!
New look and feel
In-App Subscriptions
A bug fix or two...

Nov 04
Version 4.5.9

JellyTelly is now Minno Kids!
New look and feel
In-App Subscriptions

Aug 04
Version 3.1.1

bug fixes

Jul 26
Version 3.1.0

Layout updates, bug fixes and offline viewing now available

Nov 22
Version 3.0.5

- Updates home screen to add watchlist and devotionals.
- Replaces categories with a single "All Shows" list
- Removes Playlist and Favorites buttons from home screen
- Removes Playlist buttons from series and videos
- And some color updates

Nov 02
Version 2.8.2

A few bug fixes and getting ready for iPhone X

Mar 24
Version 2.7.8

- Adds resume play
* Now when you partially watch a video you can pick back up where you left off on all your devices. This works when you click to play video that you previously viewed a portion of. You will be asked if you would resume or restart.
** Note that continuous play will override the resume play functionality and simply start the next video from the beginning.

Jan 23
Version 2.7.7

- Updates chromecast framework to address stability issues while casting
- Other bug fixes

Jan 02
Version 2.7.5

- adds continuous play for series/favorites/playlist
- adds adaptive video stream
- adds video info on pause screen
- removes smiley face for menu icon

Dec 08
Version 2.7.2

Fixes issue with chromecast icon not showing up

Dec 02
Version 2.7

* Adds ability to cast to tv via Chromecast
* Enables push notification functionality for future use

Nov 28
Version 2.6

Audio bug squashed when iOS9+ device is in silent mode.

Jul 21
Version 2.5

Updates to video sources

Apr 28
Version 2.0.3

General app description updates

Dec 21
Version 2.0.2

Bug fix that will allow users to lock screen during AirPlay and continue watching using Apple TV remote

Nov 26
Version 2.0.1

App prevents device from sleep during AirPlay, fixed minor user interface issues

Nov 13
Version 2.0

New API, new native code, new feautures like favoriting and rating and new interface design that will make this app faster and easier to use

Sep 26
Version 1.1.2

fix menu, notifications

Sep 16
Version 1.1.1

Bug Fixes

Nov 13
Version 1.0.2

Bug fixes

Oct 25
Version 1.0.1

Bug fixes

Oct 15
Version 1.0

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