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Mathspace has arrived on the iPad - your favourite online math textbook, workbook and mark book just got better.

Mathspace is the first computer based system that allows students to complete full worked solutions to problems online and receive instant feedback and help at every step.

Why would anyone carry a math textbook when Mathspace has a bank of over 70,000 interactive questions covering everything from addition to algebra, geometry to graphing, probability to statistics.

Curriculum Coverage:

* Australia: Australian Curriculum 5-12
* USA: Common Core for Middle School, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry
* United Kingdom: Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, GCSE
* Singapore: Secondary 1- 4
* Hong Kong: Secondary 1-3
* International: World of Maths


* Math writing recognition: Now you can write your step by step working and Mathspace will recognize your handwriting and be able to mark your answers on the spot.

For technical issues or other feedback email us at hello@mathspace.co or tweet us at www.twitter.com/mathspace

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Version History

Launched Dec 17, 2012 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Aug 03
Version 2.7.2

This release brings app availability in line with our minimum system requirements.

We welcome any feedback! Please get in touch at hello@mathspace.co.

May 22
Version 2.7.1

This release removes the possibility of accidentally swiping the handwriting recognition panel off the bottom of the screen.

We welcome any feedback! Please get in touch at hello@mathspace.co.

Mar 26
Version 2.7.0

Removes the compatibility mode option from the app settings.

Mar 16
Version 2.6.7

Fixes an issue where the handwriting panel would not display when launching the Workbook.

Please keep sending us your feedback, every bit helps us make Mathspace better!

We recommend turning on Automatic Updates for the best possible experience. You'll find it in Settings > iTunes & App Store.

Feb 24
Version 2.6.6

This is an important fix to resolve issues with the app crashing for some users.
Please keep sending us your feedback, every bit helps us make Mathspace better!

We recommend turning on Automatic Updates for the best possible experience. You'll find it in Settings > iTunes & App Store.

Oct 17
Version 2.6.5

This update should help with reports of being suddenly logged out, or being stuck at a white screen.

If you are still experiencing problems, please get in touch at hello@mathspace.co

Aug 03
Version 2.6.2

* Some links would not work when tapped. Fixed.
* Set operators were not always recognised. Fixed.

We welcome any feedback! Please get in touch at hello@mathspace.co.

Sep 19
Version 2.6.1

Minor bug fixes.

Jul 25
Version 2.6.0

Please send us your feedback and issues to hello@mathspace.co!

In this update:

* Much faster performance for iOS 9+ users.
* Added writing recognition for set and interval notation.
* Fix external links that launch the Mathspace app.

Jun 15
Version 2.5.12

Resolved an issue causing pages to not load or to display as white screens. (This occurs on networks that are not updated to meet iOS 9 security recommendations)

May 05
Version 2.5.10

* Writing recognition support for calculus and trigonometry expressions
* Updates to login and branding

Feb 12
Version 2.5.4

* Fix connection issues - by adding a workaround for web proxies & filters which aren't yet IOS 9 compatible
* Improved responsiveness of the application

Dec 10
Version 2.4.20

Fixes the "Unable to connect" message that prevented some users from launching the app.

Nov 18
Version 2.4.18

Thanks for the feedback from everyone!

* Bug fixed on chapter entry areas: You couldn't navigate back to the app after being redirected to a third party site.
* Added support for writing more Math Symbols.

Oct 07
Version 2.4.13

Thank you to everyone who sent in feedback!

* Fixed issues with writing recognition from extended use.
* Fixed issues with iOS 9 (iPhone and iPad).

Sep 11
Version 2.4.12

Improved error logging for bug analysis.

Sep 04
Version 2.4.11

* Improved reporting for resolving user feedbacks

Aug 14
Version 2.4.10

So....we didn't think it'd get this epic. The Mathspace App is now available on the iPhone!!!

We know you've been doing your homework last second on the bus/train on the way to school, tapping away trying to type Maths using a keyboard. Aaaaggghhh! What a nightmare!

Well now you've got your phone a friend: Mathspace on your iPhone. You're welcome.

* You can now handwrite your answers on the iPhone with one finger and use 2 fingers to scroll.

* And we've tried to support as much content as we can on the small screen, but reality is, they're phones, not televisions, and maths can get big. Let us know if you come across anything that doesn't quite fit.

* Of course you can always switch between iPhone, tablet and desktop and all your work will be saved. Here's some free relationship advice: don't forget the ones that have been there with you from the beginning. Show your desktop some love every now and then.

Enjoy responsibly, and leave any feedback by email at hello@mathspace.co, or tweet us at www.twitter.com/mathspace

P.S. Next time you're on the bus and everyone's latched to their phones with thumbs in fourth gear, you won't pity them because they're missing out on the world. You'll pity them cause you just got up another 100 points.

May 08
Version 2.1.7

* Improved writing recognition for fractions, square root

Apr 23
Version 2.1.6

* The app will display a user friendly screen when there is no internet connection
* Fixed blank screen on iOS7

Apr 08
Version 2.1.4

Thank you for sending in feedback to help improve Mathspace! Keep 'em coming!

* Fix fractions were not being recognised correctly.

Mar 16
Version 2.1.2

Thank you for sending in feedback to help improve Mathspace! Keep 'em coming!

* Fixed an issue that may cause the app to crash
* Writing recognition improvements
* Performance improvements

Dec 01
Version 2.0.0

Fixed issues with IOS8.

Aug 16
Version 1.3.6

* Fixed writing recognition of nCr binomials.

Aug 09
Version 1.3.5

We warmly welcome all feedback and suggestions! Please get in touch: hello@mathspace.co

* Writing recognition improved even more, less confusion with characters not relevant to the current question
* Support recognition of more characters
* Optimisations
* Writing panel no longer slides up and down excessively

May 22
Version 1.3.2

* Fixed a white screen issue that could occur if the internet connection drops out.
* Fixed some external links weren't opening correctly.
* Graphical updates to the interface.

Please send us feedback if you encounter any further issues!

Apr 04
Version 1.3.1

* Fixes "typo" message that may rarely occur when writing an expression with brackets.
* More interface fixes and tweaks.

Mar 17
Version 1.3.0

* Improved writing recognition
* Fixed blank screen on launch
* Improved handling for visiting pages external to Mathspace
* Small visual fixes to the interface

Feb 06
Version 1.2.1

Features an improved writing mode. Faster and more responsive than before! It's also easier to edit and add to your written expressions.

Let us know what you think!

Nov 03
Version 1.1.1

* New and improved writing panel! You can write, scratch-out and edit even faster than before!
* Fixed some compatibility issues with iOS 7.

Sep 16
Version 1.1.0

* You can now subscribe to many math syllabuses!
* General improvements to writing recognition.
* Added contextual recognition for better matching on k vs. K and < vs. the angle symbol.
* Added writing recognition support for nCr.
* Fixed writing panel sometimes freezing the app.

Jun 17
Version 1.0.20

Important update: Fixes a critical issue that could cause the app to quit unexpectedly.

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