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The rapid!Access* mobile application is designed for on-the-go access to your rapid! paycard account. With rapid!Access you gain secure and immediate in-hand access to view and manage your account information, all in real-time. With your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can use rapid!Access to:

- View current balance
- View recent transactions
- View transaction details
- Transfer funds
- Enroll & Manage Text Alerts
- Locate an ATM

And more . . .

*This app requires Apple iOS 5.1.1 and later.

La aplicación móvil rapid!Access* ha sido diseñada para que usted pueda tener acceso inmediato a su cuenta de Tarjeta de rapid! PayCard. Con rapid!Access, usted obtiene seguridad y acceso inmediato para ver y administrar la información de su cuenta, todo en tiempo real. Con su iPhone, iPad o iPod Touch, usted puede usa rapid!Access para:

- Ver su saldo actual
- Ver transacciones recientes
- Ver detalles de la transacción
- Transferir fondos
- Registrarse y administrar Alertas de Texto
- Localizar un Cajero Automático

Y mucho más . . .

* Esta aplicación requiere Apple iOS 5.1.1 y versiones posteriores.

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Version History

Launched Nov 21, 2012 (about 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Dec 08
Version Version 6.15

Bug fixes and updates.

Jan 23
Version 5.0.5

Updated SSL certificate

Jan 22
Version 5.0.4

Bug fixes

Mar 27
Version 5.0.3

-On the Card Activity screen the fee summary now displays Year to Date Fees and Prior Month Fees. Additionally, under Search Activity the date range search functionality now offers a Month/Year selection option (up to 12 previous months).
-Bug fixes

Mar 19
Version 5.0

On the Card Activity screen the fee summary now displays Year to Date Fees and Prior Month Fees. Additionally, under Search Activity the date range search functionality now offers a Month/Year selection option (up to 12 previous months).

Sep 25
Version 4.2

Spanish language support for the application has been added.
Se ha añadido el idioma Español en la aplicación.

Mar 10
Version 4.1

• You now have the ability to assign and save a nickname for Card to Card and Card to Bank transfer recipients.

Jun 25
Version 4.0

•Customize Home Screen - You can now choose which tiles will appear on your Home Screen for easy access to your favorite areas! Setup your personalized Home Screen on the Settings tab.
•Savings - Eligible cardholders can now open and manage their Savings Account on the app.
•Improved Card Activity Display

Jan 29
Version 3.1

Easy to Use Funds Transfer Screen- Sleek, redesigned look for easier transfer of funds between accounts.
Forgot User ID - Answer challenge questions to retrieve User ID for Login
Search Card Activity - Easily search by date or amount for specific transactions
Alerts - Sign up for Email, along with Text Alerts right on your phone.
Challenge Questions - Now you can update your Challenge Questions within the application

Nov 07
Version 3.01

3.01 modifies the login password requirements to strengthen password security.

Sep 03
Version 3.0

New design layout - Redesigned layout gives you quick access to the things you use most while making room for more features.

First Time Login/New Card Activation – Set-up your online access for the first time from your phone.

Remember User ID - Easy access to your account by only entering your password after logging in the first time.

Running Balance Displayed – View up-to-the-minute balance information.

Self-Service Options – Update your password, PIN and personal information without logging in to the website.

Forgot Password – Answer challenge questions to receive a temporary password.

Directions – Get driving directions to selected ATM.

Direct Dial – Connect with customer service from the “Contact Us” tab or from the login screen with your user id.

Informational Overlays – Navigate through the latest updates by viewing the tutorial.

Apr 28
Version 2.1

The problem that caused the app to close for some users is fixed.

Mar 15
Version 2.0

•A user ID can be used to login to the app instead of your card number. The user ID must be created on the website located on the back of your card.
•When using the ATM locator feature, the Allpoint logo will show up next to nearby Allpoint ATMs.
•When using iPhone 5, 5c or 5s – The app has been modified to use the entire screen.
•A user can now swipe to navigate from tab-to-tab
•iOS 7
•A cardholder will be returned to the login screen after logging out.
•The app will use the new look of the buttons and toggles as found in the new operating system.

Dec 07
Version 1.1

Enhanced keyword search

Nov 22
Version 1.0

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