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This dancing Grandpa and his wacky tools are ready for fun and projects in the workshop! Grandpa needs help identifying tools, measuring, cutting wood, spotting differences, painting furniture, repairing broken items, and even building an awesome kids’ clubhouse! The game includes seven action-packed mini-games loaded with educational content (number groups, measuring, fractions, colors, observation, spatial relationships) and videos of real tools in action! Ages 3-7.

"Given the subject matter, the educational and replay value with LOTS of fun added in, I would HIGHLY recommend this app!" - APPreciation
“Grandpa has such positive attitude, always giving out praises whenever a task is completed correctly.” - Geeks with Juniors
"Delightful with seven mini-games… presented in a fun way that has your child playing along without realizing they are learning." - the iMums


1. Spot the Difference. One of those tricky tools is sillier than usual... can you spot the one that is different?

2. Board Fractions. Let's cut the board into halves, thirds, or quarters and count how many pieces we have!

3. Measuring. Zippy the tape measure is stretched out so that you can measure the board! How long is it?

4. Select the Tool. Grandpa needs a screwdriver to finish this project. Can you hand it to him?

5. Number Groups. We'll need 4 springs to finish up this project... which jar has 4 springs?

6. Puzzle Fix-Up. Oh no! Grandma's plate is broken! Let's piece it back together.

7. Paint the Project. Grandpa just built this stool... what color will you paint it?

8. Match the Tools. Can you help Grandpa match up the paint brushes and screwdrivers?


- Number groups (quantities, numeral recognition): 1-12
- Colors: orange, purple, brown, red, green, yellow, blue, pink, black, gray
- Measuring: measure items in units 1-12
- Vocabulary: pliers, hammer, c-clamp, tape measure, broom, saw, screwdriver, wrench, level, oil can, dustpan, bucket, paint brush, bolt, nut, spring, tack, nail, screw, washer, ruler, jigsaw, safety glasses, chisel, gloves, trowel, drill, sawdust
- Fractions: halves, thirds, quarters
- Spacial relationships (puzzles)
- Observation skills (spot the difference)

Grandpa's Workshop was developed by an Educational Psychologist and parents. Tested by children.


Fairlady Media is committed to developing high-quality family-friendly games that provide excellent entertainment value. Please contact us if you have suggestions for improvement or to get technical issues resolved: support@fairladymedia.com.

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Links that take the user outside the app are contained behind a Parental Gate.

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Version History

Launched Oct 19, 2012 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Mar 17
Version 3.3

Minor update. Have you tried our most recent app, Grandpa's Toy Shop? You'll love it! :)

Nov 09
Version 3.2

MAJOR update includes:
+ NEW mini-game: Match the tools!
+ Completely re-developed to support the latest version of iOS
+ Now works on Apple TV!

May 05
Version 2.4

Minor updates - have you tried our most recent game, Camping With Grandpa?

Hey, campers! Who wants to roast a marshmallow and eat a s’more? Grab a stick and join Grandpa on a hiking and camping adventure you’ll never forget! Choose a trail, read a compass, spot some wildlife, identify animal tracks, earn wilderness patches, play tent games, and watch videos about real-life outdoor experiences. Don’t forget to douse the campfire before you leave! Designed for ages 6-8.

Sep 19
Version 2.3

We've updated Grandpa's Workshop for the latest version of iOS and to include a link to our newest app, Fishing with Grandpa! We hope you're enjoying building with Grandpa! :) - Fairlady Media support team

Jun 11
Version 2.2

Minor updates. Have you tried our latest Grandma and Grandpa app, Grandma's Preschool?

Jan 24
Version 2.1

We hope you enjoyed Winter with Grandpa! Spring is on the way! :) This update restores Grandpa's Workshop back to normal.

Dec 03
Version 2.0

This all new update for Grandpa's Winter Workshop includes winter scenery, building a gingerbread clubhouse, holiday music, building and painting toys, and opening presents. Enjoy your winter this year with Grandma and Grandpa! :)

Sep 13
Version 1.9

We've updated Grandpa's Workshop for iOS 8, enjoy!

May 29
Version 1.8

Spring Cleanup and a button in the parent's section for our newest game, Grandpa In Space! Enjoy! :)

Oct 31
Version 1.7

Updated more page: Our newest app, Grandma Loves Bugs, is now live on the App Store! Enjoy! :)

Sep 14
Version 1.6

Added support for iOS 7

Sep 03
Version 1.5

Includes required privacy policy and updated parents' screen.

May 30
Version 1.4

The link to Grandma's Kitchen is NOW LIVE! We hope you enjoy our newest game!

Apr 27
Version 1.2

New in this version:
+ By customer request: new kids' clubhouse signs!
+ Improved parental lock screen
+ Improved More Games screen
+ Other minor updates and bug fixes

Watch for our newest title, Grandma's Kitchen, coming in May! The kids will LOVE it!

Nov 09
Version 1.1

Thanks for playing Grandpa's Workshop!

This update fixes a few minor issues and also resolves any problems that folks were having with older versions of iOS. Enjoy and please let us know if you have any suggestions for future updates!

* Have you tried our other game in the series, Grandma's Garden?

Oct 19
Version 1.0

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