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Hi to all the Prüdifiers.

Make your photos Prüd not crüde.

Prüdifier is a fun, easy-to-use app that makes the mysterious and previously high-cost process of Prüdification available to everyone.

Snap a photo and hide the crude bits so that your NSFW photo is SFW again (or SFG, Safe For Grandma).

"My holiday in Greece was amazing! But that tramp stamp is not something I want on my feed." Thanks Prüdifier!

"That class photo would have been great except for Jimmy flippin' us the bird." Thanks Prüdifier!

"I love my cat Fluffers but he keeps 'ring-bombing' my photos." Thanks Prüdifier!

- Pick, draw, and share.
- Add a caption
- Upload your Prüdified™ photo anywhere your prudish grandmother might be googling
- Great for work, home, and family reunions.
- Works on inanimate objects and pets.
- Share to Facebook, Twitter, Email & Instagram directly from Prüdifier.

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Secondary: Photo & Video

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Version History

Launched Sep 11, 2012 (about 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Jun 10
Version 3.0.1

We at PonyCode Corporation have rethought our old debaucherous ways and Prüdifier is the result. Now you can clean up of those photos of your rotten little children, your filthy little pets, and paint off that tattoo that would given Grandma a heart attack. Being prude has never been so easy.

Oct 08
Version 2.0.2

Fixed a crash that was happening on iOS 12

Jun 10
Version 1.9.7

Recovering from some legal hoopla ... Ya'll can be back to Nüdifying your friends and family :)

Jan 15
Version 1.9.6

Nüdifier is teaming up with Dirty Grandpa for new fun with frames.

Jul 16
Version 1.9.5

Sharing to Dating Naked!

We've buddied up with Dating Naked on VH1 so that you can share your Nüdifications with the show!

Oct 05
Version 1.9.4

Hey guys. We fixed the iOS 8 problem so you can embarrass your friends with those big new phones of yours.

Aug 12
Version 1.9.2

Hey, we don't like Ads. Do you like Ads, then I am sorry. Because...

Ads. Are. Dead. To. Us.

Thank you to Diane Hoffstetter for your help fixing our bits. Real blonds do have the nicest bits.

Carry on, and Nüdifiy.

Oct 03
Version 1.8.1

Added a deep link API. Nüdifier now supports inline editing from other apps.

Sep 18
Version 1.8

Tüning the Nüd for iOS 7

Apr 23
Version 1.6

Now you can send your Nüdified photos to Amy Schumer from Comedy Central.

Feb 27
Version 1.5

Bug Fixes. Nobody likes bugs.

Feb 01
Version 1.4

* Valentine's Day Special Release *

Show them how you love them by sending a nüdified photo in a delightful and embarrassing Valentine's Day Card.

Improved Instagram sharing - we thought we'd help you square-up your images. You're very welcome.

Wow these nüdifications use up memory! We thought so too, so we trimmed some fat and thinned the app.

Sly customers will notice that you can now start Nüdifier with a photo in the clipboard. Give it a try. Be sly, fly.

Jan 22
Version 1.3

Whoa! Your photo on a magazine cover! Frame your photos while you frame your friends. Create preposterous situations with three different magazines. More frames on the way.

We hear ya. Sharing now to Instagram, email, and more. Keep yapping at us and we'll keep listening.

Bugs in your Nüdifications? We squashed em.

We are having a really good time building Nüdifier - let's keep it up! Keep embarrassing your friends and we'll be here to cover your @$$.

Dec 01
Version 1.2

*New! Still FREE for a limited time*

• iPhone 5 can now be an equal harbinger of Nüdification. So much room for activities! Huzzah!
• Guess what? Devices without cameras couldn't take pictures. How were we to know?
• We created some questionable code to fix a bug that is Apple's fault. (not pointing fingers. We like Apples.)

We're working on a big release for January. Get your pictures ready and keep your clothes on!

Sep 21
Version 1.1

Howdy. You can now share your Nüdifications to Twitter and we've enhanced Facebook sharing.

Sep 12
Version 1.0

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