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Call b******t with hundreds of Hollywood celebrity impressions including AL PACINO, JACK NICHOLSON, ROBIN WILLIAMS, RICKY GERVAIS, KATHERINE HEPBURN, PAUL GIAMATTI, MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY and many more! Many cartoon voices, too!

New features added: Rapid Fire™ BS and Shake to Activate!

• Press the big, red button, and call BS in hilarious ways.
• Rapid Fire (Press for 3-4 seconds, and play every phrase!)
• Shake to activate.
• Record your own sounds.
• Activate & rearrange sounds.

Did you know that TS Eliot coined the word "b******t" in a poem he wrote to Wyndam Lewis back in 1915? Yes, the poem is called "B******t." Little do most people know they're quoting one of the greats every time they call bs.

Every Sound package is packed with witty celebrity impressions:

• Inspired Originals (our first package)

Fun, surprising, and very effective ways to call BS.

• Hollywood Hero BS

Jim Meskimen does many of your favorite Hollywood leading men in this hilarious assortment sure to silence the most talented BS slingers.


Our newest and naughtiest BS package. Extra strength and not politically correct. Sure to get some attention and even more laughs.

• Leading Men BS

More Meskimen impressions including Tommy Lee Jones, Sylvester Stallone, and...Tony Curtis? Why not.

• Hollywood Heavy Hitters BS

A no-nonsense assortment of take-no-prisoners BS calling.

• Star Struck BS

Lots of Hollywood celebrity impressions from Jim Meskimen. Even a few women are in this package.

• Celebrity Mixer BS

More male and female celebrity impressions.

• Famous Stars BS

The stars are out to call BS.

• Celebrity A List BS

We've rolled out the red carpet, and the stars have come out to call it in style.

• Classic Movies BS

Whether you're a fan of Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Jimmy Stewart or anyone else in this line up doesn't really matter. The impressions are precise, and the phrases are rich and memorable.

• Cartoons and More BS

You'll know all of these voices. A wacky arsenal of BS callers.

• Fresh Celebrity BS

More fun from Jim Meskimen.

**Celebrity voices impersonated.

A little about Jim Meskimen:

Jim is a comedic powerhouse and a joy to work with. He has brought considerable energy, creativity, and hilarity to our family of apps, and more are on the way! He was a regular on the UK's Whose Line is it Anyway and is now appearing on NBC's Parks and Recreation. He recently appeared on America's Got Talent hosted by Howie Mandel and Howard Stern.

We're so happy to have him on board.

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Version History

Launched Oct 31, 2012 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Feb 15
Version 1.3.6

Bug Fixes

Feb 01
Version 1.3.5

Bug Fixes

Jan 22
Version 1.3.4

Bug Fixes

Aug 28
Version 1.3.3

Bug Fixes

Nov 05
Version 1.3.2

Bug fixes

Jun 05
Version 1.3.1

Celebrity impression names
BS categories
BS phrases transcribed
Auto scrolling from phrase to phrase

Jul 24
Version 1.2.1

Minor Bug Fixes

Jul 15
Version 1.2

New BS Sounds Package
Game Center features

Jun 05
Version 1.0.2

Hollywood Celebrity Sounds Packages
Rapid Fire BS
Shake to activate
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Oct 31
Version 1.0.1

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