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• Peek-a-Zoo series' apps have been featured by Apple as 'New and Noteworthy' and ‘Best for Kids 5 & Under’
• A lovingly crafted, multilingual peekaboo game designed for infants and toddlers
• Gorgeous and friendly animated animal illustrations and sounds

"I love the sense of humor and quirkiness behind the illustrations in this app."

"A well designed, visually appealing app for toddlers."

"Why we like this app? Simple, with the most lovely illustrations and animal names recordings done by children."
- apps4kids.net

"Peek-a-Zoo is a wonderful interactive app the will thrill and engage young children. It will give them a closer look to those animals they love seeing at the zoo."
- iheartthisapp.com

Peekaboo - I see you!
It's time to meet adorable new animal friends on our trip to the zoo. With a simple tap of the screen, your child can play peekaboo with a roaring lion, a swimming polar bear, a proud peacock and more. Peek-a-Zoo combines a child's favorite game with familiar sea animals they will love.

Guess who's next
Have fun letting your child guess the animal that will appear or what sound it will make. Play along as they learn the names and sounds of each animal — in up to 5 languages — or let those fingers loose to discover all by themselves.

*** Free LITE version with 4 animals available ***

• 15 animals friends exclusively illustrated for the Peek-a-Zoo
• Animal names spoken aloud in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian
• 2 modes of play: tour the entire zoo, or choose your favorite animals to play with
• Fresh soundtrack with authentic animal, narrative, and whimsical sounds
• Designed for little fingers and iPhones and iPads of all sizes

We care! This app DOES NOT feature in-app purchases, 3rd party ads, or links to social media. Just animals — lots of 'em! Check out the entire Peek-a-Zoo series full of other animal apps: http://treebetty.com

Peek-a-Zoo runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 4.3 and higher.

 $3.99 in iOS App Store


Peek-a-Zoo: Peekaboo at the Zoo screenshot 1Peek-a-Zoo: Peekaboo at the Zoo screenshot 2Peek-a-Zoo: Peekaboo at the Zoo screenshot 3Peek-a-Zoo: Peekaboo at the Zoo screenshot 4Peek-a-Zoo: Peekaboo at the Zoo screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Nov 14, 2011 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Aug 25
Version 1.7.2

Some minor graphic adjustments

Aug 04
Version 1.7.1

• Updated for iOS 11
• Hands-free 'Baby Mode' no longer protected with a parent-gate.

Dec 01
Version 1.7

- Updated for iOS 10
- Animals now appear in a random order so every visit is different
- Now includes a hands-free 'Baby' mode

Oct 06
Version 1.6.1

Fixed the 'flashes' of the home screen appearing in iOS 8

Apr 04
Version 1.6

• Now fully localized for English, French, Spanish, German and Italian (animals and app text)
• New signpost names
• Fixed bug occurring when more then one animal in 'Meet' mode was selected
• New ambient background sounds for all animals


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Nov 27
Version 1.5

• Peek-a-Zoo is now multi-lingual! Learn animals names in english, french, spanish, italian and german
• New HD graphics on iPads with Retina displays
• New colorful background scenes

Sep 19
Version 1.4

Now optimized for iOS 7.

Jun 27
Version 1.3.4

• When in 'More' interactivity mode, only arrow buttons will move to the next animal scene
• Settings Menu has been simplified and 'childproofed' - no more links to our website or our facebook page
• Settings Menu now has a link to our Privacy Policy
• New support and instructions pages
• The Settings page, Other Apps page, and Upgrading are all now 'childproofed.' Children who cannot read should not be able to exit the app.

Another big thank you to our users for the helpful feedback!

If you like Peek-a-Zoo, please remember to rate it or leave a review. It's your reviews and ratings that enable us to create these apps

Apr 08
Version 1.3.2

What's new in this version:

• Added a 'home button' to the top right of each screen. Now there's an easy way to go back to the main menu. Just tap the button to make it more visible and tap again to go back to the main screen.

• Added arrow buttons to each scene that will move to the next animal. You can also still just touch the screen to move on.

• Redesigned the Main Menu screen to make the settings button more visible.

A big thank you to our users for the helpful feedback!
If you like Peek-a-Zoo, please remember to either rate it or leave a review. Thank you!

Jan 11
Version 1.3.1

What's new in this version:
• Fixed bug where animals were hiding and moving to the next scene too quickly if child tapped more than once. Taps will now be ignored until all sounds/animations are finished

A big thank you to our users for the helpful feedback!

Dec 03
Version 1.3

What's New in this Version:

• Support for iPhone 5
• More Interactivity - You can now choose between 2 levels of interactivity. Choosing 'Less' under Settings will move your little one to the next animal scene when they tap anywhere on the screen. 'More' let's them stay longer and explore the scene. Tapping the animal(s) or animal name will show them more sounds and action. Only tapping on the background will move them to the next animal scene.
• App settings are now saved even after you exit the app.
• New 'Settings' graphics
• Bug Fixes
• Graphic Enhancements

A big thank you to you and your little ones for your support! Be sure to like our Facebook page (link in app) to get the latest news.

Oct 01
Version 1.0.2

Fixed orientation bug occurring when app is on iOS 6.

Dec 08
Version 1.0.1

Minor tweaks. Some graphic enhancement.

Nov 14
Version 1.0

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