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***** 2012 Parents’ Choice Fun Stuff Award winner - Parents’ Choice Foundation *****

Tie Dye Doodle lets you tie dye your way. Choose your shirt, fold it, place the rubber bands, pick your colors and add the dye any where you want. There are infinite design possibilities because, like a snowflake, no two are ever the same.

When your tie dye is done, you can decorate it even more with fabric and glitter paints, rhinestones and appliqués. Try it on a model, save it to your photo album and e-mail it to a friend.

Best of all, as with all of our Doodle apps, there's no mess to clean up!

Tie Dye Folds:

* Sunburst
* Accordion
* Spiral
* Chevron
* Mandala
* Peace Sign
* Diamond
* Heart


* T-Shirt
* Spaghetti Strap
* Fitted Tee
* Cap Sleeve
* Tank Top
* Canvas


* 30 pre-mixed dye colors
* Unlimited Mix your own colors
* 3 rubber band sizes for tighter or looser ties
* Infinite number of designs


* 20 fabric paints
* 10 Glitter paints
* 30 Rhinestones
* 45 Appliques

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Version History

Launched Jun 02, 2011 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every over 1 year, on average.

Jul 01
Version 1.08

Updated painting, added brushes, and added decorations.

Oct 16
Version 1.06

Updated for latest iOS

Aug 14
Version 1.05

Updated closet. It's easier to try on and order saved tie dyes.

Sep 18
Version 1.04

Added support for taller iPhone 5 screen

**** News: We have a new app - Cupcake Doodle ****

Mar 27
Version 1.03

You can now order shirts from the closet. Graphics updated to support new iPad with Retina display.

To order a shirt from the Closet:

1) Press the 'Wear' button.
2) Open the closet.
3) Drag a shirt onto the model.
4) Press the 'Order Shirt' button from the Menu.
5) Follow prompts.

**** Note: Only shirts made with version 1.03 or newer can be ordered from the closet. ****

Jan 12
Version 1.02

We've partnered with Sundog Productions. You can now have your creation made into a real, hand dyed t-shirt!

Sundog Productions has been in the custom dye/screen printing business for over 25 years making shirts for the screen printing industry (Atlantic Coast Cotton, VA Tees), A-list rock 'n roll bands (Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Jimmy Buffett), major theme parks (Disney, Universal Studios), and Fortune 500 companies (Coca-Cola, Texaco) as well as independent t-shirt shops, record stores, sports leagues, and schools.

To Order:

* Design your shirt
* Press 'Order Shirt' from the Menu screen
* Enter your e-mail address
* Press 'Order'
* Follow the prompts on Sundog Tee's website to pay and complete your order

Note: Appliqués, gems and paint will not be included on the shirt.
To ensure quality, we've limited real garment designs to 6 colors and 6 bands.
This limit only applies to garments you'd like to order. For designs within Tie Dye Doodle, this limit doesn't apply.

**** NEWS: We have a new app! Caboodle Doodle

Jan 01
Version 1.01

Gems and appliqués can now be rotated and resized, the closet has been improved, and the painting is smoother.

Rotate and resize:

* Select an applique or gem
* Touch the shirt
* Use the + and - buttons to size
* Use the rotation loop to turn
* Touch outside the loop to cement in place

Improved closet:

* Drag shirts onto the model to wear
* Drag shirts into the trash can to delete

**** NEWS: We have a new app! Caboodle Doodle

Jun 02
Version 1.0

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