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The toy top that buzzes with sci-fi sounds and glows with limitless, colorful shapes...

Best of iPhone Entertainment in the US and 8 other countries - App Store Rewind 2011

Cosmic Top is a toy, a 3D audiovisual physics simulation of a spinning, wobbling, and morphing top. The top floats among stars and takes on unlimited colorful shapes and sci-fi sounds which glow and hum in stereo from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Swipe to spin it, pinch to zoom it, or hold to brake it. If you rotate your device, you can see and hear the top from all sides. Record your own spin and tumble sounds and then hear both tracks played back in sync with the motion of the top. Create and share video of your favorite top action. Edit echo effects, color flow, and spin inertia of each top style. Best of all, with a touch of the cosmic button, a new cosmos of sight and sound will be created for you to explore.

"Cosmic Top is the first sheer toy I’ve downloaded for my iPad, and I love it… This app is highly recommended."
- 5/5 Outstanding! - John Martellaro, the Mac Observer

"Cosmic Top is about as much fun as you can imagine on an iPad." - 5/5 - Phillip T. Stephens, iPad Envy

"I have to say Cosmic Top is definitely a game changer… Pick it up and have yourself a little fun and impress your friends." - 5/5 - App Safari

"Seriously Buy This App!" - iJailBreak

- Realistic physics simulation via Euler's equations for rotating bodies
- Simple and intuitive multi-touch control with each touch adding to the motion
- Uses Three-axis gyro
- Unlimited shapes and sounds generated from randomized mathematical functions providing lots of replay value
- Fun for both young and old

In no time, the magic of its gyroscopic and kaleidoscopic wheeling, whirring, and whirling will hypnotize you. We hope you enjoy it.

"When you get it spinning really fast, the sounds get crazy excellent!" - Billy P. Sassafras, 10-Year-Old App Enthusiast

"Wow! It's like, full of stars. The audiovisual experience is psychedelic… cool…" - Dr. David Bowman, Hip Fictional Character

"It is neat to watch the polhode roll without slipping on the herpolhode." - Louis Poinsot, French Mechanics Nerd

We read all your reviews and are committed to improve the experience of Cosmic Top with free updates. Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions.

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Version History

Launched Dec 17, 2010 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 11 months, on average.

Dec 11
Version 2.2.2

∙ Update for iOS 12 and the new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR

May 23
Version 2.2.1

∙ Bug Fixes

Dec 20
Version 2.2.0

● Support added for the new iPhone X display

Oct 01
Version 2.1.0

● New and improved spin lock with a 2D view, a funky torsional spring, and spin inertia effects

Sep 12
Version 2.0.1

● Bug Fixes

Dec 20
Version 2.0.0

● Totally redesigned graphics engine with new and updated top styles
● 3D stereo audio with echo and Doppler effects
● Record your own spin and tumble sounds with playback in sync with the top’s motion
● Create and share video
● New color flow and iridescent effects
● Perspective warping
● Satellite star mode
● New gravity mode
● Support for Inter-App Audio

Oct 15
Version 1.3

Full graphics support for 4-inch Retina displays.
New variety of color flow tops and glowing textures.
Added zoom buttons to iPhone and iPod touch.
Improved touch control.
iOS 6 Support.

Apr 20
Version 1.2

Enhanced graphics for the new iPad.
Audio playback now at CD quality on all devices.
Added spin axis lock button.
Added zoom buttons for iPad.
Updated top shapes and color patterns.
Added a 1 in 10 chance for a top to be a Kovalevskaya top when gravity is on - this is a top that at rest will lay its axis on its side instead of upright and spin with its own special sound and motion.

Jan 09
Version 1.1

We have a major update for you. Here is just some of what's new in this version. Thanks for your support and enjoy!

New and brighter tops.
Higher quality sound.
Auto spin and funky buttons.
New and improved physics.
New info screen with support links.
Enhanced for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.
Multitasking support.
Minor bug fixes.

Dec 18
Version 1.0

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