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Welcome to the most complete, flexible, and cost-effective way to control everything in your home...and beyond!!!

IMPORTANT: Please get the TouchControl Server (designer) app for macOS (from the Mac App Store) or Windows (at www.touchapptech.com) and try it out BEFORE purchasing this app for your iOS device to make sure that TouchControl will meet your needs. Informed customers are happy customers! Also please note that the server/designer does NOT need to be running 24/7 on your network to use TouchControl on your iOS device!

With TouchControl, you can turn any iOS device into a universal network, infrared, and PC remote control! With TouchControl you can create FULLY CUSTOMIZED remote control screens for your Mac or PC, A/V and other infrared- or network-controlled devices (IMPORTANT: additional hardware required for IR control). The free Mac or Windows PC software provides user interface (remote control) design functionality, and can also optionally enable running programs, executing commands and scripts, and controlling the mouse and keyboard on your Windows computer directly from your iOS device, giving you almost unlimited control. The Windows server also natively supports the USB-UIRT for PC-based IR control.

TouchControl gives you more than any other iOS remote automation app:

• Direct device-to-device control of iTach and GC-100 network adapters (www.globalcache.com), Philips Hue lights, iRTrans LAN adapters (www.irtrans.com), network attached A/V equipment, Keene IR Anywhere, Insteon hubs, and more (just about anything that's network attached)!

• Integrated IR code database for Global Caché adapters. Over 138,000 searchable IR code sets freely available in an easy-to-use interface to quickly and easily configure your Global Caché buttons!

• DIrect control of automation software such as AutoHotKey, EventGhost, Girder, IRCommand2, and more!

• Full 2-way control and TRUE automation with device feedback, custom scripting (Javascript), iCloud state, and more!

• Build activities that can automatically discover and control any devices on your network that support Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP).

• Build activities for Apple Watch! (Device control and 2-way communication provided via the paired iPhone app.)

• Control your devices from a browser and schedule commands to run at set times via the built-in web server (in-app purchase required).

• Control your devices using your voice (in-app purchase required).

• Mouse & keyboard control of your Windows PC, plus control of HTPC software such as WIndows Media Center, JRiver, XBMC, WinAmp, Pandora, and more!

• Monitor your Mac or Windows desktop from your iOS device using the exclusive TouchControl Screen Grabber!

• Fully customizable user interface on your iOS device!

REQUIREMENTS: A Mac or Windows PC is required to design and configure the remote control activities (screens, devices, buttons, etc.) used in TouchControl via the FREE TouchControl Server software. However, the server DOES NOT need to be running 24x7 on your network to use TouchControl on your iOS device (only required for those features that require a Mac or PC, such as running desktop commands & programs, mouse/keyboard control, screen grabber, AutoHotKey, etc.).

Please visit http://www.touchapptech.com to learn more about the devices that can be controlled with TouchControl, and to make sure you meet the requirements. You are encouraged to install and try the FREE Mac or Windows server/designer software before purchasing the iOS app and verify it meets your needs. Mac server available in the Mac App Store. Windows server available on the TouchControl web site.

** IMPORTANT ** All feedback is welcome in the App Store; however, support for this app is provided via the TouchControl website only, as there is no mechanism available to address problems reported via the app store. If you have any problems with TouchControl, PLEASE contact support via the web site.

 $4.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Mar 14, 2010 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Dec 05
Version 9.8.10

Bug fixes.

Sep 22
Version 9.8.9

Bug fixes.

Jul 25
Version 9.8.8

Bug fixes.

Jul 09
Version 9.8.7

• Fixes an issue with back navigation

Jul 06
Version 9.8.6

• New TextFont and TextAlign properties for button types that display text
• Web view streams (e.g. mjpeg) no longer continue to load when the app is in the background or the device is locked
• Support for setting text size and text color for spinner buttons
• Manage iCloud script variables in Script Settings
• Bug fixes and stability improvements

Get TouchControl Server for macOS v.1.6.3 from the Mac App Store, or v.9.5 for Windows from www.touchapptech.com to take advantage of these new features!

Mar 26
Version 9.8.5

Bug Fixes

Mar 02
Version 9.8.4

Bug fixes

Feb 13
Version 9.8.3

• Bug fixes
• Stability improvements

Jan 30
Version 9.8.2

Bug fixes

Jan 09
Version 9.8.1

• Bug fixes

Jan 05
Version 9.8

• New "Global Watcher" feature
• New "Feedback Slicing" scripting feature
• Bug fixes
• Group templates now available for Mac server users. Please get the latest version of TouchControl Server for macOS from the Mac App Store!

Get the latest Windows server and see more information about this update at www.touchapptech.com.

Sep 16
Version 9.7

• Updates for iOS 11.

May 23
Version 9.6.1

• The new "CornerRadius" button property allows you to create round-ier hot spot buttons with colored or translucent backgrounds. See the release notes for version 9.6.1 on www.touchapptech.com for more info.

• Bug fixes.

Make sure to get the latest macOS or Windows TouchControl Server!

May 01
Version 9.6

• The "Offline Config" feature has been sunset and is no longer available. Please make sure your TouchControl network settings are updated to use an online TouchControl server.

• Button vibrations now use haptic feedback on the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7+. Give it a try - go to TouchControl Settings - Sound & Vibration, select "Vibrate", and then select "Use haptics."

• Other minor updates and fixes.

Apr 04
Version 9.5.3

• Prepare to sunset the "Offline Config" (Dropbox) feature. If you are using an "Offline Config" server, please update your settings to use an online TouchControl server as soon as possible!

Feb 28
Version 9.5.2

• Bug fixes and improvements.

• IMPORTANT: This is the last release of TouchControl that will support the Offline Config (Dropbox) functionality. Please update your TouchControl app settings to use an online server as soon as possible.

Feb 09
Version 9.5.1

• Fix web server scheduled buttons for iOS 10+.
• Other bug fixes and improvements.

Jan 18
Version 9.5

• Change the look of TouchControl using new visual themes! Choose a new translucent theme, or the original classic theme.
• Add translucency to your own activity buttons (requires updated server).
• The stretch to full and TouchFlow interface app settings have been sunset and are no longer available.
• Other bug fixes and improvements.

Make sure to get the new macOS server form the Mac App Store, or the new Windows server from the Download page on the TouchControl web site.

Visit http://www.touchapptech.com for more information about this update.

Dec 23
Version 9.4.4

• Bug fixes.

Dec 08
Version 9.4.3

• Bug fixes.

Nov 30
Version 9.4.2

• Stability and performance enhancements.

Nov 17
Version 9.4.1

• Bug fixes and user interface enhancements.

Nov 03
Version 9.4

• New TouchControl Apple Watch complication. Launch TouchControl right form your watch face!
• Ability to set a default activity for Apple Watch.
• Fix for watch activity labels.

Oct 18
Version 9.3.2

• Improved location and activity sorting for Mac server.
• General fixes, updates and improvements.

Get the new versions of TouchControl Server for macOS (v1.2) in the Mac App Store and TouchControl Server for Windows (v9.3.2) on the TouchControl web site (http://www.touchapptech.com) today!

Oct 05
Version 9.3.1

• Enables IRTrans buttons for Mac users (already available for Windows users). Requires the new TouchControl Server for macOS version 1.1 now available in the Mac App Store.

See http://www.touchapptech.com for more information on this release.

Sep 27
Version 9.3

• New Mac server! The power of TouchControl is now available to Mac users everywhere! Get the free Mac TouchControl Server app in the Mac App Store today.

• General performance and stability updates and fixes.

• Windows users, get the new version of TouchControl Server for Windows (9.3) at http://www.touchapptech.com

Jun 07
Version 9.2

• New option to automatically start the Web Server with the app
• Fix label button display in Web Server browser rendering

If you have any questions, issues or comments, please don't hesitate to post a topic in the forums on the new web site at www.touchapptech.com. And as always, if you are enjoying TouchControl, a review in the App Store is always a big help!


Apr 06
Version 9.1.1

• Schedule buttons to execute via the Web Server. Turn lights on or off at set times. Make sure your garage doors are closed before you go to bed. Open your blinds in the morning and close them at night. Anything you can control, you can now control on a schedule!

• Run the Web Server in the background while you use TouchControl.

• Other stability improvements.

Mar 17
Version 9.1

Come visit the new TouchControl website at www.touchapptech.com!

Updates in this release:

• New! Enable the iOS parallax effect on the app home screen and in your activities!

• New! VoiceControl - navigate TouchControl and execute buttons with your voice! (In-app purchase - try it out now for free)

• New! Embedded Web Server - TouchControl is now an automation hub, allowing you to render your activities in a browser and/or execute buttons via HTTP request - right from your iOS device! (In-app purchase - try it out now for free)

• Other important fixes and improvements.

Please download the updated server and see more information about this update at www.touchapptech.com.

Dec 12
Version 9.0.1

Version 9.0.1
• Fix iPad scrolling in extra-large activities

Version 9
• Built for Apple Watch!
• Updates for iOS 9 multi-tasking on the iPad.

Nov 23
Version 9

• Built for Apple Watch! Requires Watch OS 2 and TouchControl Server 9.

• Updates for iOS 9 multi-tasking on the iPad.

• TouchControl 9 runs on devices with iOS 8 and above only.

Get the updated server at http://www.touchapptech.com/download.htm

Sep 18
Version 8.3

• New sample activity to control Philips Hue lights, including creating/saving/loading scenes and using your own images to set scene colors!

• Added additional scripting features, including a new "image picker" to use your own iOS photo library images right in your activities!

• Enhanced the Gesture Pad External Mousepad functionality.

• Bug fixes and general improvements.

• NOTE: This will be the final version that will support iOS 7 and earlier.

Please see www.touchapptech.com/releasehistory.htm for more information about this update.

Jul 29
Version 8.2

• New app icon and launch image

• Option to enable the iPhone proximity sensor to help save battery

• Bug fixes and general improvements

Get the updated server at http://www.touchapptech.com/download.htm

May 27
Version 8.1.1

• Determine the device's network status via script.

• Disable full-screen activity "go back" swiping via script.

• Option to automatically "bypass" all connections (for testing or demo purposes).

• Bug fixes.

Get the latest TouchControl designer software at http://www.touchapptech.com/download.htm.

Apr 10
Version 8.1

• New "MacroMessage" feature. Display your own message on the screen while a macro is running.

• WebRemote updates.

• Use dynamic IP addressing with UDP interfaces.

• Allow HTTPS protocol in HTTP Request buttons

• Bug fixes

Get the new server at http://www.touchapptech.com/download.htm.

Feb 17
Version 8

• Custom transitions! You can now slide, push, or flip from any direction, curl up or down, dissolve, or zoom activities! Watch for more transition options in future releases.

• New "External Mousepad". Use the GesturePad Mousepad feature to control devices using natural mouse-like cursor control.

• Now run script from your link buttons.

• Bug fixes

New features listed above require the new server designer available at http://www.touchapptech.com/download.htm

Jan 29
Version 7.4.2

- New default/sample activity - control DirecTV receivers in your home with ZERO configuration and NO SERVER required, available as a download for existing users!

- Enables Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) so you can find and control connected devices on your network (samples provided).

- More iPhone 6/6+ updates.

- Several other new features - visit http://www.touchapptech.com for info on all the new stuff!

- Bug fixes, as always.

Touch App Technologies continues to work hard to bring you new features and continue to improve on the best universal remote and automation app in the app store. If you are enjoying TouchControl, please take a minute to leave a favorable review in the app store and let others know what you like about TouchControl! It really does make a difference, as there's no better testament than a satisfied customer!

Dec 13
Version 7.4.1

• Server enhancements
• Bug fixes

Get the new server at http://www.touchapptech.com/download.htm

Oct 27
Version 7.4

• Updates for iPhone 6 and 6+.

• Automatically scale iPhone activity layouts to multiple screen sizes.

• Integrated IR code database from Global Caché. Over 138,000 IR code sets freely available for your Global Caché adapters.

• New scriptable motion sensing feature. Move your device. Control your world.

• And more!

New TouchControl Server required for these updates. Please get the latest server at http://www.touchapptech.com/dowload.htm.

Oct 07
Version 7.3.8

◉ Fix for start-up crash that a small number of users were experiencing.

Sep 28
Version 7.3.6

◉ iOS 8 compatibility updates

Sep 04
Version 7.3.5

Thanks for your continued use of TouchControl. Still working hard to make it the best remote control app available. And with the previous Pro and EventTrigger upgrade features now included in the base app purchase, you have the most powerful, flexible, customizable, AND cost-effective remote control and automation app in the App Store.

Updates in this release:

◉ TouchMotion pre & post script - now run script before you start dragging a button, and again after you've completed the drag.

◉ Expanded named colors for button text and backgrounds - available via the designer and via script.

◉ Button and device search feature in the server designer - easily find buttons and/or devices in large configurations.

◉ Other updates and bug fixes.

◉ And remember...if you are not using any PC-related control features (mouse/keyboard control, USB-UIRT, etc.), then your server DOES NOT need to remain running just to use the TouchControl app on your iOS device!

Check out www.touchapptech.com for more information on all the updates in this release. And make sure to update your server too! Use -- Help / Check For New Version -- from the server menu.

Jul 14
Version 7.3.4

• New grid buttons - lay out multiple buttons in a free flowing, independently scrolling grid formation.

• Pass data to Web View HTML and URLs via script.

• Bug fixes

Jun 04
Version 7.3.3

• Accessibility updates

May 14
Version 7.3.2

Bug fixes
• Intermittent connectivity errors
• iOS 5.1.1 (iPad 1) activities list view

May 02
Version 7.3.1

• Bug fixes

Apr 05
Version 7.3

• Offline configurations via Dropbox
• Peer-to-peer with Nearby Networking
• TextField button enhancements
• Change button font
• Performance improvements and bug fixes
• And so much more!

See www.touchapptech.com for all the updates in this release, and don't forget to download the new server!

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