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A card someone "thinks of" suddenly appears upside down in a deck of cards - all on your iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

The classic effect from the 1930's has been given a searing technological update.

Many call it the best card trick in the world, and now it can be done on your iPhone. This app works as a standalone, but if you know how to do it with a REAL deck of cards too, follow up the iPhone trick by doing the SAME thing with your real deck. Wow. (If you aren't sure how to do it with a real deck, just get yourself over to Ellusionist.com and search for "Invisible Deck". It's easy and amazing.)

- Completely self contained, you learn everything you need right in the app.
- Choose from 5 different custom decks and 3 stylized backgrounds
- Interactive training mode coaches as you learn greatly improving the learning experience.
- Practice sessions allow you to efficiently perform the effect
- Full description and routine help you execute the effect with ease
- No Springboard or false menus. Application is started BEFORE the spectator thinks of their card.
- No forcing of cards or numbers
- No deck of playing cards needed.
- No sleight of hand needed.
- No voice recognition.
- Entire trick happens in spectators hands
- Known as one of the only 'magician fooler' magic apps in the iTunes store.

The new Invisible Deck App comes with interactive training built in. "Practice session" mode allows you to hone your new skills as often as you need to. Download it now, be amazing all your friends by tonight.

For more intense street magic go to Ellusionist.com

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Version History

Launched Feb 12, 2010 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every over 1 year, on average.

Jun 30
Version 2.4

Fixed a layout issue that was causing the system status bar to be visible.
Other various improvements.

Apr 25
Version 2.3

Fixes a resource indexing and lookup issue that was causing the suit selection to be incorrect.

Apr 21
Version 2.2

App code bought up to date and addressed some app crash issues on iPhone 6s.

Jul 08
Version 2.1

Layout updates and 64 bit compatibility

Jun 30
Version 2

Now supports all iPhone screen sizes and 64 bit devices.

Feb 12
Version 1

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