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The original and still BEST cupcake baking app- bake, decorate, and eat virtual cupcakes with all kinds of flavors & toppings, using real recipes!

- Featured in "Our Favorite Things" - Disney FamilyFun magazine
- "The cupcakes look so good I almost licked my phone." - Robin Rhys, AppAdvice.com
- Over 6,000 five star ratings in the App Store.

Cupcakes! lets you bake, decorate, eat & share yummy cupcakes right from your iPod Touch or iPhone. Pick your cupcake liners, fill the pan with cake batter, pop it in the oven, and before you know it your cupcakes will come out piping hot. Shake your phone to get the cupcakes out of the pan and then choose from an amazing array of frostings and candy toppings, to build the perfect cupcake.

Once you've baked and decorated your masterpieces, you can share them with your friends via email, Facebook, or save them to your photo albums. And of course you can eat them! Choose the tablecloth and plate to serve them on and you are ready for dessert.

Features include:
- 27 different cupcake batters (white, yellow, chocolate, strawberry, carrot cake, red velvet, lemon, confetti, marble, apple spice, blueberry muffin, pineapple, gingerbread and more!). Mix the cupcakes from scratch or use pre-made batter.
- 32 different colors & patterns of cupcake liners, plus an option to create custom liners
- 62 types of frosting, and a 'mix your own icing color' option
- 80 candy toppings from gummy bears to sprinkles, fruit to nuts
- 25 flavors of Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans to add as toppings
- 14 kinds of plates and 9 tablecloths, to give your cupcakes the perfect presentation
- The ability to set your baking time, from lightly baked to crispy burnt cupcakes
- Candles you can blow out by blowing on your phone! (shake for older iPods)
- Full support for VoiceOver, for the visually impaired. 
- 40 achievements to earn!

Post a review with your requests, and you never know, our next free update might add your suggestion!

Have an iPad? Get Cupcakeroo! for all the Cupcakes fun with full iPad support.

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Version History

Launched Feb 23, 2010 (almost 11 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jul 04
Version 3.8

- Updated to 64 bit!

Oct 24
Version 3.7

- Larger and easier to press buttons
- IOS 8 bug fixes

May 14
Version 3.6.1

- Added 11 new symbols to use to make custom liners! Angel, apple, cake, cupcake, fish, dinosaur, ice cream cone, star, chick, butterfly, and carrot!

Dec 20
Version 3.6

- Even more toppings! Gummy wreaths, gummy penguins, candy soda bottles, rock candy, chocolate pretzels, gummy bells, and watermelon sours

Dec 01
Version 3.5

- 5 new cupcake flavors you can make from scratch or from pre-made mixes: Pumpkin spice, eggnog, pistachio,
spice cake and strawberry chocolate chip!

Oct 04
Version 3.4

- iOS7 bug fixes
- 8 scary new Halloween themed stickers to put on your cupcake liners!

Check out our newest food app, More Noodles!

Sep 20
Version 3.3.1

- bug fixes

** Check out our new app for little kids, Mr. Bubble! **

Jun 20
Version 3.3

- 5 new mystery-themed achievements to celebrate our new app, Cupcake Detective!

Apr 25
Version 3.2.1

Better VoiceOver support for mixing cupcakes from scratch & turning cookbook pages

Mar 15
Version 3.2

- Added support for tall displays on the iPhone 5 and newer iPod Touches
- My Apps page now automatically updates when we release new apps, and lets you know if there is something new.

Feb 22
Version 3.1

• 10 new sports and animal themed stickers to decorate your liners with.
• Updated My Apps to include our new More Toys! app.

Dec 20
Version 3.0

- Stickers! You can now decorate your cupcake liners with 20+ fun stickers, including holiday themed stickers!
- Fixed a bug with Jelly Beans and the holiday expansion pack.
- Fixed a bad rainbow liner icon.
- Updated My Apps to include our new More Cakes! app.

Maverick News
Our most requested app, More Cakes! is now out!

Nov 15
Version 2.9.5

- New layered cupcakes in six flavors- yellow/chocolate, strawberry/chocolate, pineapple/coconut, chocolate chip/strawberry, red velvet/choclate, and peanut butter/chocolate!
- Made it clearer that the Holiday Expansion Pack unlocks ALL the holidays for just one in-app purchase. There are NOT multiple things you have to buy.

- Added our new app, More Thanksgiving!, to the My Apps page.

Oct 17
Version 2.9

- 4 new flavors (pink & blue birthday cake, fruitcake, christmas pudding)
- 3 new fillings (orange, gingerbread, cranberry)
- Option to buy & unlock all of the Cupcakes Holiday Pack liners, frostings, toppings, plates & more, for 11 holidays, to use right inside your Cupcakes app!
- Expanded support for VoiceOver, for the visually impaired.

Oct 05
Version 2.8.1

• 6 new plate designs.
• 5 new tablecloths.
• Added a button to the eat screen so you can pick a new plate without going back to the main screen.
• Added Sweet Dippy Do! to the My Apps page.

Aug 09
Version 2.8

- Bug fixes
- Added More Snow Cones! to My Apps page

Jun 28
Version 2.7

- Fixed problems with Fruit Party & Nuts for Cupcakes achievements.
- Added new plates & tablecloths.

** The sequel to Cupcakes is now out! Check out Cupcakeroo, with even more fun stuff including cake pops, whoopie pies, and mini-cupcakes **

Apr 20
Version 2.6.1

- Fixed a crash when going to write a review of the app
- By popular demand, fan voting for the Hall of Fame! Now you get to pick the winner!
- Added More Donuts to the My Apps screen

Apr 18
Version 2.6

- By popular demand, fan voting for the Hall of Fame! Now you get to pick the winner!
- Fixed a crashing bug
- Added More Donuts to the My Apps screen

Mar 01
Version 2.5

- Three new kinds of cupcakes to make from scratch or pre-made. Peanut butter, angel food and green mint!
- Even more toppings! Cranberries, popcorn, red & green grapes, and macadamia nuts.
- Added Snackerdoodle to the My Apps page

Dec 16
Version 2.4

- New fillings! Coconut, caramel, pumpkin & cream cheese.
- 5 new achievements to earn!
- Added More Popcorn! to the My Apps page

Oct 13
Version 2.3

- 10 new achievements! Safaris, breakfast, smores, tropical treats and more.
- Added our new app, More Breakfast, to the My Apps page

Sep 22
Version 2.2

- Added Achievements! Earn points on 20 different goals by making certain cupcakes or finding secrets. Share your achievements with friends via Game Center.
- Submitting to Hall of Fame now lets you optionally add your first name & age, to identify you if you win.

Jul 15
Version 2.1

- Four new kinds of cupcakes to make from scratch! Vanilla almond, banana, coconut, and chocolate orange.
- More interactivity when you make batter from scratch- smash bananas, squeeze oranges & lemons.
- Cupcake cookbook now looks sharper on Retina Displays.
- Real Adams Extract vanilla and other flavorings to use in the from-scratch recipes.

Jun 21
Version 2.0

- We've doubled the size of the fridge! You can now store up to 32 of your favorite cupcake creations.
- Photo liners! Take a picture with your camera or choose a photo from your library and have it show up on a custom cupcake liner.
- Added More Pie to the My Apps collection screen.

Apr 16
Version 1.9.5

- You can now lick the frosting off your cupcakes! Make a cupcake with just frostings (no toppings), then swipe on the eat screen to lick.
- New custom icing color maker! Mix drops of food coloring into the icing to make just the right color.
- Added More Buffet! to the My Apps collection screen.

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