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Play Skat online! Many thousand live games daily / pub rules and tournament!

This is what you get:
- play against many thousands of other Skat fans
- participate in the large ProSkat community
- enjoy the pleasure of many thousand games played each day
- no InApp purchases necessary and no hidden costs
- play as novice, experienced player or as a pro
- practice in offline mode to improve your skills

Highlights and most valuable features of ProSkat:
- Tournament rules
- Pub Rules with Bock/Ramsch
- Kontra/Re
- „Give Up“ und „Lay open“ features
- „Show last trick“
- "Show Skat"
- individual sort of cards
- many different rankings
- Public tables (randomized opponents)
- private tables (play with friends and buddies)
- Hostorical German and French Cards

Questions, remarks, requests and ideas for new features are welcome at support@progames-online.com.

To fully enjoy ProSkat please make sure that you have solid internet connection.

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Version History

Launched Oct 14, 2009 (over 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Feb 21
Version 4.5

improvement of performance

Jul 30
Version 4.4

offline version bug fix: double click on cards works for all devices again
online version: use your facebook account for registration
online version: use our forum to interact with other players

Jul 16
Version 4.3

Improvement of caching and loadbalance
much better performance

Mar 09
Version 4.2

- improvement of server performance
- endless round available now
- improvement of connection quality

Sep 22
Version 4.1

- improved visibility and usibility for smartphones
- optimized visibility of cards in Ouvert games
- improved design to guarantee more vivid gaming experience
- improved connectivity with game-server
- soloplayer receives his points if game is cancelled by opponent
- shown rank is now absolute and not average
- several bugfixes

Aug 03
Version 4.0

- optimized system architecture
- new design
- manage friends and ignorelist
- reduced time-to-play
- manage your own password
- improved rankings

Feb 07
Version 3.2

- fixed a bug that lead to frequent crashes on some devices.

Jan 18
Version 3.1

- Bugfixes

Jan 04
Version 3.0

- iPhone 5 Support
- Retina Display Support for iPhone/iPod and iPad
- new option in online mode: "lay open"
- games counter in online mode
- removed "leave game" button in online mode
- added highscore display as average values (total point / total number of played games)
- batterydisplay added on iPad
- gameserver performance optimized
- different bugfixes

With the introduction of iOS 6 Apple has ceased to support devices with ARMV 6 Prozessors. For this reason this update will not run on older devices (iPhone 3G and earlier, iPod 2. generation and earlier). Because we are patching our gameserver together with this update, ProSkat won´t be playable in online mode on older devices any more.

Mar 29
Version 2.7

bugfixes and enhancements

Jun 14
Version 2.6

- End of promotion action.

May 11
Version 2.5

- minor bugfixes

Feb 23
Version 2.4

- in online mode now the highscore ranks of the other players in a game are displayed
- the highscore table now show the 100 first ranks
- minor bugfixes

Oct 25
Version 2.3

- Bug fixed where cards were invisible after giving an online null ouvert game
- Support for 180 degree screen rotation now also on iPhone/iPod touch

Oct 08
Version 2.2

- minor bugfixes

Sep 22
Version 2.1

Online Mode:
- Pub rules now also as public game
- Game starts on its own, when all players are at the table
- 4 Default Messages inside the game to post to other players
- Display shows time limit for reconnection of a player who lost connection
- each active leaving of a game, before its end leads to loss of point in total score (enemy player no longer earns points in these cases)
- Bugfixing

Aug 28
Version 2.0

- Online Multiplayer
Have fun with this new feature.

- Bugfixes

Jul 09
Version 1.9

- ProSkat now is a unviversal app, which means that it is an iPhone/iPod Touch app as well as an iPad app.
- Minor bug fixes in the statistics of sore sheets.

### Attention to all who are still using iPhone OS 2.x:
Please update your device OS version before installing this update. ProSkat will no longer run on OS versions prior to 3.0! Apple no longer accepts new apps or updates to existing apps that target OS Versions 2.x!

Mar 29
Version 1.8

- minor bugfixes
- DSkV (german skat association) score sheet

Feb 17
Version 1.7

Setting for card frequency added.

Jan 26
Version 1.6

further improvements of AI

Jan 07
Version 1.5

AI enhancements

Dec 18
Version 1.4

German deck added.

Dec 09
Version 1.3

Bugfix - Crash on "GrandHand" button fixed

Dec 02
Version 1.2

*** Version 1.2 ***
The many reactions to the game have given us an opportunity to release an additional update that makes ProSkat even more fun! The following expansions are part of Version 1.2, which is now available:

1. You can change the settings to turn the sorting bar on or off.
2. If you take all the tricks in Ramsch, your score will now be correctly calculated in the statistics.
3. The cards in the skat are no longer included in the score calculation of a bid in a Hand game.
4. You can change the settings to allow you to view the skat at the end of the game.

Thanks to all the ProSkat players for their many valuable suggestions!

The ProSkat team wishes you a good hand!

Nov 11
Version 1.1

*** Version 1.1 ***
A big thank you to all our ProSkat players for your fantastic feedback! We have corrected a few minor flaws in this update. The discard button now also appears while playing with Skat after closing the application and opponents' bids remain visible until the game begins. We have also integrated a training mode which allows you to repeat a game. This will not affect the stats.

We hope you have lots of fun playing ProSkat – and a good hand, as always! We look forward to continuing a dynamic dialogue with all ProSkat players.

Oct 14
Version 1.0

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