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Cartoon Effects brings you the glory days of when cartoons sounded like REAL cartoons. In your pocket you'll be packing over 75 awesome quality (and LOUD) classic comedy sound effects: Bonk, chomps and honks, prods, clangs, squelches and more! All in superb high quality.

Other features...

Save your favorite sounds to easily find and play again later. Favorites are saved even after you close the app.

Use the timer to play sounds hands-free (when someone least expects it)...

Download to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

What reviewers are saying:

- "This is great fun, thanks!!!

- "I love this app! The sounds are extremely well done. They sound just like they should."

- "This app has me reliving my second childhood for the third time. I love it!"

- "Too Funny!!!"

Having problems? Try these solutions first:

1. Make sure your device is not on mute.
2. Make sure the device volume (not the ringtone!) is set above zero.
3. If still having trouble, restart your device (you might be low on memory).

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Music

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Version History

Launched Jun 04, 2009 (over 11 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 years, on average.

Jun 06
Version 2.0.3

Updated for 64-bit compatibility requirements.

Oct 09
Version 2.0.2

Updated compatibility for iOS8

Nov 07
Version 2.0.1

Small update to fix a bug causing the app to crash for some users (mostly on the iPhone 4s). Also fixed a rendering bug on retina iPads.

Thanks for your feedback in the reviews :)

If you have any problems, please email cartooneffects@moanypony.com and we'll do our very best to help you out.

Have fun!

Oct 18
Version 2.0.0

Massive update - thanks for all your comments and feedback.

Cartoon Effects has been completely re-written from the ground up with a new interface and new features... and it's now a universal app, so it'll work across iPhones, iPods AND iPads.

NEW: Side-by-side categories for all sounds, no more scrolling through a big random picker to locate your sounds.

NEW: Favorites - save your favorite sounds to easily play them again and again. Favorites are saved even after you close the app.

NEW: Stealth timer - use the timer to play a sound hands-free when someone least expects it!

NEW: Universal app now works across iPhones/iPads/iPod Touch.

OLD: Amazing high quality, loud, cartoon effects ;)

Enjoy the free updates, next up: more sounds. If you like the app please leave a rating, it encourages me to add more features!

Having problems? See the app description for common fixes.

Jun 04
Version 1.0

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