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Turn your iPhone/iPod touch into a futuristic scanning device! Has three scanning modes, with animated graphics and sound effects! No sci-fi fan should be without it!

If you have a phaser and a communicator, then all you need is Quadcorder and you will be set to explore the galaxy!

Check out a video of Quadcorder in action, click on my website below!

To access the other animations, press the Library AB button once. Then press one of the DEVICE INPUT buttons that is not currently active.

Special Note: Under the Settings application, there are controls for background volume and background sound. The background sound is off by default.

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true functionality.

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Role Playing

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Version History

Launched Dec 15, 2008 (almost 12 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 year, on average.

Feb 12
Version 2.1

Bug fixes. New name

Oct 09
Version 2.0

Yeah, yeah. I am sorry. This fell through the cracks.

To make it up to you, I have added:
- Support for devices up to iPhone 6+.
- 7 New Sounds added
- New Buttons for those with bigger screen.
- New F1/F2 Mode
- Background sound can be turned on/off in-app by tapping the speaker near the EMRG button.
- More LEDs
- New icon

Things that went away.
- Old scanning GUI (The one from the very first version)
- Pressing the Library button, only plays a sound. You now cycle through the screens by tapping each GEO MET BIO button again.
- Real world stuff. (GPS, Decibel, Magnetic Scanning). Those screens are still there they just display random numbers now.

If you don't see something, it's probably because you have a phone with a smaller size. The new buttons / sounds / etc are for iPhone 5s and up. I wanted to fill up the space, so instead of making the buttons bigger, I added more.

Feb 22
Version 1.4.1

Added a feature to go back to the original interface. Available in the Settings App.

Fixed an issue with the Decibel Level System and the Magnetometer System.

Feb 10
Version 1.4

Updated interface
Added GPS (iPhone 1G,3G, 3GS)
Added Decibel Level (iPhone iPhone 1G,3G, 3GS)
Added Magnetometer (iPhone 3GS only)
Added new screens, and sounds.

iScanner will determine the device you are using to check your hardware, if you don't have the correct hardware, you can still play! iScanner will show you fake readings. But only you will know!

May 13
Version 1.3

Added 3 new animation screens.

Updated EMRG Button screen.

Added Visual Feedback for changing the Library AB.

Improved memory management.

Jan 20
Version 1.2

Jan 12
Version 1.1

Dec 16
Version 1.0

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