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It's the best zoo game ever!
Become the world's most celebrated zoo-keeper in the cute and wildly fun HAPPY SAFARI!

Cute animals from around the world need your help!

Travel to distant locations by land, air, and sea. Rescue lots of amazingly diverse species from across the planet that are facing extinction, providing a safe home in your charming zoo that's full of surprises.  Collect and care for your favorite animals, cleaning and upgrading their living space, feeding and nurturing them, until adorable baby arrivals make their entrance! Collect the rarest and cutest animals to attract flocks of paying visitors and once your babies grow up, release them to repopulate the wild.

Embark upon ambitious safaris to track, tag and collect lots of real-life species before they go extinct. From the Arctic Fox (vulpes lagopus) to the Northern hairy-nosed wombat (lasiorhinus krefftii), you’ll collect all sorts of animals. From tiny beach voles (microtus breweri) to the massive walrus (odobenus rosmarus), you’ll cater to all sizes. You’ll track familiar animals like South China tigers (panthera tigris tigris) and giant pandas (ailuropoda melanoleuca), and also encounter more mysterious creatures like the Amazon river dolphin (inia geoffrensis) and the elusive okapi (okapia johnstoni).

- Travel the globe: Rescue real-life endangered animals in over 30 STUNNING WORLD LOCATIONS
- LEARN facts about the real endangered animals of the world and how we’re fighting to protect them.
- Rescue all the animals: Help repopulate the world’s MOST ENDANGERED ANIMALS
- Adorable baby animals: Raise the CUTEST LITTLE BABIES on the planet
- Grow your zoo enclosure by enclosure and watch HUNDREDS OF VISITORS flock in to admire your breeding efforts.
- Daily tasks: Complete new tasks each day and win WILDLY HELPFUL PRIZES
- Customisation: Decorate and expand your zoo to cater for all species of animals
- Join the wildest zoo adventure on mobile today. DOWNLOAD FREE NOW

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Version History

Launched Aug 07, 2019 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 17 days, on average.

Sep 08
Version 1.2.5

- A new destination! Explore Tasmania and discover three new very special animals!
- Stampede! Your safaris can now involve a new stampede mini-game.
- More animals have had a makeover - we think they are cuter than ever!
- Become the #1 zoo in the world with our new ranking system (tap the gate logo to see)
- We've fixed a few bugs as well. Thanks to everyone who reported any issues.

Aug 13
Version 1.2.3

- A brand new destination to explore - Nova Scotia in Canada!
- You now get more guesses for each safari tracking game!
- We've increased the cute-factor on some of the animals. Awww...
- There's a new farmer running the Petting Zoo! He has some awful jokes to tell you too...
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Jul 30
Version 1.2.2

- We've added a new safari destination. Dig down to the Early Cretaceous (120 million years ago) and discover a real giant!
- We're making-over some of the animals to make them even cuter. See if you can spot the new changes in this update...

Jul 08
Version 1.2.1

- We've added a new PETTING ZOO. It's a place for the cutest domestic animals. Pet your animals for extra coins!
- Look out for the new 'ANIMAL-OF-THE-DAY' notice by the front gate. Earn double-tracks for these animals when on safari and upgrade them in less time!
- Have you collected any bees? They make honey. Honey is worth jewels!

Jun 25
Version 1.2.0

- HONEY BEES! Every day you play you'll get a new bee. Collect up to 20 and they'll all get busy making sweet honey for you. Collect enough Honey and turn it into even sweeter jewels!
- We've added an extra safari destination as well. Explore the Argentinian pampas!

Jun 10
Version 1.1.9

Mythical creatures update!
We've added a new exclusive vehicle for your zoo. This new vehicle will take you to legendary lands and mythical places.
There are five new enclosures to open and fill up with fantastic beasts and incredible monsters. Discover it today!

May 13
Version 1.1.8

- Travel back to the Late Cretaceous and rescue... dinosaurs!
- A new global destination: Ascension Island.
- Feed all the babies in your enclosure with just one tap now!
- Boost your zoo with an INCREDIBLE value pack! Get ALL the zookeepers and much more!

Apr 30
Version 1.1.7

- Travel to the far east of Asia and discover three creatures from Russia's remote KAMCHATKA peninsula!
- Dig a little deeper back in time to uncover DNA from the PALEOGENE: 40 million years ago! Bring back three extinct species that flourished after the age of dinosaurs ended.

Apr 15
Version 1.1.6

We've added two new destinations!
- Take a safari to Japan and meet three of the most charismatic animals of that island nation.
- Travel back 15 million years to the Neogene: a time of huge aquatic beasts...

Apr 01
Version 1.1.5

- Visit the Ukraine and its vast grasslands to find three new species to help out
- Dig for DNA and delve 2,000,000 years into the past to bring back three amazing species!

Mar 22
Version 1.1.4

New things to see!
- NEW ‘Maldives’ destination!
- NEW DNA dig site! Dig down to uncover lost species from 250,000 years ago.
- We’ve fixed a bug that stopped some achievements appearing.
- Animals are different sizes now!
- Earn jewels! New rewarded challenges give out jewels.

Feb 26
Version 1.1.3

• There’s a brand new safari vehicle to assemble! Unlock a whole new area for your zoo in this very special update!
• There are new safari destinations as well to explore with the vehicles you have already: head off to Madagascar and the Horn of Africa!
• We’ve also optimized the game performance and fixed some bugs (thanks to those who sent in bug info)

Feb 12
Version 1.1.2

- There’s a brand new land safari destination to explore: Take a trip to see some Scottish wildlife!
- We’ve improved the ‘earn jewels’ feature so that requested video ads appear more quickly.
- We fixed some bugs.
- We’ve been busy on a big update as well, so look out for that later in the month…

Jan 22
Version 1.1.1

We've added another new destination for you with three new animals to track down, collect, breed and release back into the wild! We're off to the Amazon rain forest. We were spoiled for choice given the number of species there, so we might return for more.

Jan 08
Version 1.1.0

- We’ve added a new goal! Breed enough of each species to boost their conservation rating. Save them all and who knows what will happen.
- Santa has left the building! He’ll be back next December with his sleigh. If you managed to collect any North Pole creatures, they are yours to keep.
- The jungles of India are now ready to explore! All together now: “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the LION sleeps tonight…”

Dec 19
Version 1.0.9

- Santa is still in town, so take the opportunity to borrow his sleigh to visit the north pole while you can!
- There's a new '12 days of Christmas' event as well to discover. Each of the 12 days from Christmas will reveal a little mini-challenge. On the first of Christmas, my true love sent to me...
- A new destination as well is revealed in this update. Given the winter feel of this update, we've added Iceland to the list of destinations, with three new species to find!

Dec 06
Version 1.0.8

What’s New:

- Happy Safari is decked out for Christmas!
- Find the presents and return them to Santa to get a chance to ride his sleigh to the North Pole! Strange animals await for you up in the frozen north! Get them before Santa leaves and takes his sleigh with him.
- Collect the limited edition Christmas banners – 6 new seasonal designs to choose from.
- The babies have escaped! Track down the cute little absconders in a new side quest and reunite them with their parents.

Nov 25
Version 1.0.7

What’s new?

- There’s a new destination to explore – somewhere deep, dark and mysterious…
- We’ve added some new ways to earn extra jewels. If you introduce friends to Happy Safari you can now earn 100’s of jewels (and your friends also get free jewels!)

Nov 07
Version 1.0.5

- The Halloween event is over! Grab your reward if you gathered enough candy!
- Invite your friends to play Happy Safari and get free Jewels!
- we’ve reduced the amount of notifications you’ll see from the game – less spam!
- A new enclosure and destination with three new animals! You’re heading to somewhere in the USA!

Oct 25
Version 1.0.4

What’s new on this update:
- NEW ENCLOSURES! We’ve added 2 new enclosures for your zoo: discover 6 new adorable animals that live in Antarctica and Alberta, Canada!
- IMPROVED ENCLOSURES! You’ll see more decorations to make your enclosures more interesting for the animals, but be warned – the hide and seek games are harder now!
- BUGS FIXED - As well interior design, we’ve been busy cleaning up the game – fixing any bugs that were reported.

Oct 06
Version 1.0.2

We've fixed any reported bugs on this update. If you find any issues, do let us know via the SETTINGS menu. :)

Sep 29
Version 1.0.1

What’s new:
-NEW Halloween event! This coming month, on the run up to Halloween, we’re running a special challenge where you can win over 100 jewels! Find the treats when on safari and cash them in for sweet jewels – better get hunting - you’ve got a month to find them all!
-We’ve added a new safari destination with three new species to help. Discover the South African animals today!
-We’ve fixed any reported bugs – thanks for anyone who has let us know about any problems.

Sep 12
Version 1.0.0

We’ve been busy adding new features to your zoo, with still lots more to come in the next few months:
PARADE TIME! - You zoo has a new staff member! Look out for the parade master at the front gate. Every day there’s a new animal parade for you to enjoy! Don’t miss the rewards that come with it!
NEW DESTINATIONS! - Six brand new species to save! Buckle up and take to the skies: you’re off to British Columbia, Canada, plus a dive into the amazing Great Barrier Reef off Australia!
DAILY REWARDS ARE BETTER! - More daily Jewels! Play every day to avoid missing out!
EARN JEWELS FOR FREE! - We've added new ways to earn jewels for free - check out the new jewel store for all the ways you can now earn jewels.
A LITTLE EASIER TO CATCH ANIMALS! - We've slowed down some of the animals, so it's now easier to capture them with nets.
LESS BUGS - We've fixed a few bugs you've all been reporting - thanks for letting us know about any issues you see.

Aug 25
Version 0.9.8

A new water-themed environment is available! Time to get your boat and discover three new underwater species!
We've fixed few bugs and made a lot of improvements to the game, let us know what you think!

Aug 07
Version 0.9.4

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