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DriveEasy! By utilizing technology on your phone and working with you, we can help make the roads a little safer for everyone. Drive. Learn. Improve. Can you get a perfect score? We think you can.

How does DriveEasy work?

- Securely reviews your driving habits automatically from the app

- See personalized info about how you’re driving

- Review things like hard braking, phone handling, distance driven, and time of day

- Break your record for no distractions

- Beat your personal best with tips to improve your score

- Invite other drivers on your policy to see who can get the best score

Let’s Do This

- Download the DriveEasy by GEICO app

- Type your phone number

- Enter the code

- You’re done!

A Few Notes

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

To learn more about DriveEasy please visit geico.com/DriveEasy

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Version History

Launched May 23, 2019 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 28 days, on average.

Jun 23
Version 2.4

We're always making improvements to DriveEasy technology. This release we're making it easier to understand what factors contribute to your driving habits.

Jun 17
Version 2.3

Hi drivers! Here's this week's updates:
+ Don't forget, if you're enrolled in DriveEasy everyone on your policy must download and register the DriveEasy app. We've added some reminders in the app to let you know if someone on your policy still needs to register.
+ If this is your first time downloading DriveEasy, welcome! And you're in luck. We've made some improvement to our on boarding flow this release.
+ Have some questions on your score, modifying trips, or otherwise? Visit our FAQ's page by tapping the menu at the top of the screen.
Happy Driving!

May 12
Version 2.2.0

We're always improving DriveEasy. This release we're making it easier to consistently gather your trips. Please open the app and update your location permissions if prompted. Don't worry, we've made it easy for you with step-by-step instructions in the app.

Jan 22
Version 1.9.2

Oops! Looks like we broke something. But good news, it's fixed! Your streak and score should be back to normal.

Jan 15
Version 1.9.1

Oh don’t mind us. We’re just coding around, working hard to make the app better for you. We made some minor updates this release.
+ Fixed those pesky app crashes.

Nov 01
Version 1.9

Oh don’t mind us. We’re just coding around, working hard to make the app better for you. We made some minor updates this release.

Oct 04
Version 1.8

Zippity, zappity, appity, wow. Oh don’t mind us. We’re just coding around, working hard to make the app better for you. We made some minor updates this release including optimizations for iOS 13.

Aug 23
Version 1.7

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left… Whoops wrong tip! How about, try putting your phone on silent before you start driving to help your chances of remaining focused while on the ride. Check out our updates:

-Adding tips to reduce distracted driving based on your previous drive

-Primary drivers can now change if you want to share your report card with other drivers on your policy or not (we won’t tell)

Aug 05
Version 1.6

Allow us reintroduce ourselves. New name, same aim. With DriveEasy by GEICO, you can access all of the same great functionality as GEICO Drive. But wait. There’s more!

We heard you wanted an easier way to let us know whether you were a driver or a passenger during a trip. So, we’ve made some awesome upgrades to help! Check out DriveEasy by GEICO and let us know how we did.

Jul 19
Version 1.5

While you’ve been working on getting new high scores, we’ve been working on making the app better. Here’s what’s new:

+We've made it easier for you to see and track your driving habits! Check out the "Last Drive" and "Trip Details" sections and give yourself a pat on the back for a trip well done!

Jun 29
Version 1.4

You share feedback, and we go to work. Here’s what’s new:

- Good drivers deserve good scores. We improved how your score is calculated so you’ll always get a personalized look at how you drive.
- A few minor fixes and enhancements to improve your safe driving experience .

Jun 08
Version 1.3

Minor updates to improve your safe driving experience.

Jun 06
Version 1.2

Minor updates to improve your safe driving experience.

Jun 03
Version 1.1

GEICO Drive is better with the whole family! You can now invite your spouse, kids, best friend, or anyone else listed as a driver on your auto policy. Compare scores and see who can get the highest distraction free streak.

Don't have an invite? GEICO Drive is only available to invited users. Visit geico.com/drive to learn more.

May 23
Version 1.0

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