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SnoAnime is an app that will help you find the anime that you are looking for with a database with over 2500 anime.
You can get the following infos for every anime : Name, air state, release date, story, age rating, number of episods, season state and more.
The app has sevrel sections each to help you filter what you are looking for.
App features :
1- All anime section where you can brows and search from over 2500 anime updated daily.
2- Newly add animes where you can see the new and future releases.
3- Animes by seasons.
4- daily released anime.
5- Anime news where you can find the lates news about animes.
6- Fav tab where you can save your fav animes and quick access there info to stay updated.
7- A notifications system for the latest news and updates.
And more !!
Never miss what you looking for.
Tanoshimi kodasai mina ^=^

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Version History

Launched Mar 28, 2019 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jun 24
Version 2.7.1

- IOS 13 compatibility fixes

- New theme

Sep 09
Version 2.6.4

Fixed servers issues.

Fixed white screen issue for some users ( mostly i pad users ).

Aug 09
Version 2.6.3

Optimazations and bugs fixes caused by the new servers.

Jul 31
Version 2.5.1

Starting from Augest 1st 2019 app version below 2.0.3 will no longer work duo to change in our servers, please make sure you are runing a version higher than 2.0.1 before Augest 1st 2019 in order to keep using the app
Thank you.

Jun 02
Version 2.0.0

Version 2.0 is OUT !! Bringing the most requested features :

The community tab : You can now create an account in the app / login to your existing one.

You can now comment on shows and interact with other users, talk, discuse and have fun !! .

Your favouret menu will now be synced between all your devices with your app account.

ID system was add now when you open the show menu you can see its ID you can share this ID and get
a fast access to the show you want using the ID navegator page.

You can now press on the show cover to display it in fullscreen and save it to your gallery.

Add share show button allowing you to share the show you want on social media includes the
name, story,genrels ,ID and the cover photo.

Add GENRELS !!! which was one of the most requested features by the community you can find it in the info tab.

Optimized the app hevely

Update the source to take advantage of the new upcomming IOS 13 system.

Other changes that includes :

-Fixed bugs caused by the 12.2 IOS Update.

-Fixed broken servers and improve overall quality.

-Add release year, state and age rating in the info page.

-Fixed wrong layout on iphone x series.

-Fixed wrong layout on the ipad pro.

-Fixed app go to stick in fullscreen mode when an ad shows.

-Fixed notifications system.

-Fixed app not working on some iphone xs max.

-improved overall UI.

-Fixed story font size.

-Fixed crashing when losing internet connection while loading.

-Support for new ios 12 api.

-support for landscape layout.

-Add support for i pad pro smart keyboard for searching ( still in progress )

-Data usage optimazed.

-Fixed a bug causing the app to lag after some time on iphone xs and xs max.

-Code cleanup.

-Improved menu colors for lcd screens for iphone xr and iphone 8

-fixed the layout in the new ipad mini series

Mar 29
Version 1.0

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