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Make learning the alphabet fun with this interactive game featuring an Australian style garbage truck.

A fun way to learn by collecting all the letters of the alphabet with a garbage truck.

Easy and Normal Modes:
Easy Mode allows younger players to enjoy the game by focusing on collecting the letters in sequence.

Normal Mode allows players to discover the letters for themselves in any order they wish to collect them.

Parent Mode:
For when it's time to go to bed and still feel like you have achieved collecting all the letters. Access this from the pause menu during the game, press and hold on the Parent Mode icon for more than a second to see a progress bar.

Recorded audio from Australian garbage truck on bin collection day.

Guest appearance of Amy and her cat Grace from the game "Amy's Grace". Try and find where Amy and Grace waiting.

No Ads or In-App Purchases.

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Secondary: Racing

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Version History

Launched Jul 01, 2017 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 12 months, on average.

May 19
Version 2.0.1

This update includes:

- Visual improvements to the garbage truck during cut scenes
- Slightly smaller install size
- Added a link to the privacy policy

Apr 18
Version 2.0

This update includes:

- Improved the graphics and frame rates
- Modern iPad and iPhone support
- Improved the UI and icons
- Added a new button to spin the garbage truck in the opposite direction
- Surprise appearance of Amy and her cat Grace from the game "Amy's Grace"

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed the graphic mode icon to match the quality after starting the game again
- Fixed the reset button so that the garbage truck reverts to the correct position

Aug 17
Version 1.0.1

Under the garbage truck hood improvements.

Jul 01
Version 1.0

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