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Active users of Wiley Efficient Learning courses and free trials can login with their online credentials and study on the go. (Please review available courses and content prior to download.)

Turn downtime into study time. Stream or download all lecture videos, flashcards and access practice questions available in your desktop course. Track progress by syncing practice sessions across all devices.

WEL Mobile App Features Include:

• Stream all Course Lecture Videos
• Download all Videos for Offline Viewing
• Access Practice Questions
• Create Custom Quiz Sessions
• Use Filters to Customize Questions Sets
• View Complete Question Explanations
• Tag Questions for Later Review
• View Online Course Metrics
• View Flashcards (if available in your course)

+++ Current Content Available +++ 
Note: not all Wiley Efficient Learning online courses and content are available on the mobile app. 
Currently this app will sync with: 
• CPA courses* 
• CFA courses and Test Banks (all Levels) 
• CMA courses and Test Banks 
• CFP course and Test Bank
• FRM course videos and Part 1 Test Bank
• PMP course and Test Bank 
• PMP Sybex Test Banks (companions to Sybex PMP books) 
• CompTIA Security+ course and Test Bank
• CompTIA Security+ Sybex Test Banks (companions to Sybex Security+ books)

*Purchase of the standalone CPA Test Banks (sold separately from our courses) do not provide access to the mobile app but will later this year.   

Privacy Policy URL: https://www.efficientlearning.com/privacy-policy/

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Version History

Launched May 11, 2017 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Nov 30
Version 3.7.0

• New course content for FRM 2019 exam.
• Bug fixes to improve downloading time.

Nov 29
Version 3.6.5

• New course content for CFA 2019 exams.
• Bug fixes to improve performance and user experience.

Oct 25
Version 3.6.0

• New course content for 2019 CPA Exam
• CompTIA Security+ review course and test bank are now available on the app
• Test banks and Flashcards for the Sybex CompTIA Security+ books
• Bug fixes to improve performance and user experience.

Oct 08
Version 3.5.1

• Bug fixes to improve performance and user experience.

Oct 03
Version 3.5.0

• Updated Quiz Builder functionality and UI for more targeted practice.
• Bug fixes to improve performance and user experience.

Jul 18
Version 3.4.0

We have updated the display for iPhoneX and released CMA 2018 Part 1 and the CPA 2018 July Update.

May 30
Version 3.3.6

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy.

May 07
Version 3.3.5

We have fixed a few bugs, released one more Sybex PMP® Test Bank and added some new analytics code. Happy studying!

Apr 10
Version 3.3.0

We have added test bank questions for CFA Level III along with all the videos for our FRM 2018 course and the test bank for FRM Part 1. In addition, we have made some UI updates to tighten up the way that we display lists, and you can now, with one tap, create and take a quiz of test bank questions solely related to the video that you just watched. CPA metrics syncing problems have been fixed.

Feb 02
Version 3.2.0

Access our latest CMA course content. Includes test banks for PMP Sybex book-buyers. Closed Captioning for all our videos.

Dec 20
Version 3.1.6

Are you sitting for any part of the CPA exam in 2018? If so, then this is the update for you! 2018 course content is now available for folks who are taking the 2018 version of the CPA exam.
Fixed issue with incorrect exam date messaging.

Dec 15
Version 3.1.5

Are you sitting for any part of the CPA exam in 2018? If so, then this is the update for you! 2018 course content is now available for folks who are taking the 2018 version of the CPA exam.

Nov 16
Version 3.1.0

We have added support for our CFA 2018 Exam Review course! All video lessons and test bank questions for CFA 2018 Levels I, II and III are now accessible through the mobile app with purchase of a CFA 2018 self-study course. (Please note: Test bank questions for Level III coming early in 2018.)

Aug 31
Version 3.0.0

We have created a new container app that gives a mobile and off-line option not only to our CPAexcel students, but also to our students studying for the upcoming PMP Exam. All future Wiley Efficient Learning products will be incorporated into this all-in-one container app.

Jul 16
Version 2.2.5

We’ve listened to your comments, and we’ve made some improvements to the video download interface. You will now see a queued icon when downloading multiple videos, so that you can tell which videos are queued up for download. You will also be able to see all of your downloaded videos for a given product in one place. And we fixed that annoying bug where the video downloads screen jumped to the top in edit mode when trying to delete videos at the bottom of the list. We’ve also fixed a small issue with flash card text alignment, and threw in a few other small bug fixes. Enjoy, and keep those comments coming!

Jun 23
Version 2.2.1

Fixed issue with not being able to play downloaded videos.

Jun 13
Version 2.2.0

Updated help text, bug fixes

May 16
Version 2.1.1

- Minor improvements and bug fixes.

May 11
Version 2.1.0

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