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Ouch! Your phone just vibrated, someone is attacking your island, Let’s go revenge! Invite your Facebook friends to play the hottest social game of 2016 summer - Piggy Boom

Build your exclusive island of your own with little cute pets, push the button and spin the wheel, win your luck today!

Have fun with other players and steal their gold, protect your island from invading pets.

• Magic Wheel
Every one loves having some luck in a game and Piggy Boom give you free daily chances to spin the wheel and win big amount of coins!

• Theme islands
Every casual game players love to build and have some customized avatar!
In Piggy Boom, hundreds of themed islands wait for you to unlock and build. The more you build, the cuter island you will have.

• Play with Friends
Invite your best friends and compete with global players. You are under attack and want a revenge? Call your friends and attack together.

• Miner System
Be a miner and keep digging, rich gold mine is waiting for you to explore in the game! Become the richest player in the game for a second.

• Cute Pet
Get your daily dose of cuteness with your adorable pets and protect your island together. Remember to feed your cute pet and bring it up.

More features for you to find in Piggy Boom. Join us today and play with millions players all over the world!
NOTICE: Items are available for purchase in the game.
Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PiggyBoomApp/

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Version History

Launched Jul 08, 2016 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Dec 02
Version 4.4.0

1. New Prop: Magic Card
2. The buildings in the new version need 5 bombs to destroy

Sep 10
Version 4.3.0

New version 4.3.0 has come online:

1. 【NEW】Old friend is back: the BOSS event will be back soon, we have optimized the experience, and now you can also fight the boss with your clan members, let's go have some fun!
2. 【NEW】Hoilday Package: a brand new type of pack, holiday exclusive, make a wise choice~
3. 【Optimization】 Improve game's overall experience!

Aug 10
Version 4.2.0

In this new version, we have brought back new events, for offerring a better gaming experience!

1.【NEW】Fruit Merchant:The fruits are back again! Piggy changed the summer skin and we also enriched the rewards! Play more, get more!
2.【NEW】Orange card exchange:This time you can directly get into the activity center interface and click on the card to exchange, it's very convenient!
3.【NEW】Novice tutorial:Fresh players can better understand how to play our game! There are also rewards for completing that!

Jul 18
Version 4.1.1

In this new version, we have made some new adjustments, for offerring a better gaming experience!

1.【NEW】Piggy Pass:Want more rewards? Piggy Pass can satisfy you! Play more, Get more!
2.【UPGRADE】Clan:More honor moment from Ranking display! Complete the mission and upgrade with your members!

Jun 29
Version 4.0.1

The lost visitor account issue has been FIXED ! We are so sorry for causing loss of the visitor account in the last update. We have already rushed to repair it. Thank you for your support and understanding.

1.【NEW】Clan: All people participate, more tasks earn points, and rare props malls, giving you a different experience!
2.【NEW】Tournament: New competition mode, more generous rewards, come and move your fingers!
3.【Other】Summer skin : Change skin of the wheel and magic tree!

Jun 24
Version 4.0.0

1.【NEW】Clan: All people participate, more tasks earn points, and rare props malls, giving you a different experience!
2.【NEW】Tournament: New competition mode, more generous rewards, come and move your fingers!
3.【Other】Summer skin : Change skin of the wheel and magic tree!
4.【Other】Game performance optimization: Wish you have a better game experience!

Feb 24
Version 3.14.0

New version 3.14.0 has come online!
1. Optimizations on the Wheel Event
2.Ads problem fixed
And many other optimizations are waiting for you to find out!

Jan 15
Version 3.13.3

Game lag and bug fixed

Dec 23
Version 3.13.0

New version 3.13.0 is here!
1. Bet mode optimization
2. The luck package is waiting for you!
3. Bugfix and gaming experience optimization
4. Christmas is coming, can you sense the Christmas atmosphere?

Sep 15
Version 3.11.0

[New] 1. New event-Diamond Machine
[New] 2. The legendary card can now be traded in limited time
[New] 3. Optimizations on "Let's go, Big prize!"

Aug 01
Version 3.10.0

[New] Let's go, big prize is coming, come and get a lot of rewards!
[New] Golden Piggy is coming!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Jun 18
Version 3.9.0

[New] Family Donation is coming! You can request the piece to others in your clan!
[New] Candy Carnival is coming!
[New] Piggy Adventure is coming! Go and get the stars!
[New] Patron saint's Album is coming! Go and collect more cards!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

May 05
Version 3.7.0

[New] Update the wheel, come and spin it!
[New] New multiplier mode, more exciting!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Apr 04
Version 3.6.0

[New] Happy Treasure is coming, more rewards for you!
[New] New multiplier mode, more exciting!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Mar 14
Version 3.5.5

[New] Growing Treasure is coming!
[New] Sakura Carnival is coming!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Mar 04
Version 3.5.0

[New] Growing Treasure is coming!
[New] Sakura Carnival is coming!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Jan 24
Version 3.4.1

[New] Attack Master is coming!
[New] Gem Bonus is coming!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Dec 12
Version 3.3.0

[New] Christmas Carnival is coming!
[New] Update the Building Tournament!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Nov 01
Version 3.2.0

[New] Piggies can invite your friends through the messenger!
[New] New event the Building Tournament is coming, come and build your island to get the rewards!
[New] Halloween Carnival is coming!
[New] Unlock new buildings, landmarks and piggies in your skyland!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Sep 13
Version 3.1.5

[New] New Piggy cards are coming, come and get them in your Skyland!
[New] You can draw the Piggy card in the chest and there are certain odds that you can get the rare cards!
[New] Unlock new buildings, landmarks and decorations
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Jun 30
Version 3.1.0

[New] New event "Happy Tree'' is coming, come and water it with your friends together!
[New] New buildings and piggies in the Skyland.Hurry up to construct your own land!
[New] New World Cup Carnival tree is coming! Come and get your special reward!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Apr 16
Version 3.0.5

[New] Piggy Boom is now in enhanced new interface! Easier to find the events than ever!
[New] Piggies have found the Skyland! Hurry up to construct your own land and get know some special Piggy residents!
[New] Now you can get Cards from Skyland to power up your Magic Wheel and get much more Gold!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Dec 22
Version 2.12.6

Minor optimizations and improvements.

Dec 07
Version 2.12.5

Merry Christmas to all Piggies!
[New] Christmas tree is coming!
[New] Now you can invite Clan members to help you beat the monsters!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Nov 07
Version 2.12.0

[New] Now you can consume regular puzzle pieces to combine rare pieces through Piggy Magic!
[New] New event in Piggy Arena - Flappy Piggy. Fly to the moon!
[New] Now you'll get bonus rewards when defeating NIcholas or Leonardo with your friends!
[New] A monster is flitting on your Tree! Bring it down to get bounty!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Sep 28

[New] The interface of pets has been updated! They have a new home now!
[New] Now every pet has two skills, one passive and one active!
[New] Catch lovely toys for your pets to enhace their skills from Gashapon machine !
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

Jul 26
Version 2.11.0

[New] Evil creature E.T. has appeared! Let's destroy his evil plan! For honor!
[New] Piggy Clan is available now! Encounter some allies and have more fun in this summer!
[New] Candy Carnival's rewards have been upgraded! A Izakaya Feast is waiting for you!
[New] Daily pack interface has been cuter than ever! More discounts keep coming!

Jun 16
Version 2.10.5

[New] Here comes the new Master Piece! It can substitute for any puzzle piece!
[New] New Lucky Pool! Throw darts to try your luck!
[New] You can now help your friends prolong their pets' active time with the new Pet Interaction System!
[New] Nursery has replaced the Villa. You can sent any Piggy to it now!
[New] Not satisfied with your Puzzle reward? Now you have a chance to upgrade it!
[New] New social shortcut. The fastest way to get to your close friends ever!
Other minor optimizations and improvements.

May 08
Version 2.10.1

[New] Piggy Romance has come! Collect different lovely Piggies to complete your Archive and get marvelous rewards!
[New] New Daily Offer! Get more props with less money!
[New] Not afraid of forgetting to redeem your rewards anymore with the newly added countdown!
[Have to Say Goodbye] Scratch king has left piggies. :(
Other optimizations and improvements.

Apr 17
Version 2.9.7

The accumulative bonus issue
Some translation errors

Apr 10
Version 2.9.6

[New] New monster Leonardo is invading! Defeat it to get the rare new pet!
[New] New pet Nicholas Jr.! You can penetrate shields with its help now!
[New] Find who's around you with new Location Based Service!
[New] Accumulative check-ins of Daily Bonus guarantee you additional bonus now! New special Monday Prizes are also waiting for you!
[New] Piggy Rescue Team in position! Not scared of being wiped out any more!
[Have to Say Goodbye] Scratch king has left piggies. :(

Mar 02
Version 2.9.2

[New] Santa has left while Candy Monsters' coming! Join this Candy Carnival!
[New] You can take a photo of your island with cute Piggies when checking it in map! (Android Exlusive)
[New] More improvements make Piggy Boom smoother than ever!
[New] Thwack! Clank! Boucing Piggy brings you luck!
[Wishlist] Fixed the issue that Puppy only appeared once in multiple spins mode.
[Wishlist] Improved the experience of getting scratchers after buying VIP.
[Wishlist] No limit on the times a player can buy mini shield per day now.
[Wishlist] Improved the experience of tapping Back button in map. (Android)
[Wishlist] Optimizations on the limit on in-game friends.

Feb 07
Version 2.8.8

【New】Happy Valentine's Day! Big sale is coming!!!
【New】New puzzle and snowball,get more reward for free!
【New】You can see friends' friends in [New Friends] now! Add more friends to play with!

Jan 18
Version 2.8.5

【New】Happy New Year! Lucky Scrach is available in Piggy Boom! Jackpot is a scratch away!
【New】Share your mementos via Instagram, Messenger, Twitter and Tumblr with your friends!
【New】New Daily Bonus interface in New Year theme. Come and check in every day~
【New】You can see friends' friends in [New Friends] now! Add more friends to play with!
【New】Guests are available to use warrants now! Add more friends and take revengence together!
【Piggy Wishlist】You can check your friends' progress on the map now! Look who you just passed!
【Piggy Wishlist】Available to share when you pass your friends, time to show off!
【Piggy Wishlist】Added a reminder arrow when your pet can be upgraded during spinning.
【Piggy Wishlist】Rewards from Nicholas are available to claim within 72 hours. Don't forget to claim it~

Dec 20
Version 2.8.0

Jingle Bell~ Jingle Bell~ New Christmas Event! Everybody get together and playing Piggy Boom, hey!
1.Piggies have planted Xmas Trees on islands. Win loads of sweet surprises with snowballs!
2.Piggies can add friends in game now! New friend is only a click-on-image away!
3.Attack whoever you want! You can attack friends of friends now!
4.Safer than ever! No attacks when you move to a new island!
5.Fantastic new sounds and animations!
6.Fixed the issue on getting puzzle pieces from building.
More improvements are waiting for you~
Merry Xmas! Have a good time with your family and Piggy Boom!

Dec 04
Version 2.7.5

*The weather forecast calls for the year's first snow today! Don't miss it!

*Multi-bet gameplay on your wheel! Multi-spin & multi-fun!


*Give your favorite islands a thumb up!

*You can now view history of both sending and receiving pieces!

*More new daily tasks for piggies!

Nov 10
Version 2.7.0

-NEW- Activate THREE Mini Shields each time to protect your island!
-NEW- Bearmax is here! Earning more gold and being cute is all he is!
-NEW- Brand-new building hammer arrives in Piggy planet!
-IMPROVE- SWAP your pets easily and quickly in Pet Home!
-IMPROVE- Hey Meow becomes cooler! Stronger than ever!
-BUG FIX- We fixed some minor known bugs! Enjoy :)

Oct 24
Version 2.6.5

[New item] Bombs are coming for sale! Kill the Nicolas NOW!
[New function] The new Piggy Chat channel for closer relationship!
[Optimization] To-do list update. New rewards are waiting for you!
[Optimization] Tap the pets and you’ll see how cute they are~
[Optimization] Fix the Nicolas bug and some other glitches.

Oct 03
Version 2.6.0

1. Nicolas is invading piggy’s planet, gather your friends to wipe it out!
2. New function: Piggy chat channel ( waiting for releasing)
3. New event: call your old friends back and play together!
4. UI optimization to make it clear
5. Fix some requirements of rewards claim
6. Add different countries' flag
7. Fix some bugs

Sep 22
Version 2.5.1

Fix Bugs

Sep 13
Version 2.5.0

1. New super pet: Meow is coming! Never be afraid of your gold stolen since Meow will get them back!
2. Mini Shield with great magic to protect your island together with Elly and shields! For iron defense!
3. The target will be sighted when you attack it. Cool experience like shooting~
4. Optimization of sending free spins and display
5. Bug fix

Sep 03
Version 2.4.1

Fix some bugs

Aug 19
Version 2.4.0

1. New Pet is on board! Detective Puppy helps pick CashKing accurately! Incubate now!
2. Discover and capture wild boars from friends' islands! Stay alert and Go!
3. New Event! Find missing puzzles with friends and get ultimate treasures! 4. Brand-new Pet interface! The cutest Pet ever!
5. More positions in Event center! More events in the future!
6. Newly-designed code interface! Easy-peasy to exchange codes!
7. Fixed some bugs! Solved the login issues of certain phone models.

Aug 09
Version 2.3.8

1. Tutorial Optimization
2. Fix some bugs

Jul 21
Version 2.3.7

What we do in new version:
1.More new events
2.Add time limit for warrant
3.Add new island- Happy Farm
4.Increase the max number of free spins and Invitees
5.Optimize the user experience
6.Repair some important bugs

Jul 08
Version 2.3.4

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