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Tune your chanter and drones on your pipes. Free and fully functional, with the in-application option to purchase an unlock for advanced features.

Braw Bagpipe Tuner (Formally Accord Bagpipe Tuner) has been written specifically for the tonal and tuning requirements of the Bagpipes, and uses highly advanced pitch detection algorithms which have been further customized for the pipes.

Thanks to our new QuantumNote technology, the Braw Bagpipe Tuner revolutionizes tuning with it's ability to quickly and accurately analyse the tuning of all notes on your chanter while you are playing a tune. This is far superior to all other tuning methods, which rely on holding a single note, as even the best players will adjust their blowing slightly when holding a single note.

Our QuantumNote technology allows you to analyse the tuning when it matters the most - when you are playing! Using QuantumNote, the app is aware of bagpipe ornamentation, and even uses this knowledge to help build an accurate tuning result.

* Tune chanter while playing - great for going round the members of a band and checking the tuning without stopping the practice!
* More accurate tuning - get the tuning as it actually sounds when playing
* Easy drone tuning - keeps separate results for Bass and Tenor drones

The tuner is responsive, accurate and precise. It it also written to be efficient, so you don't need and expensive phone or tablet to be able to run it. The efficiency also means it has relatively low battery consumption.

The tuner lets you tune your chanter and drones based on a reference Low A calibrated to your chanter.

The tuner automatically detects which chanter note or drone note you are playing, based on what is the loudest/closest to your devices microphone. The gauge will then indicate how sharp or flat your chanter note or drones are, allowing you to tune them to achieve sweet sounding pipes.

To suit your preference, different chanter tuning schemes can be chosen.

An optional high contrast theme can be set for outdoor use.

We genuinely welcome feedback, and in particular if you have any problems please don't hesitate to get in touch, either through the app, or via our website.

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Version History

Launched Mar 08, 2016 (almost 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Nov 12
Version 2.5

Fix the text color in the manual calibration entry area.

Oct 31
Version 2.3

A big update to improve the look and feel. The underlying engine and features are the same, but the graphics have been updated by a professional designer.

We have also added a volume meter, and an optional high contrast theme for use outdoors.

Jan 01
Version 1.20

+ Added the ability to set various different chanter tuning schemes (Just Intonation, Seumas MacNeil, Equal Temperament)
+ Added an option to disable screen rotation

Oct 17
Version 1.19

The feature we have been asked for the most is a way to pause/freeze the tuner readings - so this release adds just that!
In the middle of the gauge there is now a pause/play button.
There are also a few wee bug fixes and stability improvements.

Aug 14
Version 1.18

Fixed a minor bug in saving settings.

Aug 11
Version 1.17

- Renamed to Braw Tuner - see http://www.brawsound.com
- Added ability to calibrate to the current Low A average
- Added ability to manually set Low A frequency from the main screen
- Added the ability to reset the settings to their defaults
- Re-ordered the average gauges so that High A is at the top

Jun 26
Version 1.15

June 2017
Bug Fix: Software keyboard decimal point now works

Nov 18
Version 1.13

Accord Bagpipe Tuner revolutionises tuning by using our new QuantumNote technology which allows you to analyse the tuning when it matters the most - when you are playing!
* Tuning can now be calculated as you play - faster and better tuning!
* Tuning averages now kept automatically for all notes
* The display can now be locked to an individual note or drone
* Low A calibration frequency displayed on main screen

Nov 15
Version 1.10

v1.10 - 19th March 2016
•  Fix bug where low cents per tick value could cause problems
v1.9 - 11th March 2016
•  Fix permissions issue for Android 6
•  Add current calibration value to calibration dialog

Mar 22
Version 1.9

Mar 08
Version 1.8

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