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Radiographic Positioning Guide for Medical Imaging Professionals and Students

For Android 4.4 or later phones and tablets

Similar to x-ray pocket guide or reference booklet

Detailed instructions for more than 220 radiographic positions:
1. image receptor size and orientation
2. patient and part positioning
3. respiration instructions
4. central ray entrance/exit points and angulation
5. image quality points
6. structures demonstrated

Representative radiographic image which can be enlarged for closer inspection.

Enlargeable photograph of properly positioned human model showing the correctly collimated area of interest with the central ray entry point.

A helpful NOTE tab for every position; save techniques, special terms, or other helpful information.

Search function finds search term in position titles and/or instructions.

My Routines function allows grouping of selected positions into a saved routine.

My Notes function allows saving notes not related to a position.

Developed using the ARRT Content Specifications to include nearly all ARRT entry-level radiographic positions.
- “OPTIONAL” positions are included which may be ordered in clinical practice. These OPTIONAL positions are judged by the authors and other educational colleagues as handy references, but are not listed on the ARRT Radiography Content.

Instructions referenced to the most recent ASRT Radiography Curriculum and national positioning texts.

Written and edited by 2 Ph.D. radiography educators, each with more than 30 years of teaching experience.

A convenient guide to positioning the patient and a valuable study aid for radiography students.

A great reference and review tool for technologists and clinical instructors.

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Version History

Launched Jan 31, 2015 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 year, on average.

Mar 11
Version 4.0.1

- v4.0.1 handles how Android 9.0 uses SQLite databases
- New in v4.0:
- Search
- My Notes
- My Routines
- Reorganized and reformatted instructions in the Respiratory System and Thorax section

Jan 09
Version 4.0

My Notes
My Routines
Revision of positions and instructions in the Respiratory System and Thorax section

Oct 31
Version 3.6

New About iRadTech view
Correction of oblique ribs position title

Sep 28
Version 3.5

Rebranding and some corrections

Jan 31
Version 1.0

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