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The fourth and final app in the Advanced Language Therapy series!

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Advanced Writing Therapy is designed to pick up where Writing Therapy left off by delving deeper into phoneme-grapheme correspondence to strengthen writing skills. Next,​ you apply those skills to write common words and sentences to dictation, and then you can practice generating your own content. Take your writing skills to the next level!

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Four activities with built-in therapeutic supports to encourage independent practice for people with aphasia and other writing disorders.

1) Match: Strengthen sound-letter matching by selecting the letters (graphemes) that match the sounds (phonemes) you hear. Work on letter names, consonants, vowels, or blends.
**Built-in Support: Use the Keyword picture, audio, and written word cues at the top to help you learn.

2) Spell: Practice spelling common words. The 700 words in this activity come from a list of the most common words in the English language, plus words based on vowel patterns.
**Built-in Support: Press the Hint button to see 4 choices. Select the correct spelling, then copy the answer.

3) Type: Practice typing common sentences from 1-8 words in length. These 400+ sentences are ones you might use in an online chat, text message, email, or social media discussion.
**Built-in Support: Touch the Hint button to see the sentence to copy. See your errors highlighted.

4) Write: Generate a sentence or paragraph to a writing prompt in functional categories such as taking notes, writing personal information, and making lists.
**Built-in Support: The Hint button gives you a word bank. Select words from the word bank to add to your entry.

The settings allow you to adjust the difficulty, cues available, and letter case for Match. You can select word length restrictions for the Spell activity, and you can choose to show or hide the scores on-screen for users who rely on the hints. Exercises in the Type and Write activities are organized by levels of difficulty.

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Version History

Launched Feb 12, 2019 (about 1 month ago).
Feb 12
Version 1.0.37

Advanced Writing Therapy is now available on Android


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