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PointClickCare’s Care at Home app allows Home Care providers to efficiently plan and deliver Home Care services to their patients. The applications easy to use interface seamlessly integrates with the PointClickCare platform.

Using Care at Home, providers can:
• Stay up-to date on tasks and appointment details on their mobile device.
• Quickly and accurately complete documentation at the point of care improving clinical & financial outcomes.
• Electronically collect patient signatures to ensure completed visits
• Work offline when not connected via cellular or Wi-Fi
• Reduce fraud with built-in GPS to track employee visits

By downloading this application, you agree to the terms and conditions in the following End User License Agreement (EULA): http://pages.pointclickcare.com/rs/740-IBO-752/images/2015_07_24_EULA_for_Mobile_App_Android_Version.pdf

To learn more about PointClickCare please visit: http://www.pointclickcare.com/

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Version History

Launched Feb 03, 2017 (almost 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Oct 02
Version 2019.10.0

Care at Home 2019.10

Get the latest update for managing patient visits! Every four weeks we update the application with new features.

Spell check and cut and paste (when enabled in your browser)
Print blank Medication Administration Report (MAR) for patient to record meds
Integumentary questions and Braden Scale added to Comprehensive Assessment
Required Homebound questions on Recertification Assessment

Aug 21
Version 2019.8.0

Care at Home 2019.8

Get the latest update for managing patient visits! Every four weeks we update the application with new features.

Update Highlights:

MED-PASS Care Plan content. Agencies have the option to create stream-lined care plans that are in-line with MED-PASS forms.

PDGM diagnosis validation information in assessments.
Ability to remove supplies from an assessment.
QA Review Pending and QA Review Complete dashboards.

Jul 10
Version 2019.7.0

Get the latest update for managing patient visits! This release includes supply tracking on the following notes and assessments:

Discharge/Transfer Summary
Discharge from Agency
Therapy Discharge from Agency
Comprehensive Assessment
Skilled Visit Note
Therapy Visit Note

May 29
Version 2019.5.0

Get the latest update for managing patient visits! This release includes checks to make sure appointments are synced in the correct order. It also includes expanded service frequency selections for use when creating Care Plans, including: Hours as a unit for appointments Day, every-other day, every-other week, and month as frequencies for services

Apr 24
Version 2019.4.0

Note - Please accept the permission request for Location and External Media usage to update the App.

Get the latest update for managing patient visits!
This release includes messaging that appointments for a patient must be synced before starting a new appointment, an option to select reason codes for outcomes that were not achieved, refined intervention categories, and new navigation options to further reduce scrolling.

Mar 06
Version 2019.3.0

This update streamlines the service request process by automatically creating correlating physician order information. It also introduces a new intervention interface that reduces scrolling and provides immediate visual indication of the Care Plan progress.

Dec 19
Version 2018.12.0

Eventium clinical care content updated with thirty-six new protocols and co-steps for improved Care Plan development.
Repeating interventions are always displayed in the Care Plan so that they can be consistently performed.
Care Plan interventions that are required only once are dropped from the Care Plan when all outcomes are met, simplifying patient care.

Oct 14
Version 2018.10.1

Goal and Intervention interface improvements.
Refresh My Schedule reminders replace Sync messages.
Refresh My Schedule updates from latest synced appointment.
Offline indicators with distinct orange labels.
MED-PASS Assessment Updates.

Sep 17
Version 2018.9.0

Appointment colors will now match the Service colors as defined by the agency.

Aug 08
Version 2018.8.0

Bug Fixes

Jul 11
Version 2018.6.0

Editing medications and bug fixes.

May 16
Version 2018.5.0

Template updates; CoP updates; work to support separating care plan by case type

Apr 12
Version 2018.3.1

Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Mar 21
Version 2018.3.0

Add Patient's Code Status to CAH Summary Tab
Display RN Case Manager contact information in CAH

Feb 22
Version 2018.2.0

Select certification period for Ordered Services
Enter mileage
Assessment updates
User experience enhancements

Jan 11
Version 2018.1.0

Updates to Assessments per the COPs
Adding Outcomes to the Careplan
bug fixes

Dec 08
Version 1.13.0

Updates to Assessments to address CoPs; separation of skilled/unskilled settings; bug fixes.

Nov 15
Version 1.12.0

Enhancements to care plans and password synchronization.

Oct 02
Version 1.11.0

ICD 10 Updates

Aug 23
Version 1.10.1

Eventium interventions are pre-assigned to disciplines.

Aug 07
Version 1.9.1

Skilled view: UI updates
Non-Skilled: Patient Information & Vitals

Jul 26
Version 1.9.0

Skilled view: UI updates
Non-Skilled: Patient Information & Vitals

Jun 21
Version 1.8.0

Unskilled Care Plan
User Enhancement Updates

May 25
Version 1.7.0

Care Plan updates and bug fixes.

May 04
Version 1.6.0

Mar 31
Version 1.5.0

Mar 06
Version 1.4.0

Feb 03
Version 1.3.0

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