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If you have the Monoprice 6 Zone 6 Source Whole Home Audio amplifier (pid 10761) or the Dayton Audio DAX66 amplifier, then this is the app for you!

This app REQUIRES only one of the following below to work:
--> iTach Flex by Global Cache w/ Flex Link RS232 Cable (must be the OEM Global Cache
Flex Link cable, not 3rd party ones)
--> iTach IP2SL/WF2SL by Global Cache
--> Raspberry Pi w/ USB to RS232 Cable

Paired alongside one of these devices, you can control any of the zones in your system right from your phone or tablet. The preferred device is the iTach Flex, see below for more information and links to purchase.

The Raspberry Pi method offers a cheaper alternative to the iTach flex. The iTach flex is more reliable, but the Raspberry Pi works pretty darn well too.

[+] Zone Grouping - create a group which controls multiple zones
[+] All Zone's group to control all zones at once
[+] Control Power (Includes Quick All On/All Off buttons and pull down to refresh)
[+] Control Volume
[+] Control Bass
[+] Control Treble
[+] Control Speaker Balance
[+] Customize the app colors to your liking (background, text, buttons)

The app supports up to 18 zones and 6 sources. You can achieve up to 18 zones by linking 3 amplifiers together using the provided ribbon cable. They then become Master, Slave 1, and Slave 2. When you have multiple amplifiers connected together, you still only need 1 iTach Flex! It hooks into the "Master" amplifier.

Feel free to provide any feedback/future enhancements/bugs to me! If you have support related questions regarding the app or your iTach device, please send them my way.

**Important Note Once Again** You MUST have one of these devices like stated earlier.

1) The iTach Flex device (Either the IP or the WiFi model) with the OEM Global Cache flex link serial cable. Other 3rd party cables do not work, only OEM flex link cable.
2) The iTach WF2SL and IP2SL models
3) Raspberry Pi w/ a USB to RS232 cable

This app will NOT work without one of these, because the whole home amps only accept commands via a serial connection, and the amps have no networking capability. By adding one of these devices, you make your serial port accessible over the network. See links below to purchase these devices. The iTach Flex model is the recommended device to use.

The Raspberry Pi method is NOT recommended to people who are not familiar with how raspberry pi's work, or if you are not comfortable with scripts. You will most likely become frustrated with getting it setup. If you use the Raspberry Pi method to connect, you will need to follow the instructions on my GitHub to enable a TCP/IP server to accept the commands and relay them to the amplifier. https://github.com/121940kz/Monoprice-Whole-Home-Audio-Android-App-Raspberry-Pi-Server

Links to purchase iTach Flex products:



 $4.99 in Google Play


Monoprice Whole Home Audio Control screenshot 1Monoprice Whole Home Audio Control screenshot 2Monoprice Whole Home Audio Control screenshot 3Monoprice Whole Home Audio Control screenshot 4Monoprice Whole Home Audio Control screenshot 5Monoprice Whole Home Audio Control screenshot 6Monoprice Whole Home Audio Control screenshot 7Monoprice Whole Home Audio Control screenshot 8Monoprice Whole Home Audio Control screenshot 9Monoprice Whole Home Audio Control screenshot 10Monoprice Whole Home Audio Control screenshot 11Monoprice Whole Home Audio Control screenshot 12

Version History

Launched Jun 21, 2018 (7 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 19 days, on average.

Aug 16
Version 1.2.3

Fixed a bug where if you skipped entering in a zone (Example: only using zones 2 and 4), then it would cause the app to crash.

Aug 10
Version 1.2.2

There are a lot of significant changes in this release. Amplifier calls are sent differently. You can swipe down to refresh the zones, there is zone grouping, and I have started to add support for the raspberry pi.

Jun 25
Version 1.2.1

Fixed an issue where if the RS232 cable were to be unplugged from the amp, the app would be stuck on the "Refresh" spinner

Jun 21
Version 1.2

Initial release of the first official android app to control the Monoprice and Dayton Audio DAX66 whole home amplifiers!

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