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If you are looking for a daily horoscope app offering accurate daily and monthly horoscopes, compatibility reports, essays, and more, you have come to the right place. Astrology Zone is an award-winning app that offers everything you need to know to plan your day, month or year ahead.

Astrology Zone has two versions.

What You Get

1-The FREE version: will give you short daily horoscopes for all 12 signs a day, plus Susan’s highly popular detailed monthly horoscope for 12 signs. If you are reading the monthly Astrology Zone horoscopes on your cell phone browser, you will find using the app to be easier to navigate. Astrology Zone’s short daily horoscopes give you yesterday, today, and tomorrow’s predictions. You can read Susan’s current month or last month’s monthly horoscope.

2-The Premium Subscription Version: Once you have the free edition of the Astrology Zone app, you can decide if you’d like to upgrade to the PREMIUM paid subscriber edition, which will give you substantially more comprehensive daily horoscopes that most readers prefer, along with Susan’s exciting monthly horoscopes for all 12 signs. On the Premium version, the daily horoscope for Sundays offers a look at the week ahead so you can plan your week productively. Again, the Premium version gives you today, yesterday, and tomorrow’s daily horoscope as well as last month’s monthly forecast.

The premium version of the app also features a large number of Susan’s essays on a wide variety of topics, including the meaning of Mercury retrograde, why you need to note the year’s eclipses, plus compatibility reports, and more. If you wondered whether there is a 13th sign after reading news reports, read Susan’s essay on the topic, where she gives evidence to show why you must continue to read for your traditional birth sign.

Under key dates on your Premium app, you can locate your best days to stage an initiation. Check out the Learn Astrology section, about the planets, the elements, and the qualities, and a description of your most loveable characteristics. There is also an area that will tell you about Susan’s various appearances.

Cost of Premium Version for the Astrology Zone app is $4.99 for one month, $12.99 for 3 months, or $49.99 for a full year. The three month and yearly subscriptions reflect a 15% discount over the monthly subscription. You can end your subscription as soon as it is up for renewal—Apple will notify you at that time. Apple and Astrology Zone do not allow refunds for partly used subscriptions, so please choose your subscription length carefully. You will never see advertisements on Susan’s apps.


Susan Miller is an accredited astrologer known for her beautifully written, accurate, and easy-to-understand, practical predictions. Her loving, optimistic style is what readers enjoy most about her work.

Susan is currently a regular contributing editor for 10 international magazines such as Vogue Germany, Vogue Japan, Grazia France, Vogue China, Claudia Brazil and more. She has also written for GQ and Details.

Based in New York City, she is a frequent guest on TV shows such as Access Hollywood, Good Morning America and others in the US and is also currently on Sirius radio as a regular guest.

Susan Miller founded her popular website Astrology Zone in 1995, a site visited by 10.8 million unique visitors a year, serving 105 million page views a year.


This year Susan’s app won the Media Excellence Award for Best Daily Connected Content. Susan Miller’s app was also honored last year as a finalist for best content in the Appy Awards, and was named an honoree in the Webby Awards in 2017 and 2018.

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Version History

Launched Sep 29, 2014 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 months, on average.

Mar 29
Version 2.6

Bug fixes and enhancements.

Jun 04
Version 2.5

General Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Nov 20
Version 2.4

General enhancements - 3 month Subscription added

Jul 02
Version 2.3

For 2.3:
• Menu update: Key Dates + Meet Susan
• Update of Daily notifications
We have so many more content choices!
•Daily and monthly horoscopes
•Susan's tweets
•Key dates + appearances
•Learn astrology
•Life, love + more
•Go shopping!

Mar 24
Version 2.2

Mar 16
Version 2.1

Jan 06
Version 2.0

Susan Miller is excited to announce the new version of her Astrology Zone app that includes an entire redesign and additional features! The new application is free and also offers an optional in-app purchase for monthly or yearly subscriptions with full horoscopes.

The free application contains short daily horoscopes - read all 12 signs - and her famous, beloved monthly horoscopes, quick planetary news, push notifications (that you can turn off/on), Twitter feeds from Susan, as well as her upcoming appearances, and notes from Susan - messages she writes directly to her fans.

By purchasing and subscribing to Astrology Zone, you will unlock access to much more of Susan’s information: longer daily horoscopes for all 12 signs, cool relationship compatibility, gift giving and vacation guides - among other personality pieces - as well as astrological tools and imagery, all written by the world's astrological authority, Susan, and displayed within an elegant new app design. Chock-full of clear, warmly written astrological information, Susan will keep you up-to-date on all phases of your life each day in this easy to navigate, beautiful to look at app.

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