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MODERN DRUMMER MAGAZINE (October 2015 issue - review of the iOS version):
“This is a must-have for anyone wanting an encyclopedia of world percussion rhythms at their fingertips.”

PercussionTutor is an educational app for dedicated world percussion enthusiasts. The app and its free creative commons licensed companion book feature a unique library of world rhythms and instruments played by leading percussionists and drummers. A time stretching feature and a metronome give the users the option to practice at their own pace. Sheets and notes are included for all the rhythms.

NO IN-APP PURCHASES! Make sure to buy the app now and get all the future content for free. We will release updates on a regular basis adding new rhythms and videos (for the iOS version we kept our promise since April 2012!).

PercussionTutor will allow you to approach South American, Caribbean and West African music in a different way. This app offers you more than a simple play-along. It includes standard notation, videos (COMING NEXT ANDROID UPDATE!) and specific claves. We also took the outmost care to capture the natural feeling of all those drumming traditions.

For the batá rhythms we even developed a random playback engine that will simulate an actual batá performance.

This app puts you in a live playing situation - just like you learned your mother language. You will sound more natural and more alive and you will awaken to new rhythmic possibilities. It's also a great tool for other musicians, dancers and performers who want to immerse themselves into centuries-old traditional languages.


- Over 50 rhythms (over 100 if you include include the variations and the conversations)
- Rhythms from Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Peru, West Africa, ...
- All drums can be turned on and off individually
- audio time-stretching feature
- (videos coming in a update!)
- over 50 percussion instruments
- Sheets and notes of all the rhythms included in the app and in the free book
- MORE RHYTMS COMING: we are working on a lot more content to be released on a regular basis!


* Louis Bauzo, performed with Tito Puente, Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Simon
* Greg Askew, performed with Tito Puente
* Luiz Ebert
* Jérôme Goldschmidt, performed with Tito Puente, M. Santamaria & Chico O’Farrill
* Marcos Napa, performed with Perú N.
* M. Monaco, performed with Al Di Meola
* Oswald Simmonds
* Reynaldo Alcantara
* Richard Byrd, performed with Babatunde Olatunji
* Rudy Walker, performed with Pharaoh Saunders, Randy Weston
* Victor Rendón, performed with M. Santamaria, Xavier Cugat Orchestra
* Laurent Peckels


**Cuba - Popular Music**
- Afro
- Bolero
- Cha Cha Cha
- Mozambique
- Pachanga
- Pilon
- Salsa 1, 2, 3, 4
- Songo 1, 2 & 3
- Timba

**Cuba - Folk Music**
- Abakua Havana
- Afra
- Guaguanco
- Iyesa
- Mozambique

**Cuba - Batá Drums**
- Lalubanche
- Latopa
- Ogun
- Auguere (part 1)
- Auguere (part 2)
- Imbaloke
- Babaluaye (part 1)
- Babaluaye (part 2)
- Kuru Kurubete
- Ewe Masiboroñu
- Borotitilawa
- Dada
- Oggue
- Agayu Part 1 & 2
- Oferere
- Ibejis
- Akete Obba
- Odudua
- Iya Mase
- Yacota
- Ñongo
- Chachalokafun
- Iyesa
- Echu
- Olokun

**Dominican Republic**
- Jaleo
- Merengue
- Pambiche

**Puerto Rico**
- Xica
- Holandes & Holandes fast version
- Plena

- Baião
- Bossa Nova
- Samba Batucada
- Samba Enredo
- Samba Pagode
- Samba Reggae

- Festejo
- Zamacueca
- Vals Peruano
- Lando
- Afro

**West Africa**
- Fanga
- Saa
- Lamban
- Sounou

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Version History

Launched Apr 05, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).
Oct 16
Version 2

We fixed the Batá random call trainer. Take a look under Cuba(batá)/Batá Call Trainer. it's a powerful feature allowing you to quickly identify and play the different Batá drum parts.

Apr 04
Version 1

Official PercussionTutor Android launch


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