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Do you remember times when you first decided to keep your music library more tidy? You found out that the only solution was to fill in manually all songs info, one by one.

These days are over! Automatic Tag Editor analyses your library and pick for you close tag matches, just tap on the one you prefer and you are done. It will only take five seconds per song...Guaranteed! And that's not all: it also gives you some squared hi-res pictures you can use as cover art by tapping on them.

This automatic editor is perfect for editing ID3 tag of your music library. It updates the embedded tags so you don't lose them when you move files away from your phone.

Edit all the most known tag information
‣ Title
‣ Artist
‣ Album artist
‣ Album
‣ Genre
‣ Year
‣ Track number
‣ Track total
‣ Disc number
‣ Disc total
‣ Lyrics
‣ Comment

Multiple audio formats are supported:
‣ Mp3
‣ M4a
‣ Ogg
‣ Flac
‣ Wma
‣ Wav

Supports editing files on SD card!

Note: Automatic Tag Editor is only intended to help users to recover metadata related to the songs they have previously bought as digital copy but for which they lost their metadata in any way. Automatic Tag Editor and its staff do not support music piracy in any way.

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Primary: Applications

Secondary: Music & Audio

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Version History

Launched Aug 25, 2015 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 23 days, on average.

Feb 14
Version 2.0.25

- Fixed semi-automatic batch mode
- Fixed "recent songs" filter on Android 10 devices
- Fixed tags not updating in some cases on Android 10 devices
- Fixed search function on Android 10 devices
- Better "AutomaTag best match" in some cases
- More tag match proposals and artwork images available to choose
- Homepage content now updates automatically after running a batch mode
- Fixed problem displaying some song covers in home song tab

Dec 22
Version 2.0.1

- Fixed SD card permission problem when ejecting and re-inserting the card
- Fixed empty tag reading on Android 4.x
- Fixed WAV tag editing

Oct 19
Version 2.0.0-rc49

- Fixed in-app purchase being refunded automatically (you must repeat the purchase)
- Fixed M4A files corruption
- Fixed FLAC files corruption
- Fixed WAV files corruption
- Fixed Android 10 writing error problems
- Fixed tag editing queue for batch modes
- Fixed random editing errors

Oct 13
Version 2.0.0-rc48

- Fixed in-app purchase being refunded automatically (you must repeat the purchase)
- Fixed M4A files corruption
- Fixed FLAC files corruption
- Fixed Android 10 writing error problems
- Fixed tag editing queue for batch modes
- Fixed random editing errors

Oct 11
Version 2.0.0-rc36

SECOND UPDATE: sorry for this, there was a problem with year and track number to disappear on some devices

- Android 10 compatibility
- Fixed errors in batch modes
- Wider range of mp3 compatibles: even the ones that are not supported on Android OS
- Fixed FLAC files corruption

Oct 07
Version 2.0.0-rc34

- Android 10 compatibility
- Fixed errors in batch modes
- Wider range of mp3 compatibles: even the ones that are not supported on Android OS
- Fixed FLAC files corruption

Oct 06

ANDROID 10 USERS: only use AutomaTag BETA, opt in to beta program: bit.ly/automatag-beta

May 04

- New design for many UI elements
- New black theme
- Added Comment tag field
- Added artwork resizing option
- Added Clean button in tag field text boxes
- Slightly improved tag writing speed
- Fixed crash for Android Q devices
- Fixed no match found for Android Q devices

Apr 24

- Fixed repeated warnings about a MediaStore error even though editing was done correctly
- Many other bugs fixed

Feb 18

- Fixed problem about audio track trimming
- Fixed tag/cover not being applied if remove tag/art was used right before on the same screen
- Fixed metadata getting deleted when editing in album mode
- Fixed error while editing some M4A files
- Many error fixes

Dec 28

AutomaTag Community Edition: create an AutomaTag account and contribute adding new song tags!

- New Material design for many screens
- New track count, disc number and disc count tag fields
- New editing features: Save cover to file & Add cover from URL
- Fixed errors editing WAVs
- Minor error fixing

Oct 23

- Leaving an empty tag field will now delete that field from the embedded tag. Previously you had to remove the entire tag.
- Added "previous tag" button in semi automatic mode
- Added country market choice in settings so you can target the market country your songs mostly belong to (for example, since now you could not find Japanese songs because they where not published in default US market)
- Improved WAV support
- Updated string localization

Oct 08

- Less time to generate song fingerprints;
- Less time to search for matches;
- Fixed purchase not being kept back so you needed to restore it every time.

Sep 23

- Fixed full automatic mode returning no match for almost any song
- Fixed giveaway push notifications not redirecting correctly to giveaway Facebook post

Sep 04

- Slightly faster song editing
- Fixed random crash on startup due to Google Ads component
- Fixed SD card not showing in side menu when doing permission procedure

Jun 20
Version 1.8

Brand new design interface

Jun 11
Version 1.7.92

- Added a simpler way of granting SD card permission on Android 7+
- Fixed some minor errors

May 11
Version 1.7.91

- Fixed some errors when editing on SD card
- Improved memory usage and less crashes
- Libraries updates

Apr 15
Version 1.7.84

- Fix files were deleted on certain conditions;
- Fix song duplication when using file renaming;
- Fix errors about no space left on device;
- Improved performances.

Mar 16
Version 1.7.63

- Fix files were deleted on certain device models;
- Fix for failed fingerprint purchase verification;
- Fix for immediate completion of the automatic mode;
- Fix for random errors when editing files;
- Better support of OGGs and WAVs.

Jan 24
Version 1.7.34

- Crash fix for Oreo devices
- Improved tag writing performance so it uses less RAM
- Fixed the problem with purchases that required some users to restore purchases continuously
- The problem that caused infinite permission request loop is fixed
- The problem that prevented tag editing for some MP3, WAV & M4A is fixed
- Fixed problems with album cover application
- Minor fixes and library updates

Dec 25
Version 1.7.5

Nov 06
Version 1.7.2

- The core which is reading and writing tags has completely changed: wider range of compatible files and lessen the number of errors
- Added automatic queueing for premium users: whenever a new audio file is detected on the device, it is added to the pending tag queue
- Fixed issue with SD card permission: permission was asked also without an SD card inserted
- Fixed covers not being shown on music player
- Fixed no match found error when requesting matches too fast

Oct 30
Version 1.6.268

- Fixed multiple files manual edit button
- Reduced the number of "invalid tag header" errors
- The ID3 mode to use is decided depending on the specific file if not set differently in the settings
- Updated many translations
- Improved stability

Oct 13
Version 1.6.258

- HOT: full support to m4a files (MPEG dash were not working previously)
- Fixed SD card permission dialog that was showing up even though the device has no SD card
- Crash fixes on startup and purchase page

Jul 05
Version 1.6.247

- HOT: Added audio fingerprinting recognition engine
- Fixed cover art duplication in manual batch mode
- Layout changes
- Hangs fixed in file browser tab
- Crash fixes

Jun 25
Version 1.6.225

- HOT: fixed problems with UTF-8 characters (chose ID3v24 mode from AutomaTag preferences)
- Added option to chose whether to force using ID3v23 or ID3v24 tags
- Fixed sorting modes, now you can choose between date added and date modified
- Crash fix due to images loading

Jun 10
Version 1.6.222

- NEW song sorting modes
- NEW optional push notification for AutomaTag news on its Facebook page
- Fixed UI hangs while writing tags
- Slightly improved memory management

May 29
Version 1.6.216

- Fixed cover arts duplication
- Fixed tags applied to the wrong files
- Improved tag reading performance
- Reduced apk size

May 22
Version 1.6.213

- IMPORTANT: fixed file renaming function for SD card files
- IMPORTANT: improved SD card file writing speed
- Fixed cannot write error on some devices
- Crash fix on Motorola Moto E 2gen
- Minor fixes

May 18
Version 1.6.202

- Fixed mp4/m4a and FLAC covers not being saved
- Fixed cover update in Android Media Store
- Editing speed on SD card drastically improved
- Added snackbar displaying saving process
- Minor fixes and updates

May 17
Version 1.6.191

Minor fixes to preferences and notifications

May 15
Version 1.6.187

Minor fixes to preferences and notifications

May 07
Version 1.6.175

Minor fixes to preferences and notifications

Mar 29
Version 1.6.173

Sorry, have to temporary rollback due to various issue

Mar 09
Version 1.6.154

Fixed crash on start for some people

Feb 27
Version 1.6.150

Feb 26
Version 1.6.126

‣ Crash fix when returning to home screen
‣ Solved buttons not visible in SD card selection procedure
Become beta tester: http://goo.gl/k7YiMb

Feb 25
Version 1.6.148

‣ New tag writing core, now should be more stable
‣ Added full support for AIFF, ASF, M4A
‣ Premium: long press a song to add it to pending tag queue
‣ Premium: filter automatic mode to tag only songs that were not tagged yet using AutomaTag
‣ Premium: fixed automatic mode freezing while applying tags
‣ Added FAQs section
‣ Automatic charset fix for tags containing UTF-8 characters
‣ Fixed problem when file renaming uses special characters in file names

Feb 02
Version 1.6.122

‣ Crash fix due to low RAM available when opening audios
‣ Improved RAM usage in images handling
Become beta tester: http://goo.gl/k7YiMb

Jan 30
Version 1.6.110

‣ Revisited fully automatic mode, now you can preview matches and individually select which ones to apply
‣ Semi-automatic mode now allows to suggest a different match for a given song
‣ Improved performace, the app should use fewer RAM
‣ Added Chinese and Portuguese (Portugal) localizations
‣ Fixed FLAC cover art not being written
‣ Enabled logging
‣ Several crash fixes
Become beta tester: http://goo.gl/k7YiMb

Jan 20
Version 1.6.89

‣ Fixed premium being cancelled on every app startup
‣ Fixed album artist overriding artist field
Become beta tester: http://goo.gl/k7YiMb

Dec 06
Version 1.6.79

‣ Added tutorial the first launch
‣ Improved album matching algorithm
‣ Added sortcut to browser for lyrics search
‣ Fixed no match error for songs containing "ft" word
‣ Fixed error in purchase page
Become beta tester: http://goo.gl/k7YiMb

Nov 26
Version 1.6.6

‣ New material logo
‣ Fixed sort order switch
‣ Search function crash fix
‣ Crash fix
Become beta tester: http://goo.gl/k7YiMb

Oct 29
Version 1.6.57

‣ Improved general performance
‣ Crash fix
To join beta testing: http://goo.gl/k7YiMb

Oct 25
Version 1.6.55

‣ Corrected file renaming feature
‣ Added cover art thumbnails in file browser tab
‣ Added lyrics editing (BETA, most of stock music players won't show up updated lyrics)
‣ Improved multiple selection system in file browser tab and added select all button
To join beta testing: http://goo.gl/k7YiMb

Oct 20
Version 1.6.51

‣ Added fast scrolling to album tab
‣ IMPORTANT FIX: no more file deletion when file renaming is enabled
To join beta testing: http://goo.gl/k7YiMb

Oct 16
Version 1.6.49

‣ Fixed Automatic mode not applying tags
To join beta testing: http://goo.gl/k7YiMb

Sep 19
Version 1.6.47

‣ Reintroduced improved version of fully automatic mode
‣ Fixed crashes in automatic mode
‣ Improved SD card permission process
‣ Added check for updates feature
To join beta testing: http://goo.gl/k7YiMb

Sep 10
Version 1.6.43

‣ Fixed automatic mode crash
To join beta testing: http://goo.gl/k7YiMb

Sep 07
Version 1.6.42

‣ Great improvements in automatic tag mode!
‣ More material design interface
Sorry for multiple updates but 4.x still had a bug, finally fixed.

Jul 28
Version 1.6.38

‣ Added fast scroll bar to songs list
‣ Drastically reduced lag in homepage
‣ Search function improved & live search results added
‣ Fixed back button not working in automatic tag mode page
‣ New material settings page

Jul 26
Version 1.6.34

‣ Added AUTOMATIC TAG MODE with many filters for ad-free version users
‣ Added file deletion function
‣ Added genre field in album editing
‣ Added manual SD card permission dialog in settings page
‣ Audio display order state (alphabet/date) in homepage is saved when closing the app
‣ Little improvements in tag search engine
‣ Removed swipe function

Jul 11
Version 1.6.32

‣ Added some file renaming schemas
‣ Little improvements in tag search engine

Jun 15
Version 1.6.31

‣ IMPORTANT: a database that AutomaTag is using is currently down. This is why you keep see the tags loading inside the app. This update is a temporary fix.
‣ Added art removal function
‣ Improvements in cover art application process

Jun 14
Version 1.6.30

May 30
Version 1.6.29

May 23
Version 1.6.26

May 20
Version 1.6.19

May 11
Version 1.6.17

Apr 29
Version 1.6.14

Apr 24
Version 1.6.13

Apr 23
Version 1.6.12

Apr 22
Version 1.6.11

Apr 03
Version 1.6.10

Apr 01
Version 1.6.9

Feb 28
Version 1.6.8

Feb 26
Version 1.6.7

Feb 22
Version 1.6.5

Feb 16
Version 1.6.1

Feb 12
Version 1.5.15

Aug 25
Version 1.0

MP3 Autotag allows to edit ID3 tags of your MP3 files. It updates the embedded tags so you don't lose them when you move files away from your phone.

Editable tags are: title, artist, album, genre, year, cover art.

What makes MP3 Auto tag unique? Tap on a song and it featch all possible closest matches for you! Yes, you don't have to fill in manually all the information and also don't lose time searching for a perfect squared cover art!

*Working with songs on SD Card too*

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