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Thanks everyone for the success of Time Guru! It makes me very happy that so many my fellow musicians find this to be a useful tool. If you have improvement suggestions, please give me feedback at timeguruvoxbeat@gmail.com
Guitar Player Magazine says: "This ingenious super metronome was developed by funky-as-hell Sco sideman Avi Bortnick. It will leave out beats randomly to force you to strengthen your own inner time-keeping muscles, and it has other cool features for odd meters, drum machine-style patterns, and more...this is an awesome learning, grooving, solidifying tool."

NoTreble.com says: "I love the aesthetic and layout of Time Guru. It’s very simple and elegant. Time Guru also offers ability to set randomness of your subdivisions (great for testing your internal clock)... There is one thing that Time Guru does that I absolutely love, and for which, this app will always live on my Phone – at the top of the screen, you will see a series of numbers (1-7). When you press a number, it is set first in a sequence and you can choose a subdivision that will then repeat that number of times (or set it to rest that number of times). Sound confusing? It isn’t, because the layout is so simple. Every time you press a new number, it is set next in the sequence and you choose your continue to choose your subdivisions."

Develop your inner sense of rhythm with Time Guru - the only metronome with the ability to mute its sound at random, in sequenced patterns, or both, so that you can assess whether you tend to rush or drag or loose your place with odd meters. Time Guru can periodically leave you on your own so that you strengthen your own internal sense of time, rather than relying on the constant, rigid, external time keeping of a metronome. It's like training wheels that sometimes come up off the ground.

Time Guru also features:
-the ability to play in different time signatures or sequences of time signatures (additive time signatures)
-create rhythmic drum-machine like patterns
-save presets for tempo, meter, sound and muting-
-35 loud sound sets;
-Human or robot voice counting in English, Chinese, French, German or Russian - great for teaching!
-tap tempo (5 to 300 BPM range)
-super accurate, rock-solid timing via a customized audio engine.

And of course it can function as a normal metronome. It is the ultimate tool for becoming a rock-steady, time guru.

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Version History

Launched Aug 26, 2014 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jun 08
Version 4.4.7

-added preset alert when saving preset with the same name
-crash fixes
-graphics adjustments

May 13
Version 4.4.5

-updated privacy policy (https://avibortnick.net/time-guru-privacy/, or see link in bottom of Settings page)

Apr 14
Version 4.4

-improved German voice count (thanks Joe Stone!)
-same improved swipe-down-to-delete gesture
-graphics improvements
-improved prevent screen sleep behaviour

Nov 17
Version 4.3

Correction to instructions on how to delete meter slots.

Oct 19
Version 4.2

Bug fix for swipe-delete gesture

Aug 16
Version 4.1

Big update, on Android first!
*Swipe down to delete a meter. This is to enable...
*Toggle mute - you can mute and unmute a meter without deleting it!
*New subdivisions: quintuplets, sextuplets, septuplets!
*Clearer graphics and icons
*Updated instructions

Thank you all you rhythm-fiends for your continued support, use and enthusiasm for Time Guru! Enjoy the update!

Mar 04
Version 3.9.5

-minor bug fixe - and please rate Time Guru if you like it! Thanks, Avi

Nov 06
Version 3.9.4

-oops - caught a couple of minor bug fixes - and please rate Time Guru if you like it! Thanks, Avi

Nov 05
Version 3.9.3

-minor bug fixes - and please rate Time Guru if you like it! Thanks, Avi

Sep 11
Version 3.9.2

fixes some issues in previous release - sorry!

Sep 11
Version 3.9.1

Minor bug fixes and stability enhancements

Aug 15
Version 3.9

Minor bug fixes and stability enhancements

May 27
Version 3.8

minor stability fixes

Apr 29
Version 3.7.7

-rare bug is fixed

Apr 22
Version 3.7.6

Fix of little erroneous error message when exiting.

Apr 13
Version 3.7.4

-stability enhancements

Apr 03
Version 3.7.3

-stability improvements

Mar 08
Version 3.6

-bug fixes for some rare crashes

Feb 02
Version 3.5

-can now reorder presets
-can now swipe left to delete presets or use the edit button in the presets menu
-changing a parameter puts an * next to a preset name to indicate it has been changed
-graphics enhancements
-fix crashes on tablets

Aug 26
Version 3.3.1

-fixed a meter select crash on some devices running Android 4.4.x

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