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Pooli is the world’s most advanced mobile application for pool maintenance. With a delightful UI and intuitive instructions, anyone can be a pool expert in a few taps. Built for the every day user, we have created a delightful experience to help all pool owners have access to the most affordable solutions, chemicals and equipment. No cost, no ads, no in app purchases. Just perfect pool care in the palm of your hands!

Here's how it works. While you do your 15-second Pool test strip test, open up Pooli app. Pooli has a few popular test strip color pallets by default. Then, simply tap any colors that are not balanced. That's it! Pooli instantly does the math and finds you exactly what your pool needs, and provides you the why and how if you are interested. It removes the burden of price-shopping online or in stores, and links you to the lowest-price, best-fit chemical that can shipped directly to you in a couple days.

When your chemicals arrive, Pooli gives step-by-step instructions on how much to add and in the proper order. It also has tips, tools, and information that can help maintain your water year round! Pooli's costs are sustained by affiliate fees on purchases from its recommendations. You get the lowest prices found on the internet for no added costs, we think it's the ultimate win-win!

Now when you want to balance your pool, we hope you feel at peace knowing you've done all the right things. You'll see the results in clear water and lowered costs.

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Version History

Launched Aug 12, 2020 (4 months ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Nov 21
Version 1.5.3

Fix water targets not loading (Thanks Nathan Y for heads up)
Maintenance reminder durations persist properly
Allow longer custom pool maintenance reminders
Allow adding decimals to percent concentration of solution
Fix water test kit link

Nov 04
Version 1.5.1

We’ve added a chemical reference database. When you need to know what chemical you are looking at online, in a store, or in Pooli, check your Pooli Chemical reference. We cover each solution and provide the effect it has on your water.
Thanks for the inspiration, Denise G!

Also, have you noticed that bleach has different concentrations, like 6%, 12% etc? Now you can control the active ingredient percentage for any chemical.
Fix for mis-labeled test strips
Fix for dead amazon links

Oct 27
Version 1.5.0

New store! We are proud to be a pool supply reseller and are ready to unlock wholesale prices to our community.
When you purchase Pooli products, you’ll see them added to your inventory automatically, show your savings, and throw in a few extra surprises. Pooli products will be integrated into the app.
- Change order and visibility of what to test in your pool
- Easy reminder cancellation and skipping
- Address book and wallet secure storage
- Water temperature
- And a whole lot more….

Aug 11
Version 1.4.1

Pooli will combine the effects of chlorine sanitizers to calculate the exact dosage remaining to bring up your chlorine targets.
We also fixed metric calculations for product additions and historical logs, thanks Jakub S. for the tip!
We've cleaned up the product view a bit.
We added detail to the instructions for several solutions

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