Precise Metrics For Planning and Conquest

You have a bulletproof strategy and the team to dominate the market - so who is going to generate your target lists? Apptopia allows you to segment publisher and app leads that fit your battle scenarios.

  • Performance
  • SDK
  • Movement
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Use Their Performance Numbers to Prioritize Efforts

Cut your list by download, active user and revenue thresholds and categorize leads based on your definition of enterprise and SMB.

  • Never again waste time on leads that do not fit your model.
  • Correctly bucket your leads and distribute them to reps best suited to close.
  • Increase sales and marketing efficiency by spending time on the leads that matter most.
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Find Out Where Your Enemies are Hiding

Apptopia collects SDK information that you can use to decide how to engage.

  • Make lists based on competitive SDKs so you know where you will need to go to war.
  • Segment companies that do not have competitive SDKs and talk like your competitors do not exist.
  • Choose companies with complementary SDKs to strike up partnerships.

Find Them As They Heat Up

If you could know tomorrow's winners, you could talk to them today.

  • Be a hero and use the Breakout Predictor to inject new prospects from “the next top 100 apps” into your funnel.
  • Use the surge report to find apps on the way up.
  • Send your team at the perfect time to offer your services and further their growth.
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Ready to fortify your strategy?

Apptopia delivers market trends for every app and publisher in the world in a package that fits your needs.

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