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You need a trusted source to fill in the blanks in your model with confidence. Execute heroic ad buys based on knowing where everyone stands.

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Discover International Growth Opportunities

App marketers rely on Apptopia to see where similar apps are earning a high ARPU. They use this secret weapon to make confident decisions about spend allocation and where to test new markets for expansion.

Country-level ARPU estimates shed light on the biggest revenue opportunities.

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The Rank You Need…
And The Path to Get There.

When you know how many daily downloads any ranked app gets, you know how much ad spend is needed to overtake their position.

Apptopia’s download estimates for every country and category help marketers meet rank goals while saving time and money.

Use performance estimates to spend smarter. Don’t ever waste ad dollars again.

Highly Targeted User Acquisition Campaigns

Lookalike modeling identifies users that fit your ideal profile. Target advertising to your competitors’ users. Invest ad dollars on the apps your market is most likely to use.

Apptopia’s app analysis and demographic data let you build precisely targeted audiences to maximize advertising ROI and minimize risk.

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Ready to start using your secret weapon?

Apptopia has KPI data for every app and publisher in the world and a plan to fit your needs.

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