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Dancing With The Stars and Strictly Come Dancing pros use DancePicker. Developed by music guru Graham Jarvis, DancePicker is great for anyone who loves to move to music! Every track has been categorised by Graham together with a pro dancer.

Dancers use DancePicker to generate ideas and plan routines; find the right dance for your music and the right music for your dance!
Runners and Joggers use TempoPicker to find tracks at the perfect tempo to run to or to find faster tempo tracks as a challenge!
DJs and Bands create set lists defined not just by tempo but by feel as well
Couples find their wedding first dance. Every lyric has been checked; there are no break-up songs in DancePicker's wedding filter!
Dressage riders find music with a tempo that matches their horse's walk, trot and canter pace
Party planners can kick it off with a bang and slow it down for a bit of romance. If there's a party theme then DancePicker's filters will come to the rescue!

Key Features of DancePicker:
- Explore thousands of tracks, dance styles and tempos
- Easily discover the styles you can dance to each track
- Ballroom, Latin or Other styles of dance at your chosen tempo
- 30 dance styles including cha cha, jive, waltz, hip hop, samba
- Find tracks or artists in your chosen style and tempo
- Use the unique TempoPicker to get tracks at the tempo you choose
- Filter to find tracks that have been used in movies, musicals, TV Dance shows from around the world
- Discover tracks that are just right for your event such as Christmas, a Halloween party or a first dance for your wedding
- See if a track is a cover version
- Create playlists easily with Favourites
- Preview tracks available on iTunes with an option to buy
- Child friendly - iTunes marked explicit tracks don't have a preview option

DancePicker is always being added to. If you've any comments, ideas or even want your favourite track on the next update let us know at http://dancepicker.com/get-in-touch/

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Version History

Launched Sep 30, 2015 (almost 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 12 months, on average.

Sep 12
Version 1.1.3

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Nov 02
Version 1.1.2

Minor enhancements

Oct 12
Version 1.1.1

Minor enhancements

Aug 11
Version 1.1

We hope you'll enjoy our latest feature which has widened the tempo limits from 1 to 320bpm!

Oct 04
Version 1.0

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Launched Oct 01, 2015 (almost 5 years ago).
Oct 01
Version 36

Sep 30
Version 25