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App & Publisher Performance Data

Discover the download & revenue data for any mobile app and any publisher in the world. Analyze how your competition is making money, in what countries, and which international audiences represent the highest revenue per user opportunity.

  • Optimize advertising & monetization
  • Discover international opportunities
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Usage Intelligence

Understanding what happens inside an app, the actions that a user takes, is crucial to understanding revenue. Without engaged users, and users who keep your app on their device, there is no revenue and no future. Our Usage Intelligence will help you understand not only how many new users your competition is getting but, which of those users are actually taking action.

  • Track Daily & Monthly Active Users every day, in every country.
  • Learn where in the life cycle users are dropping off, and what competitors are doing to keep them engaged.
  • Analyze DAU/MAU in each country and better understand where your competition is getting the highest ROI.

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SDK Recognition & Analysis

Examine what SDKs & tools top grossing apps are using to engage and monetize their user base. Learn more about the companies behind the SDKs, see how many installs every SDK has, who their top customers are, and what categories they focus on.

  • Discover new monetization opportunities
  • Dramatically improve sales & outreach efficiency

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Industry Analysis

Surge Report, Breakout Predictor, & Top New Releases

Our three daily industry reports are crucial for staying relevant in the app economy. These reports are designed to help you understand who the fastest growing apps are today, who is most likely to be the next big app, and what are the most downloaded new releases.

  • React quickly & capitalize on new trends
  • Connect with the movers & shakers before your competition

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Markets & Competitive Intelligence

Our Markets are the most powerful competitive intelligence tool in the market today. You can create & save detailed lists of all your competitors’ apps. This tool provides a side-by-side comparison of downloads & revenue, and updates daily.

  • Benchmark your performance vs your competition
  • Calculate & analyze market size for niche industries
  • Directly compare apps iOS vs Google Play performance

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Custom Report Builder

Our Report Builder allows you to create & run a custom report on the entire app store in only a few seconds. You can quickly identify apps which are using specific SDKs, or apps which have a minimum threshold of downloads & revenue. Discover top new releases, fast growing, and / or breakout apps in any country. Save all of your reports and Apptopia will run them for you every single day, allowing you to easily identify new apps / publishers which have entered your reports since the last time you logged in.

  • Reports update daily
  • Get daily emails with new apps entering your reports
  • Create reports in all 50 countries
  • Export all data directly to a CSV
  • View performance, SDK, & Contact info at the same time

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