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Data Engineer


Apptopia's Engineering Team is at the core of our business.  100% of our revenue is driven by the web product and API's, which are powered by our Engineering Team.  We are looking for someone who is curious and always challenging what people believe to be "normal" and "standard".  This Senior Engineer will need to be motivated, autonomous, and ready for a new challenge.

Please note: Apptopia does not sponsor visas for any positions.

Role Responsibilities

  • Development of data pipelines using Clojure, Apache Spark, AWS EMR

  • Design and implementation of data API back-end components

  • Performance analysis, monitoring and optimization


  • Interest in working on back-end components written in Clojure

  • Development experience in any JVM based language or Ruby

  • Experience with relational and KV databases, schema design

  • PostgreSQL (9.x/10.x)

  • Familiarity with Cassandra or DynamoDB data model

Experience below is a plus!

  • Working with Clojure in production environment

  • Java 8 and its ecosystem, e.g. Apache Tomcat, JDBC etc;

  • Spark, Amazon Redshift, Redis, Elasticsearch

  • experience in performance optimization for any JVM based language

Technology Stack

  • Spark

  • Cassandra

  • Postgres

  • Redis

  • AWS Stack

  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq

Why Apptopia?

We provide highly accurate data and intelligence on the mobile app industry by estimating downloads, revenues, and active users for every mobile app in every world. We also provide deep SDK analysis and recognition. Our actionable app store data and intuitive business intelligence tool helps companies like Facebook, Visa, & Lyft make more informed decisions.

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