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Research Analyst


Apptopia is one of the fastest-growing mobile data providers in the world today. While we started the company in 2011, our superpower over the last five years has been our ability to accurately estimate downloads, revenue, and usage performance for every mobile app in the world. Our data provides deep insight into customer behaviors, enabling brands to build user acquisition strategies, direct product development, and benchmark against competitors. As a result, we have built a fast-growing business by providing competitive intelligence to some of today's biggest companies: Target, Visa, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

In addition, not only are our mobile performance estimates accurate, but they also have a strong correlation with KPIs reported by publicly traded companies. As a result, the investment community is one of our faster-growing markets, as our data can be used to get a signal on earnings prior to their release.

The Research Analyst role presents a unique opportunity for a candidate to be an early member of our rapidly growing analyst team, as we probe deeper into how our data can be used to deliver insights to both corporate management teams and our investor clients.

Your Mission Statement

Put simply, we are looking for a data-savvy analyst to combine skills in analytics, modeling, and critical thinking to derive insights that discover value for investors and corporate management teams alike.


  • Combine our data with publicly available information to understand how our data relates to individual companies and their sectors

  • Use our data and publicly available information to generate insights for investors and corporate management teams

  • Build out case studies and correlation research on a quarterly basis that examines with which public equities our data correlate

  • Prepare monthly and quarterly presentations to corporate management teams and investors regarding a company‚Äôs mobile presence and how the industry is changing

  • Work directly with existing clients to help make sure they are approaching their research correctly and working with our data in the most productive way possible

  • Support other departments at Apptopia in understanding and using our data

  • Distill investment theses and corporate insights into discrete, quantifiable, and actionable research

  • Deep research on industries and companies including monitoring material news events related to companies under coverage

Skills & Requirements

  • 2+ years of prior work experience as a strategy consultant, business analyst, or equity research analyst; experience with multiple sectors preferred

  • Intermediate technical skills required

  • Must have experience ingesting and processing large amounts of data

  • Modeling & forecasting experience a strong preference

  • Experience drawing insights from disparate data sources and presenting those insights to others in a professional setting

  • Experience investing in stocks (personal or professional) and passion for the stock market

  • Intellectual curiosity and motivation to innovate and improve

What do we offer you?

  • Flexible hours, location, and paid time off options

  • Life Improvement Benefit (monthly stipend for employee wellness)

  • Medical and Dental Insurance

  • Company-sponsored 401(k)

  • Free lunch on Fridays

Apptopia is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Diversity and inclusion among our teammates are critical to our success! Apptopia is not able to provide visa sponsorship at this time.

Why Apptopia?

We provide highly accurate data and intelligence on the mobile app industry by estimating downloads, revenues, and active users for every mobile app in every world. We also provide deep SDK analysis and recognition. Our actionable app store data and intuitive business intelligence tool helps companies like Facebook, Visa, & Lyft make more informed decisions.

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