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Equity & Data Analyst

LocationBoston, MA

Apptopia is one of the fastest growing mobile data providers in the world today. We started the company in 2011, however, our superpower over the last 4 years has been our ability to accurately estimate downloads, revenue, and usage performance for every mobile app in the world. As a result we’ve built a very healthy business by providing competitive intelligence to some of today's biggest companies: McDonalds, Target, Visa, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

We’ve recently discovered that not only are our mobile performance estimates accurate, but they actually have a very strong correlation with KPIs reported by public companies as well as stock price. Hedge funds have been one of our faster growing markets, and are using our data to get an edge / signal on earnings prior to them being released.


This is a new role that presents a unique opportunity for an equity analyst to help us build out and grow our analyst team internally (currently at 0).


Please note: Candidates must be authorized to work in the US. Apptopia does not sponsor visas for any positions.


Your Mission Statement

Put simply, we are looking for a data hungry analyst to use data science, modeling, and technology to derive insights that forecast the future and discover value in public markets worldwide.


Your Core Responsibilities

    • Distill stock-specific and broader industry investment theses into discrete, quantifiable and actionable research studies
    • Help us deeply understand individual companies and their sectors, and translate insights into scalable and diversifying alpha.
    • Build out case studies and correlation research every quarter on which public equities our data has the strongest correlation with.
    • Work directly with existing clients to help make sure they are approaching their research correctly and working with our data in the most productive way possible.
    • Work on forecasting models which use existing data to project trends up to 30 days in the future.
    • Deep research on industries and companies including quarterly and monitoring material news events related to companies under coverage


Expected Qualifications

    • 2+ years of prior work experience as an equity research analyst; coverage of multiple sectors
    • Experience with Spark, data mining, & regression analysis
    • Intermediate technical skills required. Must have experience ingesting and processing large amounts of data.
    • Proven idea generation and investment track record
    • Modeling & forecasting experience a strong preference
    • Structured, disciplined and scalable investment process
    • Intellectual curiosity and motivation to innovate and improve

Why Apptopia?

We provide highly accurate data and intelligence on the mobile app industry by estimating downloads, revenues, and active users for every mobile app in every world. We also provide deep SDK analysis and recognition. Our actionable app store data and intuitive business intelligence tool helps companies like Facebook, Visa, & Lyft make more informed decisions.

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