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Toddlers Discover the Enchanting World of Animals.

Touch Tales - World of Animals


- Watch Animals around the World come to Life.
- Just Touch and have Fun.
- Try the Free-Version first, if you want.
- In this Premium Version: All is activated! (more than 120 Animals)

Forest (Free):
Venison, spider, ant, frog, fox, badger, cuckoo, owl, woodpecker, squirrel, bear, wild boar, spotted salamander, hare, dragonfly, hedgehogs, fish, butterflies, bats, birds, skunk.

Farm (Premium):
Horse, cow, pig, sheep, goat, donkey, peacock, chicken, egg, rooster, stork, mallard, duck, mouse, pigeon, dog, bees, flies, cat, mole.

Jungle (Premium):
Monkey, gorilla, tiger, frog, turtle, piranhas, lizard, cobra, mandarin duck, sloth, panter, orang utan, anteater, cameleon, parrot, toucan, panda.

Underwater (Premium):
Sperm whale, blue whale, orca, dolphin, shark, hammerhead shark, sailfish, squid, crustaceans, frogfish, rays, clown fish, moray eel, puffer fish, school of fish, starfish, seahorses, jellyfish.

Africa (Premium):
Lion, ostrich, cheetah, leopard, pelican, stork, zebra, monkey, turtle, meerkats, hyena, rhino, hippo, flamingo, elephant, giraffe, wild boar, termites, frogs.

Desert (Premium):
Camel, rattlesnake, vulture, duck, frogs, gerbil, grasshopper, beetle, scorpion, crocodile, hippo, desert fox, spider, desert lizard.

Australia and New Zealand (Premium):
Kangaroo, koala, emu, platypus, kiwi, Kookaburra, frilled lizard, snake, duck, wombat, echidna, eagle, Rainbow Lorikeet, cockatoo, cassowary, turtle, frog


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Version History

Launched Jun 04, 2015 (over 5 years ago).
Dec 04
Version 1.2

64bit support for iOS 11

Jun 04
Version 1.0