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Genesis is a story generator for writers, designers and creators of all types, specializing in automatically creating worlds, settings, and story elements from a huge database.

Use our powerful generator to create literally quadrillions of characters, creatures, weapons and locations! With generator topics from sci-fi to fantasy to space, we've got you covered no matter what project you’re working. A simple tap of the button will re-generate a new result, so you'll never be out of ideas again!

Genesis Features:

Create Your Own Solar System
- No one does world building bigger or faster than Genesis. With the power of random generation, you can make anything from the biggest galaxy down to the smallest diseases.

Instantly Craft Weapons, Towns or Entire Civilizations
- Use Genesis to instantly flesh out your worlds. Building new lore is as simple as tapping a button. Now you can instantly create characters, technologies, magical artifacts, religions, and much more.

Develop Your Creations with Multiple Characteristics
- Each monster, planet, unit, culture, etc. that you create comes pre-equipped with specific information such as name, life type, orbit for solar systems, deployment type for army units, and much more. Anything you need to build your story is pre-included, and changes with each tap of the finger.

Unlock Even More Options
- Genesis lets you create your very own planets and solar systems by default. Use our bundles to unlock even more creative potential, including Air Force Units, Alien Creatures, Castles & Keeps, Diseases, Fantasy Cultures, Pirate Ships, Religions, Starships, and much, much more.

Save and Share Your Creations
- Once you’ve created something in the maker, it’s easy to save your work for later reference or share it with friends – totally free!

Perfect for RPG Developers and Dungeon Masters
- Whether you’re looking to bring life to your next tabletop session, write up a compelling new tale or create your own game, Genesis has the powerful tools to make it happen.

With Genesis, characters, worlds and entire galaxies spring to life with just the tap of a button. Try it FREE today and create your story!

And be sure to check out Characterize, the character generator, available now on the App Store!

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Reference

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Version History

Launched Jun 06, 2015 (almost 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Mar 10
Version 6.1

Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Apr 26
Version 5.9.4

Fixed an issue that would prevent some users from being able to save their generated results.

Mar 06
Version 5.9.3

Added iPhone X support.

Aug 23
Version 5.9.2

Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Jun 01
Version 5.6.1

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

May 19
Version 5.6

Fixed a bug involving in-app purchases. IF YOU EXPERIENCED A PROBLEM WITH A PURCHASE, please install this update and then select "Restore Purchases" from the sidebar within the app, and your purchase should be completed successfully.

May 02
Version 5.5

Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Apr 07
Version 5.4

Minor updates and performance improvements.

Feb 26
Version 5.3

Added the ability to add/delete rows within a saved entry, as well as the ability to add entirely custom entries yourself. Now you can store all your ideas in the app, even if we don't have a generator for it yet!

Feb 04
Version 5.2

Added our most-requested feature: the ability to edit saved entries! Just tap on a row in a saved entry to edit the value, so you can get exactly the result you need.

We are always listening to feedback from our users, so please leave us a review or send us a message if there's anything you want to see in the future!

Nov 10
Version 5.1

Much faster boot-up times when new generators are available, and other minor improvements.

In other news, the "Request a Generator" feature has been a huge hit, and we're working hard to bring you new generators as fast as we're getting requests. So if you have an idea, share it with us and the whole community may thank you for it!

And finally, if you're enjoying the app, we'd love it if you wrote us a review on the App Store for the new version. Ratings are always appreciated, and they help make this community possible!

Oct 21
Version 5.0

Major new update! We've added several of our most-requested features, including...

-SAVED RESULTS: Now, you can save and come back to an entry, right within the app. Just tap the Share button at the top right to save the result, and return to it using the new Bookmarks button on the main page.
-REQUEST A GENERATOR: You can now send a message directly to the developer, requesting a generator be added to the Characterize library! Just tell us what you'd like to see, and if we end up adding it, we'll send you a free copy as soon as it's available!

We're constantly working to make Genesis the best app possible. Please keep your reviews and suggestions coming, and thanks to all the users who have helped us already!

Oct 01
Version 4.2

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Aug 15
Version 4.1

Minor updates and bug fixes.

Jul 23
Version 4.0

Added support for Bundles, and other minor updates.

Also added an Alien Plants generator, based on a user request. If any of our users would like to request a generator, say so in the reviews, and we'll do our best to work one up!

Jul 09
Version 3.2

Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Jun 06
Version 3.1

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