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The only comprehensive instrument mastery app! Students on every instrument will learn NOTES, FINGERINGS & RHYTHMS through exciting gameplay. Let our little ninja test and motivate your Band, Orchestra, Choir, or General Music students to conquer the essentials of music notation. Fingering graphics are clear and attractive, with appropriate ALTERNATE FINGERINGS shown in red. Your assessment and remediation troubles are over!

The pressure of frenzied music and a timer moving closer to zero will motivate your students to increase their music sight-reading speed and accuracy. They will want to play over and over to earn higher NINJA BELTS and make it to the top of the HIGH SCORE LIST. NinGenius keeps track of every game played, allowing you to view complete stats for each student in your program. You can also EMAIL YOURSELF a CVS database file with ALL student test data. Your principal will love this app as much as you!

This "Class Games" version of NinGenius Music allows UNLIMITED players to learn ALL musical instruments, and all 3 standard clefs (Treble, Bass, and Alto). Your students can download the 3-player, single-instrument "Games for Kids" app for a low price. A "Studio Games" version is also available for unlimited students on one instrument.

The following musical instruments are included:
WOODWIND: Recorder, Alto Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, & Saxophone
BRASS: Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone-Euphonium, & Tuba
STRINGS: Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, & Guitar
KEYBOARDS: Piano & Mallet Percussion

• STUDY MODE teaches the note names and fingerings for each note in the chosen level, and features a low-stress quiz option
• TEST MODE ramps up the intensity with exciting gameplay features for (1) Note Names and (2) Fingerings in 4 default difficultly levels
• Teachers can now create CUSTOM LEVELS to assess any set of notes and fingerings
• HIGH SCORE LIST organizes the students by top score for each instrument and level
• Teachers can view PLAY HISTORY to see each student's stats for every game they have played
• EMAIL YOURSELF a CSV file showing complete student data (Score, Accuracy, etc.) for all tests

 $15.99 in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched May 04, 2015 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 months, on average.

Oct 06
Version 1.4.0

+ NEW Rhythm learning mode!
+ The app now has a confirmation screen before playing a round to avoid students playing in under the wrong student profile.
+ Fixed a bug where the wrong student was deleted when deleting multiple students in a row.

Jun 21
Version 1.2.0

- Create custom note sets to make your own study & test levels
- Email yourself a .CSV file containing ALL student test data, compatible with Excel
- Saxophones are now divided into 1) Alto/ Bari Sax and 2) Tenor Sax
- New instruments: Recorder and Alto Recorder have been added
- Access online tutorials using the "App Help" link
- Minor bug fixes, including one that prevented instructor password recovery

Sep 16
Version 1.1.0

- iPhone & iPod compatible
- High scores list no longer limited to the top 10
- Instructor Mode options and features upgraded
- Mute button added
- Minor bug fixes

May 05
Version 1.0.0

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