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Control Kodi right from your wrist with Sofa. It couldn't get much more comfortable to get your favorite flicks going on the big screen. All it takes are a few taps on your Apple Watch.

Important: "Zeroconf" and "Allow control of Kodi via HTTP" must be enabled in your Kodi settings.

Supported Kodi remote features:
• start playback of movies & tv shows
• see which movies or episodes you've seen already
• play, pause, stop and seek
• change language of audio stream and subtitles
• update and clean Kodi library (through force touch and remote view)
• use multiple Kodi installations in parallel (through force touch)
• use Kodi with password protection
• arrow keys + buttons for manual use (remote)

In order to control your Kodi remotely you need to enable Settings -> Services -> Webserver -> Allow control of Kodi via HTTP.

Also Zeroconf has to be enabled. This should be the case by default though.

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Utilities

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Version History

Launched Apr 17, 2015 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 months, on average.

Dec 23
Version 3.0.0

Sofa is back. Now for all the latest toys you've got in the meantime. With all those screen sizes and whatever. Merry Christmas.

Oct 06
Version 2.0.0

Sofa now runs directly on your Apple Watch thanks to watchOS 2. Meaning you can control your Kodi without your phone nearby and with improved speed. Those who have issues with Sofa not detecting their Kodi automatically can now add the connection details themselves. Oh and Sofa works better for visually impaired people now!

Jun 27
Version 1.4.0

This is for the movie heads with big to enormous flick collections: Sofa detects big libraries now and will present your movies in paged chunks to keep your Apple Watch from going nuts over the massive amount of data.
Also new is the ability to access play & pause via force touch on most screens.

A big thanks for using Sofa! Please keep the helpful feedback coming and try to leave a nice review on the app store if you enjoy controlling Kodi from your wrist.

Jun 17
Version 1.3.0

Sofa is now happily controlling Kodi-installations with username/password enabled. Use the companion app on iPhone to enter your username & password.

May 06
Version 1.2.0

As by popular demand a "remote" view is now available providing arrow keys as well as all the usual buttons for manual Kodi control. Also it's now possible to change the language of subtitles and audio right from the "Now playing" menu.

Apr 28
Version 1.1.1

The Sofa Glance is now way more responsive and a crash while working with multiple Kodis was fixed.

Apr 22
Version 1.1.0

Use multiple Kodi installations in parallel. Just select all the Kodis you'd like to control from the iOS app and choose between them on Apple Watch through force touch.

Apr 17
Version 1.0.0

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